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1. Fuck you guys, I'm trying to nurse my hangover and eat my chicken tenders in peace.

2. I'm a hopeless romantic with the sex drive of a married politician. IM DOOMED.

3. I still can't believe I was army crawling thru his backyard at 2am.

4. Text her!
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Don't swear at me I got you hungover in the first place.

You want to share said chicken tenders though?
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my head is killing me, i can swear if i want to. only if you'll bring tacos. and coffee.


fancy coffee. with caramel and shit.
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Caramel macchiato low fat no foam


[ how do fancy coffee ]
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you are a god among men. also, fair warning i'm in my PJs.
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When I put my number in your phone, I wasn't expecting that.
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omg frank so sorry. i think i hit send by mistake. shit.
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I kinda figured

Everything okay?
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yeah. i may be a little drunk. okay a lot drunk.
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Drunk and alone. Not a good combo, girlie.
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and horny. don't forget horny.


that was more information than you needed.
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There's a long pause.

you're drunk

If you're about to invite me over, just know I'm bringing a large pot of coffee from the shop down the street.
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but you're coming, right?
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[And fifteen minutes later, there's a soft knock at the patio window of her apartment. He's on the fire escape outside.

And yes, he's holding a full pot of hot coffee.]
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[ She's waiting for him, but surprised at the knock. Still, she scrambles to let him. She's wearing a robe, and her hair's still slightly damp, like she's showered in the last half hour. ]

Jesus, you weren't kidding. Come in, come in.
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I don't kid about coffee. [His eyes dart around the room before he takes a step inside - paranoid for very good reason. He's come to trust and like Karen, but he's a wanted fugitive and she has, at times, been fearful of him. He doesn't think she'd call the cops on him, but he could be wrong.

Still, he steps inside and for once he's not bruised, bloodied, or covered in someone else's blood. He is carrying a heavy dufflebag that's probably full of guns, though.]
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[ She takes the coffee pot and ushers him in. Of course he brought a bag of guns. This is Hell's Kitchen. And honestly, she's kinda over it. If she freaked out every time something like that came up, she'd be a twitching neurotic ball of angst, and that's never been her style. ]

You can put that wherever.

[ she finds two mugs and fills them up. No need to let hot coffee go to waste. ]

You didn't have to come over. But... I'm really glad you did.
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[Frank stows the bag near the exit, and then takes one of the mugs before settling on her sofa. He isn't comfortable in this space, unused to anything so domestic and normal as sitting in a woman's living room and drinking coffee.]

Then I'm glad I did, too.
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[ He can tell she's still intoxicated. It's easy to see in the way she moves, the way her hands curl around her mug. The way she leans against the doorway and chews on her lower lip as she watches him settle in. The way her head falls to one side as she looks him up and down. ]

Y'know, it's probably a good thing I texted you.
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[Yeah, she is definitely still intoxicated. She's also keeping her distance, which is probably smart. Frank settles back in the sofa and watches her over the rim of the mug as he drinks the coffee black]

That so? How come?
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[ She's keeping her distance because it's Frank, and she doesn't want to invade his space. Not without a clear invitation. ]

Well, you're here now. And if I wasn't a few stiff drinks in, I'd never get up the courage to tell you all the things I want to do to you.

[ Yeah, she says it. Out loud. And yeah, her cheeks flush with color, but she doesn't regret it. ]
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[It's a good thing he wasn't taking a sip of coffee right then, because he probably would have choked on it. He freezes with it halfway to his mouth, then he lowers it again and sets it on the coffee table.

Then he lifts his eyes to her and lets them travel slow, starting at her feet and ending at her blushing face.

He hasn't gotten laid since his wife died, and there's a level of guilt in even being tempted, but after a few moments, he jerks his head slightly, a little gesture towards the sofa next to him.]

You gonna enlighten me, then?
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[ Her smile emerges, like the sun coming out from behind a cloud. She sets her coffee beside his and settles beside him on the couch, curling her feet beneath her. Her robe slips off one shoulder and her gaze stays focused on his chest. One tentative hand reaches out to touch his. ]

It's kinda a long list. You sure you wanna hear it?
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[He looks down at that hand. He doesn't mind being touched by her - hell no - but it's a totally foreign feeling to him at this point. He's been so starved for human contact, even something like that is almost too intense.

He slips his hand out from under hers, but wraps it around her shoulders instead, letting his rough, gun-callused fingers brush along that bared shoulder and down her arm under the robe]

Yeah, maybe not. Seems like you'd sober up before you finished it. You sure you don't want to wait until you're a bit more sober, hon?
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[ He wraps an arm around her and she turns into him, nestling close to his side. So close her nose brushes his cheek. ]

No, I really don't. Be quicker if I just showed you.

[ Her lips hover next to his and he can feel her breath coming quick and shallow. It's intense for him, but it's just as intense for her. She's wanted to touch him, to comfort and soothe him for so long. She's wanted to kiss away the pain and give him some measure of peace in pleasure. ]

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