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You and me could write a rad bromance

*girls, and all beings of other genders, most definitely count as bros too

A meme for fun people who just want to chill out and embark upon kickass friendship shenanigans.
Leave a comment with character name and canon in the subject, and others will pick a scenario and tag you.
Fun times to be had for all!

Food! Everybody loves food. It is the best social lubricant. Cooking it. Burning it. Eating it. Throwing it around! All kinds of food! A picnic, or a diner, or a barbecue, or a swanky restaurant which is going to regret letting you in very soon. The possibilities are endless.

Fuck yeah, sports. Who doesn't love getting all hot and sweaty in the sun? Balls, frisbees, cricket bats! Or, if you'd prefer not to torture yourself with physical exertion, maybe a game of pool is more your style.

It's always been your dream to play in a band together! Finally, you are making it happen. You are the most awesome bandmates and you make the best music. You are going to be stars!
(Or not?)

Pawn to d4. Get out of jail free. Colonel Mustard did it in the conservatory with the revolver. Nooo, I told you not to pull that Zenga block out! I warned you, bro.

Truth…or dare! Or maybe just the lot of you wrecking everybody else's shit. What a bunch of clowns. But face it! It was hilarious. Just maybe not for, uh, that particular guy, who is coming over here, right now, with that look on his face…

For some bizarre reason, you decided to leave your nice, comfy beds behind and camp outside. In the dark. In a tent! Or even just a sleeping bag, under the staaaaars. Don't burn the marshmallows! What was that noise?

Look at this awesome ride. You'd be happy to take your friends for a spin, of course! Wind in your hair, radio blasting music, the works. Although you would never let them touch the wheel. Nope. This car is your baby (or your parents') and that would be an extremely dumb thing to do!

Whether it's an ocean or your backyard or a jungle pool, there's nothing like a good dunk in the water to cool you off! I hope you can swim, because you are going in. Right now! 

The smell of cotton candy, the tinny music, the cooling puddle of vomit near the exit to the rollercoaster. It brings you back to when you were ten years old and you thought this was amazing! Or maybe you still do. Who knows. Either way, there are plenty of things to keep a friend or two occupied for a day.

What? These traditional, sacred bonding activities are dull and cliched? Your friendship is special and you need to do something a little more special? Jeez, what a wet blanket. Kidding! In that case, you are limited only by your own imagination.

Have a rad bromance! :B
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Nicolas Brown | GANGSTA. | OTA

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Shiro | Fire Emblem Fates

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Nero | Devil May Cry 4

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Inigo (Laslow) | Fire Emblem: Awakening & Fates

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[About all he can hope for at this point.]
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Rider | Fate/zero | OTA

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Seth Gecko | From Dusk Till Dawn The Series

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Ser Jaime • A Song of Ice and Fire

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Saya Masaki | Neon Sign Amber | OTA

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Haise Sasaki // Tokyo Ghoul : Re

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[ all versions of Kaneki available as well ]
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August / Borderlands / OTA

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natasha romanoff; mcu

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[personal profile] scarlethour 2016-05-30 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
[female avenger bonding? I'm stuck between 4, 5, 7 and 9 any preferences?]
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[personal profile] ceive 2016-05-30 10:03 pm (UTC)(link)
[ I'M NOT MUCH HELP because they all sound awesome to me tbh. But I'm leaning slightly towards 7 or 9, I think. Maybe 4, depending on the game.

See, I told you. ]
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[I'm fine with either 7 or 9, if we go 7 we can say Nat is teaching Wanda getaway driving. lol nine can just be a Disneyland shenanigans! :p ]
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Daichi Sawamura | Haikyū!!

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chris redfield | resident evil

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Mirage Jenius | Macross Delta

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Jessie Reynolds/OC

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((All prompts A OK))
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bobby drake • x-men movieverse

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( She could use some fun. )
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[ All about that bro life. ]
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Right - Ressha Sentai ToQger - OTA

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Anakin Solo || SW Universe

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Peter Parker | MCU

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Tear Grants | ToTA

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no.4 because you know

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So like.

[Luke had to admit he was a little confused about this whole thing. He didn't really get why Tear wanted to stay inside and have a "game night" so badly, but he was also not going to complain about someone including him in something either. She didn't immediately dismiss his behavior, at least, that was something. Not that he was particularly... you know, grateful about that either though. So he was sitting across from her, one foot up on his chair looking almost woefully at the stack of cardboard boxes she'd pulled out of a closet somewhere. For all the time he'd spent cooped up at home it wasn't like he and Guy played Monopoly or anything. He'd been too busy doing other stuff, relearning things... Was this really what people did for fun in Yulia City?]

This is really supposed to be fun? They look super boring!

[Mieu at least was excited, bouncing on his tiny feet next to the table in anticipation. He'd try to play something with her if Luke refused! Don't worry Tear! Luke nudged him away with his other foot carelessly, reaching for one of the boxes to look at it critically.]

And they're super old looking!
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After I joined the Oracle Knights, there wasn't much time to go out and buy new ones, you know...

[ Plus, Yulia City. No imports or exports of any kind. They sort of had to make their own fun down here-- and that either lead to creative genius in a time of great boredom or it lead to complete and total bullshit. The geezers would make complex roleplaying games with several rules and regulations that... admittedly... she was very good at (because what else could she do) but she knew Luke wouldn't want to do anything that required three hours of setup. Eventually, she picks a tall rectangular box and plants it face down on the table, pulling it off and leaving a little tower of wooden bricks behind. ]

I think you'll like this one, though. It's more hands on... per turn, you and i remove one piece from the tower. The person whose piece topples the tower loses.

[ She sits down very gently, not wanting to shake the precarious structure. ]

You can have the first turn, if you want.
Edited 2016-05-29 09:31 (UTC)
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[Okay well, this one looked a little more interesting at least. That was, until Luke had an idea. Snorting out humorously, he crossed his arms and looked smug.]

That's easy. I'm not stupid, Tear.

[He might have been seven, but he wasn't stupid. Er, well. Anyway. Luke, feeling very clever, reaches and takes one of the top blocks off with ease, spinning it in his fingers.]

How is that supposed to be hard?
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[personal profile] mystearious 2016-05-29 10:06 am (UTC)(link)
... put it back, Luke. You can't take the top one. When you take one from the middle of the tower, you stack it on top. That means it gets more and more dangerous the further you get into the game.

[ Kind of her fault, though-- should have mentioned that right from the start. Instead, she opts to demonstrate what she means-- taking a relatively safe side block from the side of the tower and stacking it up on top. She hopes now that he'll understand a little better, making the tower a bit more unsteady with each turn. ]

If you want to make it more fun, I'll wager with you. Whoever loses has to cook.

Edited 2016-05-29 10:07 (UTC)
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[personal profile] tracedarte 2016-05-29 10:10 am (UTC)(link)
You didn't tell me that part! Geez, don't make me look like an idiot!

[Don't get screechy Luke. He stops pouting long enough to consider his options, wondering what was risky and what wasn't. He's sure it's easy to knock over in general though, if that's the point of the game.]

Yeah all right, but I'll win. I want fried chicken.

[He reaches out and much more carefully this time takes a piece from the opposite side, his tongue sticking out of his mouth as he balanced it on top.]
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[personal profile] mystearious 2016-05-29 10:25 am (UTC)(link)
If I win, I want ramen.

[ It's one of her favorites, okay... plus, she doesn't think it'd be too hard for him to make, either. Aiming a little lower on the tower just to make sure all of the weak points weren't in the same place. she stacks her piece on top. The tower is still looking rigid, but it's only a few turns away from being a minefield.

(And she really wants ramen for dinner.) ]

You didn't play any board games in Baticul, did you?
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[personal profile] tracedarte 2016-05-29 10:52 am (UTC)(link)
No way, I had more interesting things to do.

[Not... really. But his parents had focused most of his time into his education, not games. Guy would do fun things with him, no doubt about that, but it wasn't ever something like this.]

Teaaar, can I play too?

No, shut up. You'll knock it over.

[He waves Mieu back from the table, looking very serious as he pushed a block out from between two others, carefully removing it.]

Mom and dad made me read and stuff all the time. Sometimes I played cards with mom though.
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[personal profile] mystearious 2016-06-06 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Mieu, I think you might be a little too... unbalanced to play this game.

[ Very tiny paws. Very big head. Luke was right about this one, Mieu would be too clumsy to play. ]

Cards? What games did you play? Poker... or Go Fish?

[ Poker was more of an adult's game, but even Tear learned it back in training with the other recruits. Instead of gambling money, they gambled chores around the bunker. It made for great incentive at getting better at playing.

Her fingers delicately pluck another bar, and it's starting to look a little bit unsteady. ]
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[personal profile] tracedarte 2016-06-07 05:42 am (UTC)(link)

[Now Luke is really getting into this now, shifting down to peer at the critically. It's sort of cute.]

Mother always likes to play rummy and crazy 8s. She taught me special rules!

[He pushes a piece out from the middle, just barely sliding it out without making the castle wobble.]
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Aleph | Shin Megami Tensei II

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[ooc: voicetesting! OTA; cross-canon ok and encouraged!]