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Got a Knife to Your Throat

This meme could be triggery, so be warned

It's simple you see...
1 : Post as your character; include name and canon of course!
2 : Respond to other people; you are now forced to kill that person
3 : Reasons for being forced can be anything, threat, duty, whatever.
4 : How you kill them, be it knife, poison, strangulation, is up to you.
5 : Profit..?

Inspired by a plurk meme floating around.
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Sherry Birkin | Resident Evil (adult AU) | OTA

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[ Francis was laid on the ground blood gushing from his chest his eyes wide as the virus was trying to course its way through him. He had been attacked chained to the floor no less to hurt Sherry. The door opened once it was working through him his body threatening to change, his guns just out of his reach...he was trying to get them. To kill himself before he could hurt anyone.
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Of course Sherry had gotten to his place too late to save him. Though she had obeyed and gone to where they had told her to. After all they promised that when they were done Francis would be released unharmed.

She didn't fully believe them of course, but if there was a chance to get him away from them she'd take it.

"Francis?" She entered the building, unarmed like ordered, problem with a normal boyfriend when your one of 'Frankenstien's' monsters is you know the 'bad guys' will do everything to make sure you hurt. Last thing she was doing was risking the Sheena Island survivor.

Getting past the first doors, that's when she smelled it. Every instinct was telling her to run, but she moved deeper into the building. If there was a chance to rescue him she would. "Francis please, be okay..." She bit her lip opening another door, the smell stronger. "Please... don't let this strain be you."

There was only one door between them now, the doors she had gone through locking and sealing themselves trapping the two inside. She heard the clicks of the mechanisms, but it didn't really register.
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Francis was laying in the pool of his own blood as he his body was convolusing his eyes already changing as he looked at her and muttered two soft words.

"Kill... me..."

Francis was proud and had always been a fighter against umbrella having their virus inside of him turning him to something that he didn't wish to be he could not live with. He fought against the chains as the pain ravaged his body and he could feel his mind breaking down. He was injected with the very virus that destoryed his home. The last of Shenna island would die with him.
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Seeing him she went to his side, the smell was from him and she heard his words.

"I can't Francis... Please... I can't." She bit her lip staying just far enough away, not daring to get closer yet. "Don't make me kill you. I..." She shook her head, she wouldn't kill him. She'd try to figure a way out of there so he'd get the anti-virus, even if it meant she had to die."
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He looked to his chained hands reaching for her, he would have died with out the virus. He looked to her pledding in those changing eyes. "I dont...I dont want this....please." He begged as his body changed more and he twisted in pain.
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His guns were on the other side of the room. She didn't make her way to them. Moving closer she touched his hands, frowning at the shackles. "I won't be able to let you come back..." One hand reached up brushing the hair from his face. "Francis, you go, I'm - I'm going to try my best to destroy myself soon after." She pulled him close when the pain hit him. Her knife she set down within reach, just so when he was completely gone she could kill him.

The bastards who did this won't get away with it Francis... They told me to leave my weapons, but there's two Nemesis class that are trained on my scent. I don't call in to my bosses soon, they'll unleash them. If they were in this building they're dead men. She didn't speak it. Just tried to hold him still so that the pain would ease up.
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When he was pulled close he rested his aching head against her. The pain ripping through him tearing him apart from inside his body was changing fully now the green eyes looked up at her one last time. "I...I love you...." He finally said it for the first and last time without a joke following as a scream ripped through him and the last bite of the Shenna Island survivor changed into the creature made of Umbrella virus.
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Sherry held him a moment longer, her arm over his shoulder, The other, moved up to the side of his head.

She couldn't kill Francis, but the monster he had become... She'd kill him before he could hurt anyone. Steeling herself when he screamed she moved quickly, snapping his neck before kissing the side of his head. "Love you too Francis. I'll make them pay for this. I promise." She held the body, waiting to see if he'd come back, last thing she wanted was the monster the virus changed him to attacking her while she was trying to find a way out of there.