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Becoming a Monster

Becoming a Monster

Warning: Body horror, Violence

Something within you is changing. Whatever you were before, there's something inside you that needs to surface. You can feel it coming, fast or slow. The change will be painful, and not pretty. It comes with strange cravings. You're losing yourself to the monster within you and there is nothing you, or anyone else, can do to stop it.

Will you kill? Will you be hunted for the creature you're becoming? Can you count on anyone to help you through it? Maybe your friends will except your new, hungry form. Maybe they'll just put you out of your misery. You could always just drag them down with you.

Whether you're hunting or being hunted, restrained for the safety of others or locked free in a room with your soon to be victim, there is nothing you can do to stop the change that is happening to you now.

Choose a beast from the list, or RNG for one.
Put your Character name, canon and monster in the subject
Write a starter of your character transforming
Be specific or open about the direction you want things to go.
Throw yourself at someone else's beast.
Be a friend, ally, hunter, victim, or maybe even the one responsible for this mess.
Whatever the case, you're now closer than comfortable to a soon to be monster.
Be grim and gruesome. This is a body horror meme. Let your monster out.
Go forth and be monstrous

Some Monster Ideas
1. Arachne
2. Centaur
3. Cyborg
4. Zombie
6. Dragon
7. Dryad
8. Faerie
9. Gargoyle
10. Giant/Titan
11. Goblin
12. Gorgon
13. Harpy
14. Incubus/Succubus
15. Kelpie
16. Kitsune/Kumiho
17. Lamia
18. Manticore
19. Merperson
20. Minotaur
21. Mothman
22. Failed Science Experiment
23. Naga
24. Nymph
25. Satyr
26. Shade/Ghoul/Poltergeist
27. Siren
28. Sphinx
29. Troll
30. Vampire
31. Wendigo
32. Were (bear, cat, hyena, wolf, etc)
33. Other/Choose Your Own

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