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Makoto Kino | Sailor Moon

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1. We're going to ride the bus of mixed signals all the way to unrequited love town and that's where I'm going to live my life and then die.

2. Was I at least graceful when I fell down that flight of stairs and broke my hand?

3. I'm so proud of us for not dying.

4. I have no reason to put on pants anymore. This is my new reality.

5. [Text Her]
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Me too. I think we should keep up the good work with that.
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Hey, I'm up for it if you are.

We made a pretty good team there, didn't we?
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We really did. It was kind of a surprise. I didn't expect the team-up to go that smoothly.
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Would you be up for doing it again sometime?
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I'd love to. I think it would be a lot of fun to have an encore.
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Very graceful. You fell like a petal.
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That's a relief. Shame I couldn't land softly like one.
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Kino-san, it was a hard floor. Anyone would have had the same injuries
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Well yeah, but they probably wouldn't have tripped over their own feet to get there.

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I'm sure that's not true. When the right person gets to know you properly, there won't be any mixed signals. Also, did you finish studying for your exams?
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Aww. That's so nice of you to s-

...Ughhhhhh... I didn't even start.
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You've got time. You'll be able to get some studying done
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elaborate for the peanut gallery
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I have sworn off pants! I wont let them oppress my legs for another day!
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skirts or bust from now on?
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Live or die by the skirt.

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you want the honest answer or the one that'll make you feel better?
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How different are the answers?
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different enough that i had to put em into separate categories

bottom line, though: it wasn't pretty
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I was afraid of that...

At least I didn't break anything else? You know, aside from the lamp.

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welcome to the sisterhood of pantless bliss, mako-chan!

anyone who says otherwise just doesn't look good without 'em
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It's good to be here, Minako.

They'd probably feel otherwise if they gave it a shot.
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see, i'm gonna forward this to rei-chan

i keep telling her the same thing but she won't believe me!

maybe if she hears the wonders of pantless freedom from you, she'll finally get it
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It may be best to tell her in person. She might think you're just making all of this up.

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