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happily taken?

the fake married meme

be it for a job, in order to get your inheritance or to fool your nosy neighbours, you're pretending to be married. now the question is, do you want it to be real or can you hardly wait for it to be over?

( taken from here )
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[This, Peter thinks, has to be one of the most ridiculous things the Avengers have ever asked of him. And that's saying something, if he's counting every time Tony Stark has had an 'idea'. He'd almost call it some bizarre form of hazing, if they weren't so dead serious about it.

Apparently, the team had a weakness - young infiltrators. Tony, Bruce, and Clint were all a little far removed from the 25 year old scene. Steve - well, he was young in body, which for going undercover was all you needed. Natasha would have worked, except - quite simply, they were trying to infiltrate an apartment building firmly entrenched in gay culture. Something to do with protecting a senator's son from Hydra - and hopefully catching the agents, if they played it right.

Peter found it unusually worrying that he was the first person they called, but how could he say no? Somebody needed his protection, and if that meant 'marrying' Steve Rogers (now, Steve Parker, far less recognizable), Peter would endure the grave robber jokes.

They even had rings, to Tony's unyielding amusement.]
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i'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this!

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[He has some seriously mixed emotions about this. And Steve expressed as much when he was approached about the mission. But after learning some of the finer details, Steve's forced to admit that he's the best man for the job.

Well, one of them.

He doesn't know Peter very well, or at least not as well as Tony does, but the fact that he accepts this mission convinces Steve even more that his heart is in the right place. He slips a ring onto his own finger with a sigh. Well, it's not so bad. It's actually nice that people can marry the person that they love these days, no matter who that person is.

And maybe it even gives him a chance to be a little bit of a punk, and contrary to his vanilla image, Steve always enjoys that.

Hey honey? [Steve smirks at him before nodding his head at the window where he's standing.] Come over here and tell me if anything seems suspicious about this truck.
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No problemo! (:

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[It was definitely weird, even just meeting Steve. Uncle Ben had loved the old Captain America movies (though Peter-as-a-20-year-old had no trouble differentiating the man from the myth, Steve was not the man he played on TV and neither was Peter). Point is, Ben would have gotten a kick out of this, at Peter's expense, probably.

The city had always been friendlier to the gay community, and with gay rights being a prominent issue nowadays - well, Peter didn't find it surprising that a senator's out-and-proud son was a Hydra mark. They'd always thrived on stoking fires that already existed.]

That joke is going to follow me to my grave, I'm sure. [Peter snorts and stops the anxious spinning of his own ring to walk over and join Steve at the window. He'd been listening to the neighbors, but hadn't heard anything overtly suspicious yet.]

Nothing I can see. [Peter leaned forward, tilting his glasses down his nose so he could actually see overtop of them. He didn't need them anymore (but wore them out of habit, and so as not to clue his aunt in), so they were usually more of a distraction than anything else.] long's it been sitting there?
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Five minutes?

[Give or take, so it could be a delivery, or a visitor, or any number of ordinary things. Steve sighs and lets the curtain slide back into place. Maybe he's just anxious to get this over with, not because of their cover. Steve always struggles with sitting and waiting. He just wishes Hydra would make their move already.]

You know, one of the nice couples upstairs invited us to a birthday party. It's his niece's. [Steve turns his head to look at Peter, a corner of his mouth tugging up into a smile.] There'll be ponies and ice cream cake. Think we'll still be invited if we finish the mission before then?
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[Peter gives Steve his most unimpressed look and abandons the window in favor of crossing his arms and leaning against the kitchen table.] Nice sleuthing there, buddy, Sherlock would be proud.

Ponies and ice cream, wow. They're really living the American dream. [Peter frowned skeptically, considering it for a second.] Wait, how do you even get a pony in New York City?

I think you're underestimating how long this is going to take. [As much as Peter would like to be home, in his underwear watching Netflix in between studying, he isn't sure this is the type of thing they can rush. And on their second day here? Peter's betting at least a week (Clint bet two, and Sam took those odds).] Sweetheart.