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The DARK AU Meme

The DARK AU Meme

One thing or another went awry, and your character is no longer on the side of the angels. Whether it's through brainwashing, a loss of faith, or just plain wickedness, the draw of the dark has proved much stronger than the call of good.


1. Post with your character's name and fandom in the subject line! If you already have a dark AU for this character, this would also be a good place to link to any information about it.
2. Look around to find other awesome people who have also posted!
3. Pick a scenario or head over to the RNG to have one picked for you!
4. Tag them!
5. Horrors Profit!


1. Interrogation - someone from the other side has been captured and brought back, and it's up to you to get them to spill. Maybe you're just the best person for the job, or maybe they're somebody that you used to know. Either way, it all depends on you making them talk.
2. Reconnaissance - you're deep behind enemy lines now, keeping your eyes and ears open for anything useful you might come across. Take care you don't get caught.
3. Double Agent - maybe you're still secretly good but you're in deep with the baddies, or maybe you've never relinquished your inner wickedness but you've convinced the good guys you've changed. Make sure no one finds out your real intentions.
4. Brainwashed - whether through hypnosis or deceit, you've been convinced this is the side for you. But here's someone from your old life - maybe they can talk you out of it?
5. Defection - "I've been a fool!" You've seen the light and you're coming over to the good guys ... but is your contrition genuine?
6. Kidnapped - Either due to a mistake or the cleverness of the other side, you've ended up in their clutches. Just pray they don't have truth serum ...
7. Showdown - It's the final face-off. You against your arch-enemy. Only one of you can walk away from this, and you're determined that it's going to be you.
8. Punishment - you've fucked up. Maybe valuable information was lost or you let someone important get away. No matter what it was, it could mean defeat, and it's time to pay the piper.
9. Victory - You've won! The other side has been completely subjugated and you're planting your flag in their headquarters. Sounds like a chance for a celebration.
10. Defeat - ...or not. Everything went wrong and you've found yourself begging for mercy from the people you tried to kill. Hopefully they'll be more merciful than you would have been ...
11. Pick Your Own - combine, make up your own, have fun!

Due to this being a dark AU meme, there may be triggers, so tread carefully and be respectful so we can all have a good time. :)
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Arthur (Inception) - OTA

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[Open to suggestions, let's make this work!]
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((Would you be interested in an AU where the inception job failed? Maybe Cobb, Saito, or Fischer never woke up and now the rest of the team are on the run? I'm up for anything else too!))
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[Could work. Could be it was sabotaged. Arthur being a Cobol plant, or something.]
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((Yeah, that sounds good. Perhaps Cobol's now hunting down the team one by one, and Ariadne's next on the list?))
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Sorry for the Teal Deer, I got carried away in the department of backstory.

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Cobol Engineering was far more wide-spread than people realized. They weren't just in the energy business, they were in nearly every business. Like one of those massive rainforest mushrooms that shared one root system, but only showed caps here and there in clusters.

Arthur had been assigned to the Cobbs from the start, they were intuitive, and they were fearless, a dangerous combination in the dreamsharing business, and so Arthur was there to keep tabs on them, which he did with alacrity. Of course the business with Mal had been unfortunate, but many things in this business were. The human subconscious was a complicated, largely unpleasant place.

But then, with some part luck and some part careful planning, Arthur had managed to neutralize three threats with one blow. Dominic Cobb, who had gone off the rails some time ago and was no longer an asset. Saito, head of Proclus Global, Cobol's main competitor in the energy business. And lastly Robert Fischer head of of Fischer-Morrow, Proclus Global's main competitor. If everything went as planned, Fischer-Morrow would simply become Morrow Inc, a subsidiary of Cobol, as Morrow was already prepared to sell their share of the company.

The only thing left was to clean up any loose ends, snipping them neatly. Eames, unfortunately, was a necessary evil, Cobol may need him in the future, Forgers were few and far between as it was, and ones of Eames' caliber were even rarer. The chemist was no threat, though Cobol would be keeping other eyes on him in case he had an attack of conscience about the whole thing.

Which left the architect. She was green, but much like the Cobbs at the beginning, she was smart, and as Dom had said, she was a natural. She could be an asset, if she could be convinced, but she could also be a threat, as likely she could figure out what had happened, prior experience in dreamsharing or not.

He knew that she'd follow directions, three months and no contacting anyone else from the team, let things blow over, make sure no unforeseen complications cropped up. Just go back to normal, or as normal as possible after what they'd accomplished. Arthur contacted her though, exactly 97 days after they'd gone their separate ways and gone to ground, an email from a disposable address, Meet me at our favorite cafe tomorrow? During the planning stages there had been a corner cafe that most of the team had become regulars at, because it was close enough to the warehouse to walk and because they were all caffeine addicts.
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No apologies necessary! It's brilliant. :) Btw, I'm traveling tomorrow so my tags will be slow.

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Hearing from Arthur was the last thing Ariadne expected, and frankly she wasn’t too keen about it. She was more than glad to follow his instructions and cut off communication with the remaining team members. Not that she had anything against them. Like her, they all did their best to complete the Fischer job, but it wasn’t enough. In the end, they lost Cobb, Saito, and their mark to the depths of Limbo. Eames, Yusuf, and Arthur were all reminders of the nightmare. It felt too soon to talk to them. Still, if the pointman wanted to meet up with her then it must have been for a good reason.

After replying to Arthur’s email with a curt Okay, see you there, she closed her laptop and went to bed. It took a while for Ariadne to fall asleep. Endless questions kept running through her mind. Why did Arthur contact her all of a sudden? What did he want? Would he know why everything went wrong? Did he discover a way to get Cobb out of Limbo? What was going to happen to them now? Once sleep hit her, nightmares filled with gunfire, falling buildings, and angry projections plagued her mind. Ariadne was more than glad to wake up the next morning.

Despite her best efforts, Ariadne looked like hell. There wasn’t enough make up in the world to cover up the dark circles under her eyes. Still, there were more pressing matters like being late for their meeting. Taking a deep breath, Ariadne put on her worn red jacket and headed to the café. Spotting Arthur at her favorite spot in the café, she went over there and took a seat. The café’s familiar atmosphere helped calm her nerves slightly, and she silently thanked Arthur for choosing the spot.

“Sorry for being late. You weren’t waiting long, were you?” Ariadne asked sheepishly.
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No worries, slowtime is the best time!

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"Not long at all." He replied, lifting his mug, still steaming, "Hasn't even had a chance to get to drinkable temperature yet." Where Ariadne looked a little frayed around the edges, Arthur was as put-together as he ever was, if a little more relaxed than when they'd been in the middle of the Fischer job. Pressed slacks, buttondown shirt, and the usual waistcoat. He liked them, he always had. But his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, the same as had usually happened when they were really getting into the time crunch have-to-get-this-done-yesterday stages of the plan.

He studied her for a moment, finally asking: "How are you? Really." The concern was genuine enough, if she was done with the business for good his job was already done unless she cropped up later having gotten back in after her first scare.
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So true! Thanks for understanding.

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“I’ve been better,” she sighed. “School is still school even with different professors.” Although it was the middle of the semester, Ariadne ended up switching most of her classes. Dealing with the hassle was better than sitting through a lecture with Professor Miles. Seeing his forlorn face was a constant reminder of her failure to keep Cobb from going under. She knew that the older man didn’t blame her, but she still felt responsible for the loss of his son-in-law.

She ordered some coffee, black, before continuing on. Normally she got something milder like a cappuccino or café mocha, but she was in dire need of the caffeine. “I’ve been having trouble sleeping though. Too much going on in my mind, I guess”, she confessed after taking a sip. “Arthur, did the same happen to you after your first job?”
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If it weren't for slowtime I wouldn't get any time at all, so you're in good company.

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He huffed a laugh, shaking his head as he sat back in his seat, holding his mug between both hands, "Happens to everyone after their first job. It's just that some of us keep going back because we're masochists and eventually we get used to it and it stops being as ..." His brow furrowed slightly, searching for the word, "Abrasive. Things get worn down, the sharp edges get sanded off."

He shook his head, sipping at his coffee before continuing, "And once in a while something comes along to remind us that those edges are still there even if we don't see them."
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Like Mal, she thought bitterly. Cobb’s guilt over her consumed his entire being, creating the malicious shade that she and Arthur, for that matter, knew far too well. Ariadne watched the extractor crumble under the presence of the shade, tried to persuade him to let her go but it was all in vain. In the end, Cobb lost his grip on reality and Mal trapped him, Saito, and Fischer in Limbo.

“What happens then? Do we do something about it or just move on?” She asked with pleading eyes. She hoped it wasn’t the latter. She didn't want to get used to it.
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And then I fell off the internet, but I'm back now!

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"Depends on what kind of person you are." He said with a shrug, studying her for a moment, "Sometimes you have to let it go and move on, sometimes you have to do something about it." He shook his head, taking another sip of his coffee, "Some people can't do either when they should be doing both."

Like Cobb, for instance, who should have done something about Mal's shade from the start and moved on. But he hadn't done either, leaving him right to the messy end that Arthur had warned him about time and time again.
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Ha ha, welcome back!

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Ariadne sat there quietly, mulling over what Arthur had said. Judging from his appearance, he seemed like the type who would move on. He looked calm and well-rested, a glaring contrast to her disheveled state. Maybe he was bottling it all up inside? He was good at hiding his emotions.

Which led to the question why he suddenly wanted to meet up with her? She had her doubts that he wanted to catch up for old time’s sake. “Arthur, is there a reason why you called me out here?” She asked bluntly, “I mean, we haven’t talked to each other in three months. Why now?”
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Thank you, thank you

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It was some combination moving on and bottling it up, and also the fact that he'd had more experience at this than she had, years worth of it, going on a decade, actually, if not a little more.

There was a flicker of a smile at the question, that bluntness was one of the things he'd liked about her from the start, though it was also one of the things that made her a potential threat, "We haven't talked in three months because it's best to lay low and maintain radio silence for at least 90 days after a job."

He leaned back in his seat again, just watching her, "And why now? Because I wanted to see how you were doing."
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Bluntness was something Ariadne liked about herself too. She knew too many people who skirted around issues and caused unneeded confusion. If there was one thing she couldn’t stand, it was being unable to understand something. Like Arthur’s answer, for example.

By all means, she was flattered that he cared about her well-being. The two had hit it off pretty well during the job. He answered her endless questions with ease and showed her neat paradoxes. Her maze layouts reflected the knowledge he gave her. God knows she still remembered that kiss from the second layer of the dream.

She gave him a pointed look, “Well I’ve told you how I’ve been doing. Arthur, why are you really here?”
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He sighed then, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, "Always right to the point, aren't you?" He shook his head, "Okay, here's the deal, there's not another project yet, not for sure, but if there were, would you want to be included?" Vague enough not to raise any eyebrows if anyone was listening in, but clear enough, he hoped, for her to understand.

If she said no, she was done with it then that would be the end of it, she wasn't a threat. On the other hand, if she was still interested in the business as a whole, that was when things could get messy.
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Ah, so she was right. This was more than just a simple get-together. If Ariadne accepted, she needed to know if it would be worth the risk. The short-lived experience she had in the dream-sharing business obviously took a turn for the worse. She was apprehensive about his offer, but she also knew that it was her only opportunity to set things right.

Maybe going back into the field would help her figure out more about Limbo. Perhaps, with Arthur’s help, they could find a way to wake up Cobb.

“If I said yes,” she replied, “Would you help me with something?”
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His brow quirked, glancing at her over the top of his coffee cup, just holding it between both hands again as he studied her once more, "Depends on what it is. I'll try, sure, but obviously I can't promise anything."

Just the fact that she was interested, even a little, and without any details, while a point in her favor for moving on, was more or less the final nail in her coffin, so the saying went. But just because she had to be dealt with didn't mean it had to be painful. It would be easy enough to engineer a job, and easier still to engineer an accident, he'd gotten good at those and no one would be the wiser.
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Ariadne’s nerves were starting to get her. She had a feeling Arthur wasn’t going to be keen on her request. Hell, she wasn’t keen about it either, but she didn’t know what else to do. Sitting idle was no longer an option. If she chickened out, then she would have to live with the guilt and the nightmares for the rest of her life.

Taking a deep breath, she leaned forward and looked at him straight in the eyes. “I want to get Cobb out of Limbo,” she said with as much determination she could muster. “I know it sounds crazy and stupid, but I think it’s possible. He’s still down there, we just need to find him and bring him back. I can’t do it alone though. I need your help, Arthur.”
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"Stupid would be a contender for understatement of the year." He replied, mildly, "Even comatose he's still in police custody, you realize, and if he just wakes up one day the trial is still on?"

Saito's comatose body had been returned home, accompanied by bevy of assistants, as had Fischer Jr.'s. But Cobb's had been taken into police custody, apparently a coma wasn't enough to get him out of a murder charge, though it did complicate the issue, especially since no one had any idea why he'd attempted to return home now, nor what had happened to send three of the passengers into a comatose state apparently independently of each other while leaving the others untouched.

He hadn't said 'no', which he knew she'd pick up on, even as worn-through as she was at the moment, after all, she'd picked up that this wasn't strictly a social call easily enough.
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“I realize that,” she answered back. After all, she was there to witness the police take Cobb’s comatose body from the plane to who knows where. What surprised her was the fact that Arthur didn’t say no to her request, at least not explicitly. He simply pointed out the obstacles that it entailed, albeit in a pretty callous manner.

“But I believe we can still do it,” she added. Ariadne arched an eyebrow, maintaining eye contact with the man across from her. “And I think, deep down, you do too.” It was a daring assumption to make, knowing it would probably hit a nerve with him and make him defensive or even angry, but there was a chance it could work in her favor. “I know he’s in custody, but we can find a way to break him out,” she explained. “Please, Arthur, we’ve got to do whatever it takes.”

Now it was time to guilt-trip him. “Cobb would have done the same thing for us.” Hopefully it would work.
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He barely managed to bite back the scoff at that last tactic, but shook his head all the same, "No, he wouldn't." It was almost bitter, maybe at the beginning it was something Cobb would have done, Mal too, but that was years ago, and Arthur knew just how far off the rails Cobb had gone before the Fischer job.

He shook his head again, a narrow little movement, "Between you and me I'd say he prefers things the way they are. Lifetimes with Mal versus a life in prison? Even in an American prison that's not something I'd want to put someone through." He studied her again, "Why are you that eager to rescue him from something he wouldn't want to be rescued from?"
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Sorry for disappearing like that! D:

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“Because he doesn’t deserve to be down there. No one does,” she countered, shuddering from the thought of crumbling cities and the eerie silence. “Limbo is a prison. He’s wasting away down there while Mal’s shade forces him to say it’s reality when he knows it isn’t! At least if he woke up, there would be a chance his kids could see him once more. That can’t happen if I don’t rescue him.”

Ariadne abruptly leaned back into her chair after her mini tirade. It was frustrating how callous Arthur’s words were. It was starting to make her question the relationship between him and Cobb. Crossing her arms over her chest, she glared at him, “If you don’t want to help me, then I refuse your offer. I’ll figure it out myself”
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No worries, it happens!

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He wanted to tell her to go ahead, just to see how far she'd get if she tried, because he wanted to keep an eye on her progress, to see just who she'd get in contact with and how she'd handle the situation. But he knew that would be harder for him to track, harder to keep control of and harder to manufacture an accident for.

Not impossible, of course, never impossible, but difficult, and complicated, and messy, three things that he really did hate being, especially in this business.

So what he said, after taking another sip of his coffee, letting her get it out of her system was: "If it can be done safely, we'll figure it out."
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Thanks for understanding! RL has been hectic for me.

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She blinked a few times in disbelief. Did he just say yes after giving her so much grief about it? Granted he didn’t explicitly, but it was still a yes. That was good enough for her.

Nodding her head eagerly, she replied, “Of course. We have to eliminate as many risks as possible if it’s going to work. I don’t want to lose you or anybody else.” The sincerity in her eyes was all too clear. There was no room for mistakes this time. She wasn’t going to allow it.

“I guess the main obstacle is figuring out how to get started,” she continued. “I was thinking that we could try to find out if anyone else other than Cobb has gone down to Limbo, but what do you think?”
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It's cool, I've been there myself.

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Once again he had to remind himself that she'd been a civilian before the Fischer job, which meant she didn't know a lot of the history and the legends around the business, the stories whispered back and forth among dreamsharers, especially those who'd started out military like he had.

He nodded, "There are people who have been to Limbo and back, but unfortunately most of them aren't exactly coherent." He shook his head, "There's Einar, but he's a spook, he finds you, you don't find him." He took another sip of his coffee, continuing, "Story goes he's been in and out of Limbo a dozen times and lived to tell about it." More than that: He cooperated with Cobol as much as he cooperated with anyone. They approved of his results if not necessarily his methods.

"He was one of the first test subjects, maybe even the first one to actually hit Limbo, no one really knows for sure, he encourages the rumors. He went rogue, the same as most of us who were military did."

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