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Rainy Day Meme

You've cross-indexed every weather report and they all call for rain.
Use the RNG to randomize, or pick a prompt yourself.
[borrowed from here]

Stay Dry:
1. Umbrella-ella-ella:
A rainbow of colors, from black to red and leopard spots and clear.
2. Raincoat: You've got your raincoat buttoned up--but what about your friend?
3. Staying Inside: You're not going anywhere. Hot tea/cocoa/coffee/bloodwine/whatever, a blanket, and maybe a good book or someone to chat with. You can watch the rain from here.
4. Under an awning/outside: No umbrella, no coat, but maybe these shopkeepers won't mind you standing here until it eases off.
5. Tree: Probably not the best idea, but it's not a thunderstorm, so you might be dry, if it's a big enough tree.

Getting wet:
6. Puddle splashing:
Put on your galoshes and have some fun! Or maybe the puddles are just too big to avoid...
7. Let's Play! are you one of those strange people who think the best time to go out and run, bike, or play sports is in the rain? Garden? Fly kites? (Please try not to imitate Ben Franklin.)
8. Work or Duty: You're not out here for fun--you HAVE to be out here. Too bad the weather's so awful
9. Unprepared: The trees are all drippy, the wind gets under any awnings you can find, and finding a dry place to stand for a few minutes is nigh impossible.
10. Umbrell-eh? You thought you were all prepared for the wet weather. And then your umbrella broke, your raincoat sprung a leak, and the gutters are overflowing.

11. Thunderbolts and Lightning!
Very very frightening? Or maybe you're reveling in it? Telling scary stories to make it worse or soothing frayed nerves with a lullaby?
12. Blow Blow Thou Wind: It gets into everything! Blowing you off course, small dogs away from owners, and whatever else it can get at. Or maybe you're smart enough to watch the blasts from inside.
13. Water's Rising: Is it just me, or are the creeks getting a little high? Or maybe it's just your waterlogged yard or gutters.
14. Freezing rain: oh well now THIS is fun. Leaves everything in a coating of ice. Slick, brings down powerlines--but you can sled on it (if you don't value your skull much).

15. Wild Card: Is it raining frogs? Cats and dogs? Storm of the year? Just a drizzly mist? Rain that lasts for about 5 seconds and then it's sunny again? Whatever floats your boat, so to speak.
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Natasha Romanoff | MCU

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spoilers a-ok

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[ooc: up for something post age of ultron? if not I can wind him back farther. thinking maybe 9, 4, or 5 with Bruce trying to stay on the run]
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(any of them sound fine to me, happy to roll with post-Ultron)
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Seattle. Midday. The rain has been coming down since this morning. A soaked man without an umbrella or raincoat with his arms hugged tight around himself was walking the streets, looking for any shelter he could find. Unfortunately, the whole town was used to the rain and had locked up everything tight. So Bruce plunged on, wondering if he would end up swimming at this rate.

He had been off the radar for awhile now, managing not to get caught or have any incidents since he woke up on the East Coast. Trying to stay out of trouble and away from the Avengers. He couldn't take the risk of hurting them. Again.
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She hadn't intentionally gone looking for him, but even in the pouring rain she knew his silhouette. Natasha slowed down the rented sedan and honked the horn twice. And then, espite the rain she pressed the button for the passenger side window to yell out, "Doc!"

When she had become level with him, she honked one more time. "Not sure the seat's still dry, but get in the car, Banner." Her smile only reached one corner of her mouth. She wasn't ready yet to process the rapidly changing emotions she felt at seeing him.
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The horn honking is a surprise, at first Bruce thinks maybe it's someone willing to pick up a hitchhiker. Then he sees who it is. A mix of emotions runs across his face as well, torn between going on his way in the rain and getting into the car. He really should keep going...

In the wet, cold rain...

He slides into the seat reluctantly, avoiding eye contact. "How'd you find me?" he asks quietly, dripping from his hair all the way down to his shoes.
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"Serendipity." It's the only thing Natasha says before the car starts picking up speed again. Not that she's asked yet where Bruce needs to go. It's possible she's just going to aimlessly drive through Seattle whether he likes it or not.

It's also possible she has her own destination in mind and doesn't want to say. When she's forced to stop at a set of traffic lights she finally looks over at him and her smile grew a little.

"It's true, you know. I wasn't actually here for you. I was here for the coffee."
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"Right." He'll take that explanation with a grain of salt. Doesn't really matter how she found him, she had. He had been traveling pretty aimlessly himself so wherever she was driving was fine for now.

Truthfully, he was working his way towards Alaska, figuring it might be less crowded and safer there.

"The coffee is pretty good," he admits, watching the scenery go by. Not giving voice to the big green elephant in the room. The fact that he ran off last time. His experience with Wanda had shaken his confidence, what little the Avengers had managed to build up for him.
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Before the lights changed, Natasha leaned forward to orientate herself and spotted the Space Needle in the distance. Another glance at Bruce and then whatever agenda she did have for their travel plans changed as a new idea popped into her head.

She gave a hum of agreement and reached for the coffee cup that she'd already had sitting the holder. She took a sip before holding it out for him. "It's still hot. I don't have cooties."

The her jaw tensed just slightly as she swallowed an urge to ask him what had happened. To ask why she hadn't heard from him. Whatever doubts Bruce had, she didn't have them. She knew Wanda's power for what it was. She certainly didn't blame him for what had happened. For what the Other Guy had done. She never did. Even after the helicarrier incident. Maybe she hadn't slept for a few weeks, but she didn't blame Banner.
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She could have handed him hot water and he would have drunk it. Being this wet meant being plenty cold too and hot coffee was just too tempting to warm his insides. Bruce took a hefty swallow of the drink gratefully.

Bruce finally glances over at her for a moment, knowing what she must think of him now. But he had to leave. He couldn't live with himself if he had hurt any of his friends. Especially her. "Can't go back," he says to the windshield wipers moving back and forth in front of him.
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Natasha didn't make any move to take the coffee back, or even ask for it. As far as she was concerned he could have it and there were plenty more coffee shops for her to visit if she wanted another caffeine hit.

She gripped the steering wheel more tightly as he said those three words and kept her gaze on the road. There was no fighting the mix of emotions that surfaced this time. "I didn't ask. I'm not trying to take you to the airport. I honestly wasn't here for you. I respected you enough not to go looking." As much as she wanted to. Her tongue flicked out over her lips before she sighed. "It would have been easier not seeing you again."
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That does bring a faint if sad smile to his face. "Thanks." He had half expected to be dragged back kicking and screaming but the fact no one had tried to hunt him down was....nice.

The smile fades, Bruce unable to keep from looking over at her this time. She was right of course. "That was the plan," he says with a sigh, drinking more of the coffee. He wanted it to be easy.

Nothing was ever easy with him.
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Natasha's eyebrow arched in place of a shrug and for a moment a true smile played out across her lips. If anyone understood an urge not to be found, it was Natasha. "You're welcome."

Nothing was ever easy with her either. Another thing she understood. Sometimes she wondered if Bruce would ever truly understand how similar they both could be.

"It was a bad plan." Her smile was still there and she met his gaze and held it as she was forced to stop again. And then she was looking back out the window and thinking about the glass garden she was planning to take him to. "Denial isn't something I'm good at. Of course I wanted to see you again."
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"How do you figure?" he asks, not wanting to admit it was a bad plan just yet. The one that was going on now still remained to be seen if it was bad or not.

Bruce looked down at his wet tennis shoes, his mouth set in a line as he tried to find the words. "Natasha..." he wanted to say they shouldn't see each other anymore. A whole spiel on how it was safer for her, for the team, for him...and he couldn't get himself to say it. Because he knew she wouldn't believe a word of it.
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Natasha waited until she had parked the car, finally at their destination. The space needle loomed above them, the rain pounded against the car and windows. She twisted in her seat to face the scientist. "Because I think you know that cutting yourself off completely isn't what you want. Bruce, there's people that care about you. People that just need a little contact. Tony's a mess without you," she added after a beat. She was only slightly joking.

She ran her fingers through her hair before she leaned back in her seat and just watched the rain for a few, long moments of silence. "Doc, there's two things I'm sure of. The first is that I seriously wish I'd joined you in the shower back at the farm. The second is that the fact that you are sitting in the car right now gives me hope. And I'm not the kind to hope, or to dream."
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There's an inner struggle that he's not sharing right now. Somehow erring on the side of caution was getting harder and harder for him to keep choosing. These Avengers had ruined him completely for being an introverted quiet scientist who wanted to be left alone.

He lets out a huff of nervous amusement, "Stark is a mess, period." Nothing new there. They all had issues, quite frankly. His just manifested a little more abruptly than most.

The silence just seems to grow between them. Bruce pinches the bridge of his nose, sighing at himself, at the whole situation. "I don't have many people I can say are friends. I'd kind of like to keep the ones I've got..." He looks at her, an unspoken fear in his eyes that he's trying not to let her see. He couldn't trust himself anymore.
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"No argument there." Natasha had grown to care about Stark, but that didn't mean she couldn't question his state of mind. Just like she did with everyone else, including herself.

She looked at Bruce again before giving a nod. "C'mon then, friend. There's something I want you to see." Natasha was even willing to get soaked for the cause. She gave her keys to Bruce, even taking into account the fact that he might choose to drive away and leave her there.

What she was really hoping for was for him to follow her into the admissions office. But she was giving him a choice.
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crashing soon

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He's puzzled, looking at the keys in his hand. What was she up to?

Rather than take off, he follows behind her, not sure what he was walking into. "Where are we?" he asks, thinking maybe he should have asked that earlier. His shoes squelching with each step.
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no probs - will be slow after today because work

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"Oh good, you've never been here." Natasha grinned a little like she well and truly knew something Bruce didn't. She paid for their tickets and handed one to Bruce in exchange for her keys.

"It's not really stopping to smell the roses, but it's a place I've come a few times when things are... quiet." So very rare in her line of work. Especially with the Avengers. "And since you suddenly have all this time on your hands, why not?"
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"'ve been here twice then?" Bruce says, half kidding as he looks around. Any other questions are quite lost as he takes in the sculptures. This was really beautiful, like nothing he'd ever seen before.

He stays at her side as they walk through slowly. A quiet moment that was almost normal, he had thought he was out of these kind of moments.
It was nice.
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"Cute. But acccurate." Natasha rewarded him with a quiet laugh before she too let herself become lost in the art that surrounded them. It gave her a chance to settle down the maelstrom in her mind that had started the moment she saw him.

And to let herself fall into the role of friend. One that Rogers had taught her well. Seattle was suddenly a trip that was full of surprises instead of a routine intelligence gathering. Natasha glanced at Bruce as they paused in front of one of the sculptures, watching his face as he studied it.
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Stopping to smell the roses she said. Only these roses were made entirely of glass. Bruce was not really the artistic type but he could appreciate what he saw. The talent it took to create them.

Thinking how this whole place would be nothing but shards if he had an incident here. That self depicting thought makes him sigh and move on. Best not to think of it. It would ruin the moment.
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Natasha had brushed her fingers against his hand gently before letting him move on. Sometimes it was easy to see the moments he must have been picturing the worst.

They came to the section where the glass flowers were above them and creating a multicoloured lighting affect. She smiled a little as she tilted her head back to look up. "So how'd I do with surprising you, Doc?"
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oops self depicting = self depricating

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Bruce can't help a smile at the question, looking up at the display of color above them. "Pretty good," he admits.

And he was doing his best not to think about leaving. Just for now. He could already hear Stark ribbing him for going on a date with Natasha and being completely unsuccessful at running away.

"How...did you find this place?" he asks.