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Karen Page || Daredevil

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[ cont'd from here ]

[ His kiss at her throat draws a long, low groan, and he can feel her tense and arch into him as he shifts to her earlobe. She presses into his touch, her hands skimming up to cradle his head, not guiding him, just caressing him, keeping him close. ]

Fuck, yes. Don't stop. Please.

[ Her hips rise and fall, her whole body undulating even beneath his massive bulk. She can't help it, he feels too good. And they're only just getting started. She turns her head and lets slip a stream of profanity under her breath, her heels digging into the backs of his thighs. ]
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Oh thank you god

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[He grins against her cheek]

It's okay, babe. I gotcha covered.

[One hand moves away from her breasts and slips between them, delving between her legs. He rocks against her thigh, his hard and saliva-slick cock rutting against the velvety skin, but his fingers delve deeper, rubbing against her clit]
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You're welcome! :D

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[ She sucks in a breath, a raw, wanton sound, her hips bucking against his touch. His fingertips find her swollen, wet and warm as an overripe summer peach, and she's not shy about letting him know how much she wants this. She kisses him, desperate and hungry. Every inch of her body is taut and writhing, as if there was some way she could get closer to him.

She draws back, just enough to whisper. ]

I want your mouth on me. Your fingers inside me.
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[He's so hard and ready he wants to just drive into her now, but one thing he learned in ten years of marriage - you do what the lady wants.

He grins fiercely and shifts downwards]

Yes ma'am.

[It's a pleasure to bury his face between her thighs, to lick at the soft and moist folds of her, and the nub in between. Two fingers plunge into her passage, rubbing against her slick walls]
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[ She whimpers at the press of his mouth, her hips thrusting back against the rough penetration with abandon. She's so wet, he slides home with ease and she makes him use his strength to hold her still. Her hands fist in his hair and her heels dig hard into his back. ]

Fuck fuck fuck, Frank!

[ Her head tips back and she rides his mouth and his hand, her hips curling up into the heat and pressure of him. She lets him know immediately when he's hit a sweet spot. White hot pleasure flows down her thighs and up her spine, out of her mouth in gasping breaths. ]
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[It hadn't occurred to him before now that this was a bad idea not for the reasons he'd originally thought - the fact that she was intoxicated and he was not a nice guy - but because he was going to have a hard time forgetting about this later. She pulled his hair and dug her heels in and he wanted more.

With a soft growl of desire, he surged upwards, and kissed her fiercely, his lips moist with her juices. Without a single thought of anything else, he slid into her hot, wet passage, his own fingers fisting in her hair and one hand on her shoulder holding her steady as he pistoned into her roughly.]
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[ He's all force and animal desire, and she welcomes it. She pulls him close, holds so tight to him. She'd wanted a little more back and forth, a little more exploration and savoring, but this was good, too. This was fucking amazing. To feel his desire take over, to be at the focus of all that raw passion, it was like making love to a hurricane.

She dug her nails into his back, bit at his lips with her own ferocious kisses. He lit her up like a bonfire, filling her over and over again, and it was so fucking glorious just to be fucked. ]
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[After years of famine, he'd been offered a feast - was it surprising that he couldn't hold back and take his time? He kissed her like he was drowning, hooking his arms under her thighs and opening her up to his thrusts. He pants for breath, breathing hot against her lips.]

Fuck...Karen. I got you, beautiful.
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[ He doesn't ask, he takes, and god, she didn't think she could get any higher, but fuck if that doesn't do it. That and being pounded through the mattress. She has to put one hand over her head to keep them from banging into the headboard. He's driving her up and up and up, and her voice rises, telegraphing every wave of bliss rocketing through her body. It makes keeping up with his kisses difficult, but she tries, breathless and trembling.

Her hands curl around his head and her body tightens around him, her cunt hot and slick as a velvet glove around him, and he can feel the rippling waves of her orgasm as she peaks. She throws her head back and muffles her scream of ecstasy against her bicep. ]
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[He does take, but he's also giving as good as he's got, and before long she's clenching around him. He drives himself hard and fast a few more times into her spasming body, and then throws his head back with a groan, emptying himself into her body in a rush.

Then he drops his head down again, his hands bracing himself, trembling, over her. He searches her face as his softening prick slips from her, and then settled onto his side, one arm flung over her body.]
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[ She melts down with him, her hands catching his face between her palms, stealing a few more kisses between ragged breaths. She stays close, grinning like a fool, running a hand over his head. ]

God damn, Frank.

[ She can't help the giggle of pure delight that bubbles up. ]

You gonna let me drive next time?
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[Those kisses are sweet. Having gotten some catharsis, some touch, he's more collected, more aware of things other than his need. He kisses her back, running fingers through her hair and down her back, smiling]

Yeah, I'll let you drive next time. Though it seemed like you didn't mind me being in the driver's seat. [He pinches her buttock between thumb and forefinger, smirking] Actually, seemed like it got your engine running pretty good.
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[ She swallows a squeak at the pinch, laughing outright as she rocks into him. There's no denying the truth of it. ]

Yeah, yeah it did. It really did.

[ She studies his face, looking into those dark eyes of his, her smile turning soft with wonder. She leans in close and kisses him, slow this time. Deliberate. She can take, too. If he'll let her. ]
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[His fingers relax and he smooths over her soft skin, returning the kiss with interest. Yeah, he could definitely get used to this.]