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The Welcome to S.E.E.S./the Investigation Team Meme!


Congratulations! (Or commiserations.) You've just become a member of either S.E.E.S. or the Investigation Team! Either way, we've got Shadows to fight and mysteries to solve! Better get a move on, you don't have too much time to level up before you go to bed - you still have to go to school tomorrow, you know!

Your character isn't from either fandom? No problem! Just pick out a Persona (whether it be canon or one you make up) and throw them in!

This meme has a strong possibility of spoilers for both games, including Persona 4: The Golden. Please keep this in mind, and label spoilers for The Golden. Violators of this will be fed to Nyarlathotep.

Persona 3
1. Solo battle! Or so you think. You probably shouldn't have gone leveling on your own. There's either too many Shadows or one that your Persona just can't hit because of weaknesses. Hopefully a team member will show up and give you a hand...
2. Tartarus! Man, this tower is annoying. Whether you're in Thebel Block or Monad Depths, stairs suck. Is the team going to stick together or split up to fight weaker Shadows? And hey - who made you the leader tonight anyway?
3. Arcana Shadow! Which one is it tonight? Is it Lovers? Fortune? Whichever it is, you gotta work together to fight it! Don't let your guard down!
4. Sparring! Look, you need to stop letting your guard down - and that's not how you hold a sword! Hopefully one of you has healing spells, because even when practicing, Persona battles can get out of control, especially in the Dark Hour.
5. Relaxation! It's time for a beach trip (or a ski trip, or a whatever trip) with your team members! It's time to goof around! … And maybe enact Operation Babe Hunt/Operation Dude Hunt?
6. Antagonist! You're not a member of S.E.E.S. at all, are you? Whether you're with Strega, with the darker side of the Kirijo group, or someone else, you're not what would normally be considered a 'good guy'. Time to mess with the heroes.
7. Wild Card! Anything else!

Persona 4
1. Into the TV! Look, you didn't believe your friend when he said he could go inside the TV. You're quickly realizing that he was right - and what's all this fog around? This place looks dangerous. Or maybe you've been here before, and you're looking for clues or more Shadows to fight?
2. Trapped in the TV! Someone tossed you in - who was it? And what's this weird place? Hopefully someone rescues you soon - there had to have been someone who saw you on the Midnight Channel last night, right?
3. Picking Glasses! All right, so you're a member of the team now. Will you stop being so choosey and just find a glasses style you like already?!
4. Relaxation! Time for a trip! Just be careful of the ingredients you brought along - Mystery Food X is bound to spoil everyone's appetite. Or maybe you're playing the King's Game - wait, that's not relaxing at all!
5. Confrontation! Okay, so you've got some clues. Let's talk about who the jerk behind this could be and get them! Just be careful... you wouldn't want to accuse the wrong person, would you?
6. Antagonist! You're not a member of the Investigation Team - you're one of the people behind this! Will you get away scott-free, or will your plot be foiled by those meddling kids and their dog... bear... mascot character?
7. Wild Card! Anything else!

1. Trip! Maybe you're visiting Port Island with your school. Maybe you're headed to Inaba to get away from the city. Either way, you're not where you usually are, but that doesn't mean that Shadows aren't still there!
2. Arena! You've agreed to this fighting tournament, for Persona users from all over. Now let's get ready to rumble!
3. Wild Card! Anything else!

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Kyousuke Kamijo | Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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so i rolled and got persona 3 option 6 this is terrible

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[The luminous green of the Dark Hour's moon has cast this utterly mundane street into something entirely unnerving. Red pools of blood sit stagnant where rainwater would normally gather, and make an altogether too-thick splash when she carelessly steps through them.

There's not much she can still care about, right now. Because something she's wanted to desperately avoid but knew was impossible to has finally come to a head. When she sees Kyousuke, she stops still, stance left unsettlingly loose.]

...Hey, Kyousuke. Ah, man... I was really hoping you wouldn't show up this time. I can't just let you keep going, you know...?

[Her voice is low, definitely tired.]
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Sayaka! Please, it doesn't have to be this way!

[She was his friend, and he always had to take care of her, but while he knew that she was involved in a bad accident during her childhood, he never thought that she was part of the experiment conducted by the Kirijo Group regarding Personae.

...No, he's promised her that he'd be her knight in shining armor during their childhood, right? He's not backing down now.]
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You're right. It doesn't!

[Her expression and tone, however, don't sound like she's agreeing with him.]

Why'd you have to ever join SEES...? It'd be so much simpler.. it'd be so much nicer if we didn't have to fight. I never wanted to fight you. I don't even want to be mad at you!