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A mentor-ship can change your life


From the moment we begin our lives, we're learning. It's imperative to surviving, to growing - don't walk in the shadows, it's dangerous, don't touch the fire, you'll be hurt. These days, most continue to hone this natural instinct with formal schooling, but that's certainly not the end all, be all of knowledge. If you go to school or not, if you have the opportunity or otherwise, you won't stop sharpening your mind after those formative years. That's just not the way our incredible brains work.

You, specifically, have actually decided to something equally incredible: you want to really dedicate yourself to learning a skill, and what better way than an apprenticeship? Formal or informal, you're under someone's tutelage, absorbing everything they can teach, growing closer to them in the process...

...unfortunately, though, you've gained a little something extra with that bite from the fruit of knowledge. You've fallen for your mentor.

Do you realize this pitfall immediately, or will you have to learn the hard way?

  • Comment with your character, preferences, what role you'd like them to fill, and any information you'd like to include.
  • Like it says up there, the situation or setup can be strict or loose, and there may or may not be an age difference involved. Be specific in your preferences.
  • Thread.
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Kylo Ren | Star Wars | OTA canon-mates only, please.

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[[ooc: Rey fallen to the Dark (possibly?) or Kylo more Grey? Which has more potential here?]]
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[Honestly, I am fine with either! both involve drama and angst. I can definitely see Rey making him feel that inner struggle again though, strong as she is. But if you'd rather play her having fallen to the Dark Side, that has lots of potential too!]
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[[Leave it ambigious for just now? Because either scenario shouldn't change who they are. And this is apparently some time into their training...]]

[She shouldn't have agreed to any of this, that was the main thought. Trying to meditate, and focus her thoughts would be a lot easier around someone far older. Someone who's face hadn't caught her breath the first time she saw it. Okay, so the reason for that breath-catching wasn't the best, admittedly, but the point stood. Trying to train would be easier if it weren't for... him]

[Deep breaths, clear your mind, don't think about the rumours that spread. Deep breaths, clear your mind...]</small
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...i got a bee in my bonnet about this one, so i had to.

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[ She comes aboard the Finalizer the same night he comes to collect her as his student, cloaked in the same black robes as he is, following closely at his side as his dark wraith-like form sweeps through the durasteel corridors. Stormtroopers and officers alike give both of the hooded characters — one tall and powerfully-built, the other smaller and slender but no less intimidating — a wide berth through the halls.

Ever the dutiful master, Ren rarely leaves her side. Her quarters are separate but adjacent to his, but other than that he's in her presence almost constantly. They train and meditate together, eat together, spar together, attend holographic projection-led conferences with Snoke together in the privacy of the Supreme Leader's antechamber. The latter is the only time that Rey feels herself in less control of herself than she normally would be; Snoke's presence, even over hologram, is cold and choking and leaves her gasping for breath and shuddering when they're out of the antechamber. Ren, to his credit, lets her lean on him in the shadows out of view of any of the other First Order officers or troopers until she knows she can walk unassisted again.

There are many techniques she wishes him to teach her, but one of the foremost things is how to deflect a blaster bolt bare-handed; she recalls with vivid clarity how he'd batted her fire away with his lightsaber, but when he'd told her it could be done without, with just an adept using the Force and a push of the hand, she'd insisted on learning.

The first few times are gut-wrenching; there's a blaster cannon firing at the other end of the training room, not dead-center on her but close enough to injure, and while she's able to dodge the first several shots one of them inevitably comes too close and a bolt singes her side. She crumples to the deck, gritting her teeth with the effort not to cry out, but Ren is at her side in an instant.

He carries her to the infirmary, despite her protests. During the medical droid's procedure as it cares for the burn lacing up the side of her rib cage, her master assures her he'll train side-by-side with her, to make certain it doesn't happen again.

She doesn't easily forget the look in his eyes at seeing that stray bolt hit its target.

A week later they're attempting it again. This time instead of on the sideline or beside her Ren is standing right behind her, his chest and torso lined up and pressed along the length of her back, his outstretched arm lined up with hers, as if to show her the exact angle with which to thrust the palm outward to stop the blast.

His nearness is intoxicating, distracting, and for the first few firings Rey nearly takes another blast injury with how little she's able to concentrate. She can feel his breath in her hair, the warmth of his body behind her even through their robes, and she wonders if she's going to be able to do this task at all, like this.

Frustrated at her inability to focus as surely as she needs to, her cheeks color and she frowns determinedly. ]

...Let me try again. I'll get it.
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A WEEK LATER but i hope it's ok >.<

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Having another powerful Force user aboard the star destroyer wasn't exactly something that could be kept a secret from the crew for long. There were mixed feelings about having the girl there at all, many believing her to be the enemy still, but those who were of lower rank kept their opinions to themselves. Kylo Ren was bad enough, and most had grown accustomed to giving him a wide berth, anyway. The addition of the deceivingly smaller cloaked figure meant everyone was on their toes, from the newest stormtrooper all the way to General Hux. Hus, of course, did not make such an effort to keep bitter feelings to himself, but no matter. The Supreme Leader himself had commanded that Rey be taken aboard and trained by Ren, and his ancient head was not one Hux could easily go over.

To say that Ren is obsessed with her is an understatement. For his credit, in the beginning their relationship is strictly that of a master and apprentice, even though she is already so very powerful. He tells himself during those early days that she is his responsibility, and together they will make Snoke proud. But he is also wary that there is still struggle within her, that it would only be too easy for her to return completely to the light. That must be the reason why he stays so close to her, barely letting her out of his sight.

There is, of course, something else there, lurking and making him act quickly when she is weakened by meetings with a holographic Snoke... and later injured by the blaster fire. But Ren isn't convinced that she's ready for such complicated exercises this early on in her training. It's a detached, scholarly concern he feels for her, nothing more.

... but even he can't keep the truth from her forever.

That day, a week after the incident, he's taking no chances. Ren is close behind her, making sure she moves quick enough to avoid being injured when again she is unable to deflect the blaster bolt. It's difficult to remain calm and truly centered when he's so focused on her, on encouraging her to find that balance in herself as well as keep her out of harm's way.

He can feel that she's distracted, just as surely as he can feel the distraction himself. It's intoxicating, and threatens to steal his own focus away and turn it against himself.

"You have to focus," he frowns at her determined words, his deep voice quiet in her ear and breath hot on her neck. For not the first time he wishes she were using her lightsaber to deflect the blaster bolts first, but she is stubborn to the last. "You are in control of your fear and your anger, Rey. Find the balance. Let the rage simmer there, just below the surface." His long fingers curl around hers a little. "Breathe with me." They had meditated together before, after all, becoming like one almost. Of course, they didn't stand so close to each other then, but the concept remained the same.

At such a nearness, and their growing connection through the Force, Ren could slip easier into her mind, encouraging her, calmly guiding her. It might have surprised some to know that though he had experienced unstable moments in the past, he was more in control of himself these days. Perhaps it had something to do with Rey, with training her and just being with her so much of the day. Whatever the case, it was something he had successfully kept from Snoke... so far. For is his master were to truly see into his mind at that moment, he would see an attachment he'd probably deem too dangerous, too... intimate.
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you know I'll wait forever!! <333

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With their closeness the link between them is more powerful, more potent, and while Ren exudes a kind of calm at this moment — one that she wouldn't normally expect from someone as volatile, as he is — nevertheless she can also detect his own distracted thoughts, his own intoxicated preoccupation with her this close. He tells her to focus, but he's reminding himself of the necessity of it, as well.

Rey tries not to let herself unfurl into a boneless mass at that quiet, seductive voice in her ear, tries not to curve her cheek towards his and bridge that space between them although it's tempting to just turn and catch his mouth, his lips, with hers; instead she holds herself more rigidly when he tells her she is in control.

Breathe with me. Obediently she lets her lungs expand and fall with slow, even breaths, feeling the rise and fall of his own chest against her back, his warm exhale in her hair as he does it with her and as their breaths fall into sync. With it she can feel his heart beating against her back, the pulse of his blood thrumming to the same tempo as hers, and while it does calm her somewhat it also makes her more languid, more aware of every minute tactile sensation between one of them and the other. Their breath in unison; their pulse, their hearts, their minds in unison as well.

The blaster fire comes again from the opposite end of the room toward them both, and this time, Rey is ready — she concentrates, holding the pose with her arm aligned with his, their hands pressed into the same position, and she takes a breath and pushes with the Force —

— and the bright blue bolt of blaster fire sticks suddenly in the air, suspended by her will.

Rey feels a thrum of triumphant excitement spike through her, the feeling palpable enough for Ren to experience it as well. "...I did it!" she breathes, and this time she turns her cheek to him, inadvertently letting the plush of her lips brush against the corner of his mouth.

...Her attention sufficiently diverted, the blaster bolt unfreezes and continues its lightning-fast path, nearly singeing Ren's dark robes in the process, and Rey shrieks in startled surprise.
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<33 you're such a perfectionist haha

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Just as she feels that calm flowing through her, so does Ren feel it also. In that moment they are truly just like one in Force, and it surrounds them, binds them together, connects them. Though they've done similar exercises together before, never has it felt truly so intimate before. Their breathes are in unison, and he feels and sees just what she does. If it were possible, he thinks perhaps even their hearts would beat together, in exact time. As it is, she is calmer now than she has been before, when the blaster bolt hit her, and all the other times she missed.

... so when it happens, and the bolt comes toward them, it's all he can do to keep himself from pushing with her, with the Force. Though he's aiding her, he wants her to accomplish this on her own, knows she needs this. Still, his encouragement and presence is there in her mind, with her in that moment.

When Rey stops the bold in mid-air like that, excitement and relief come over him as well. It's difficult to discern where her glee stops and his starts, as real and genuine as it feels for him, too. The corners of his lips are actually turning upward in a smile that's more sincere an expression than he's shown in a very long time, and he's still just as close to her so that when she turns, it's only too easy for her lips to brush against his skin.

Ren freezes then, his own attention diverted so quickly that he is not fast enough to catch the now stray blaster bolt. It comes dangerously close to singeing his skin, too, though for his part he doesn't cry out in surprise. He is startled of course, though perhaps for slightly different reasons than she is.

Fortunately the danger is gone just as quickly as it came, and instead of being angry at her for losing her focus... Ren does something that probably surprises them both. He actually chuckles quietly, tearing his gaze away and looking down for a moment, shaking his head. Perhaps it's the adrenaline and relief of the lightning-fast moment, but he can't help it. It's not appropriate for her master to express himself like this, to be amused, relieved and glad for her all at once... yet when he looks back up at her, the little smile is still there, just at the corners of his lips. It's not an expression anyone aboard the ship has ever really had the 'pleasure' of seeing, and even then, they'd probably be more terrified and concerned than anything else.

"You're still too easily distracted," he says, brow furrowing, but his deep voice is more chiding now. She had easily distracted him, as well, and his words should be intended to himself just as much as her. "Next time, perhaps I should just leave the room altogether." Not that he really wants to, but he knows now that Rey can do this. She could probably do it much better without him there, however... he cannot deny that having her so close was something he'd like to try again. Though he had stepped back now, he can still feel her warmth, softness and strength there beside him and in his mind... not to mention her lips, too brief at the corner of his mouth had left the ghost of an imprint there. Not so deep down, he wants to feel more of her, but within the relationship of student and teacher, training... it is forbidden.
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it's a curse, I tell you :p

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She's angry at herself, for having lost her focus and momentarily put both of them, him particularly, at risk of being shot by the stray bolt. Surprisingly her master doesn't seem to share her exact sentiments, as evidenced by his barely-audible chuckle and the look he gives her with hooded eyes — soft and amused and perhaps even a little bit fond, she thinks.

Rey simply stares at him, transfixed by the sight of his lips curved slightly at the corners like this, something she hasn't been privy to before with respect to Ren and suspects not many others have, either. She snaps to attention at his words, though, and hurriedly shakes her head.

"No," she replies quickly, too quickly perhaps, "I would rather you didn't leave. I think your presence helps more than it distracts." If she's to try this task again, she'd rather have him here with her than not; she tries not to look too eager at the prospect, lest he question her motives. "Let's try it again...this time I'll be prepared to keep the bolt frozen, I promise."

She tilts her face up to his eagerly as a desert flower would to rain, searching out his dark eyes with her own. He's not the only one who'd relished their momentary closeness — she thinks she'd do anything, face down blaster bolts ten times over, to have that nearness with him, again. "Will you stay?"
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i promise i'm getting you tags, see!!!

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It's completely unprofessional of him, reacting this way to their closeness, to what had happened, no matter how accidental it had been. Of course, he probably shouldn't have been training her in this manner in the first place. Ren is certain that had any stormtrooper or officer witnessed this exercise, especially had Hux seen, they would have wholeheartedly disapproved. Even Snoke would have questioned his growing bond to her already, though he did his best to keep such feelings to himself and out of his thoughts when facing the supreme leader.

But with the way they were connected through the Force, there was no holding back from her. Even if he tried, Rey was strong and she would find a way into his thoughts. She didn't invade him so cruelly as he did when interrogating captives, as he had the first time he'd interrogated her, yet she was skilled at it nonetheless. Of course now there is no time to dwell for long on such thoughts, not when she is clearly adamant on continuing, on getting this right. He admires her tenacity, though some part of him wonders if it might get her hurt again in the near future.

...and then she asked him to stay, looking at him like that, eagerly and open. Vulnerable, almost. Of course, there was a certain vulnerability to them both, what with the way they could so easily slip into each others' minds and thoughts. He knew even before he said it that there was no way he could deny her this, even if he tries fooling himself into believing its for training purposes only. Both of them are smarter than that and know enough to know it's more than just an exercise now. "Yes. I will stay."

Ren nodded back to the direction the bolts had been coming from, the program that had them coming at her. Once she was turned toward it again, he was right there behind her, his dark form a solid, steady and hopefully calming presence behind her and up against her back. But he himself couldn't help but be distracted now as well, too aware of her warmth, of just her very being there with him... of how it felt when her lips brushed against his skin, if only for such a brief moment. Still, he tried to remain detached once more, though it was easier said than done.

"You were too fast to congratulate yourself for stopping the blaster bolt the last time. You mustn't lose your concentration so easily. Were you actually out on the field, stopping the bolt alone would not be enough, and another could have come at you just as quickly, deadly this time. We'll work more on actually freezing your enemy with the Force later."

"Focus, Rey. You can do this."
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Part of her is very aware that even this, even the smallest infraction and deviation from what's procedural training behavior, is a risk.

Snoke is everywhere on this ship. Even as a holographic interface, she can sense him casting out his Force-guided net, probing both of their minds, hers and Ren's; monitoring them with detached curiosity but with a note of malevolence she can sense underneath. And she knows deep down somehow that the Supreme Leader would not approve of a developing attachment between herself and her master any more than what has taken root, simply because of the struggle that already exists within Ren — he still feels the pull to the Light.

She can sense it in him, that pull that wasn't extinguished with Han's death. Snoke can likely sense it, as well. I must be cautious.

But caution is difficult when he's assenting so readily — he can't refuse her, she realizes, with a slow dawn of understanding as she catalogs every nuance between them — and as he takes his place behind her, pressed to her back, his every point of contact against her both a soothing reassurance and a lightning rod of sensation. Rey shifts minutely into him; first at his knee, then hip, then where his heart beats in a steady drum against her. The contact radiates outward to his arm extended along hers and then he's speaking again in her ear, voice dulcet and quiet despite his stern chastisement and Rey feels her carefully constructed calm incinerating, going up in flames.

"Perhaps you should test me further," she suggests breathlessly, unable to stop the tremor in her words or the surge of anticipation that wells up inside her when she says it. "Test my focus. Distract me, if you can, with words or otherwise while I hone in on perfecting the technique." She turns her head just slightly to the right, where he tilts his chin slightly to speak so closely in her ear, and she can see him in the peripheral of one eye; dark lashes, pale skin, reddened lips.

"It will make me work harder on focusing on the blast." But now she's consumed with the thought of how he might go about it, how he might physically try to divert her attention, and a part of Rey wonders if she'll be able to freeze the bolt at all. Perversely she wants him to be as thorough as he can in his attempt, just to see if he can cause the complete loss of her composure.

...Kylo Ren may have bitten off more than he'd intended to chew, with this apprentice.
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