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❝My Rescuer❞ Shipping Meme

❝My Rescuer❞ Shipping Meme

There is no possible way the two of you could have gotten off on better footing. One of you saved the other. You were complete strangers - or just as good as - yet someone put aside that fact and swooped in when they saw trouble like a guardian angel, whether because of their own moral reasoning or just being at the right place at the right time. The one who was saved? Well, they can't help but be grateful to their rescuer...and, perhaps, all that high octane emotion will lead to more. After all, you've never felt so much towards one person.

Will you be able to finally have peace alongside this person, or is all really as it seems?

How to Play
  • Comment with your character, preferences, and etc. Is your character more likely to rescue, be rescued, or either?
  • Reply to others.
  • RNG for your prompt and thread!

  1. No Hope: They were in a situation that looked incredibly bleak, such as being kidnapped or held prisoner. It was likely they would never see freedom or happiness again. That was something you couldn't stand for.
  2. Life Threatening: It was a simple accident, but it could have ended their life. You stepped in and pushed them out of the way or caught them as they fell.
  3. Harassment: Hey, leave them alone, pal! They clearly don't want your attention or your perverse remarks.
  4. Stand Up: You're being tormented and verbally abused by your peers. Finally, though, someone steps in and defends you.
  5. See Myself in You: They're different - like you are. You don't think they deserve to be treated this way...and neither would you.

  6. Ridiculous: Uh oh. A giant octopus is attacking you! Can anyone, will anyone save you from certain doom?
  7. Saved...From Boredom: Your life seemed like it was in black and white before this person introduced you to color.
  8. Superhero: Saving people is your job. Why is this case any different?
  9. Justice: What's happening before you is disgusting. You have to get justice for this victim; of course, that "justice" may also be needed for yourself and your sense of fragile reality.
  10. Spur of the Moment: Rescuing someone was never in your plan, but you couldn't pass up the chance.
  11. Love at First Sight: They saved you, and you fell. Or the other way around.
  12. Bring Back Happiness: All that was good has faded until you got a new lease on life.
  13. Guilt Complex: In the past, you failed. You'll never let anyone get hurt again.
  14. Not Only a Job: Technically, you were hired to take this person from their captor to another captor, yet in the end, you changed your mind.
  15. Warming Up: You can't help but soften towards someone you owe your life to.
  16. Honor Among Thieves: Your record may not be squeaky clean, but there are acts even you cannot condone.
  17. Gone Too Far: Your rage at seeing a living being treated this way has welled up, and the one who was victimized has to pull you back. Can they?
  18. Hurt Because of Me: In your defense, your savior has been injured. You feel a certain sense of sinking culpability.
  19. Patched Up: After the fight, both of you care for each others' mental and physical wounds.
  20. Who Rescued Who?: They may have physically saved you, but you emotionally saved them.
  21. The Truth Comes Out: You learned that your "rescue" was a fabrication to gain your trust. Has your relationship changed them? Even if it has, can you ever believe them again?
  22. All's Well: Once out of the limelight and out of harms way, you two can explore the prospect of getting to know each other better.
  23. Violent Delights Have Violent Ends: Your relationship ends as it began: with violence and despair.
  24. Doesn't Last: All of your attractions are a flash in the pan. When it comes down to it, you can't make it work between you when there's no danger to draw you close.
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Haru ☆ No, Thank You!!! ☆ m/m pref

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[Either role]
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Dean Winchester | Supernatural | OTA

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Re: Dean Winchester | Supernatural | OTA

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((I'm thinking a little 18/19 after Dean's saved Jemma here from The Monster Of The Week? Let the little British doctor ~heal you~ Dean.))
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Sure, wanna go ahead and set something up?
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The whole experience was so unbelievable. She'd been working, alone in the woods, minding her own business, and the next thing she knew she was strung up like a piece of meat in some unknown, run down, probably abandoned building. And the pair of people who came and went were most certainly not just humans. They had teeth like she'd never seen in any person before, too many and too sharp, and they'd drawn blood from her for days, keeping her weak and even more unable to fight back than she normally was.

Jemma Simmons was just a scientist.

But then he'd come, with a machete and words like vampire, which were completely unbelievable but then, what could it be if not that? And just like that, it was all over, headless bodies lying on the floor and her saviour getting her out of there, to an old American model car outside.

It was only then that she noticed he was bleeding, from several places but more importantly a deep stab wound in his bicep. "You're hurt," she pointed out, quietly, unnecessarily, reaching toward him in order to take a look. "Let me stop the bleeding. At very least. Please."
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Dean waved her off as he wiped off his machete. "I'm fine, come on we gotta get out of here in case more come back. I don't think that was all of them and I don't wanna get caught with my pants down. Get in the car princess, you can take a look all you want later. Promise." Dean said as he tossed his weapons into the trunk and headed towards the drivers side. "We should get you checked out at the hospital, you've been out here for four days."
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Not all of them? There could be more of those...people? Those things? A wave of fear washed through Jemma, but she forced it away. There was no time for that. She took a steadying breath and obediently got into the car. She knew when to trust someone else, and this was clearly the time to do it.

"I'm fine," she insisted, persistently trying to check his arm without being too much in the way. "A hospital will just diagnose a minor concussion, and advise hydration, rest, and probably a completely useless broad spectrum antibiotic." She could handle her own treatment. A topical ointment and some bandages for my wrists will be sufficient. You're very lucky, you know. It looks from here like you were hit quite close to a major artery."
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sorry this took so long, I was watching my cousins for a week.

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"Yeah, sweetheart you're not fine. And what's with all the medical mumbo jumbo, you a doctor or something?" Dean asked as he pulled out onto the highway and hightailed it back towards town. The closer he gets though the harder it's becoming to focus on driving. Thankfully the motel loomed up ahead and he was able to park and turn the car off before his vision started going fuzzy.

"Hey sweetheart...think I'm gonna pass out..." And with that he slumped forward against the steering wheel, thankfully the horn didn't start blaring.
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"Or something," Jemma agreed mildly as the car pulled out, letting her fussing wait in the interest of safety. As concerned as she was, she did know better than to pester while he drove. It ought to be alright, she decided, since the wound didn't look at all life threatening. Upon the car stopping, though, she immediately regretted not holding her ground and insisting. It wasn't as if she could go asking someone for help to get him inside if he was unconscious, and Jemma wasn't convinced she would have the strength on a good day to do it herself. She was a small woman.

"Oh bloody hell," she cursed softly, shifting across the seat to sit him back, try to examine him. The blood loss, probably, she guessed. Hoped, really. That could be mended with time. "I suppose I've no choice to be fine, don't I?" It didn't matter that he wasn't conscious to hear her. Talking it out helped her.

Somehow, it had to be adrenaline, she managed to get him out of the car and into the motel room, haphazardly across the bed. Luckily, most places had some sort of emergency sewing kit, and she was able to use that to stitch his wound, dressing it with the first clean thing she could find before simply collapsing tiredly beside the bed, her hand covering his. She oughtn't fall asleep, ought to monitor his condition, but a rest couldn't hurt.

After everything she'd been through, though, she was exhausted.
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Rey | SW:TFA | OTA

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redoer: (Always my savior)

Homura Akemi || Magical Girl Madoka Magica

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Mimi Tachikawa || Digimon (01,02,TRI)

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armsmode: (Is that the last of them?)

Genos | One Punch Man

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[Rescuer or the rescued, either works!]

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[Want to get rescued by a tiny Spider-Man?

Miles has snuck his way into the building Genos is being held hostage in. How'd he manage that? By being completely camouflaged into his surroundings. There are at least a couple of perks to being bitten by a spider- Like not having to fight his way through all of the bad guys.

He'll make his way over to Genos, who's limbs have been torn off.]

I'm here to get you out.

[He whispers, which has got to sound weird from thin air.]

[personal profile] armsmode 2016-04-15 08:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[Genos is a huge mess of metal, it's a wonder anyone came to his rescue. Genos looks up at Miles, some of the cracked materials of his face falling off with the movement.]

Who are you?
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[Oh uh...]

Spider-Man. I'm Spider-Man.

[Well, the new one, anyway.]

[personal profile] armsmode 2016-04-16 07:42 pm (UTC)(link)

[He lets out a breath, a grave expression on his face.]

There are other hostages. I would have detonated in this den of monsters if there were not, but they must be saved first.
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You're sure you'll be alright?

[Shouldn't be too hard for him to get the hostages out.]

[personal profile] armsmode 2016-04-17 03:16 am (UTC)(link)
My survival is secondary. I am not at risk of bleeding out or dying of shock as any human would be.
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Fubuki | One Punch Man | OTA

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[Rescuer or the rescued, either works!]
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Kageyama "Mob" Shigeo | Mob Psycho 100

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[Mob can be a rescuer or the rescued kid!

Shipping should be fluff and not serious, he's only a kid.]