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There's a new outfit in town, and they're cleaning house.

✖ Whether you're in New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Istanbul or Melbourne-- you have now entered a world of organized crime. Pick an era, pick a rank, pick your weapon of choice and get to it.

1. You're a new soldier-- time to learn the ropes from an elder.
2. One of you screwed up big time, so it's time to call in some help from the other.
3. You don't like how the current family's being run... it's time for a coup.
4. It's time for a promotion! Are you the other person's new right hand? Or is the other person jealous that you're the boss's new right hand?
5. Your own scenario.

1. This deal just went south, so it's time to turn on each other.
2. You're being traded or just switched to the other team-- how does it feel?
3. Are you on someone else's territory? Maybe it was an accident, or maybe you need to talk.
4. You've been sent to make a deal. You need to work with a group you hate to get something done.
5. Your own scenario.

1. You're supposed to keep your lips shut but you need to tell someone-- a best friend, a parent, just someone you shouldn't involve.
2. You thought this warehouse was deserted, but it looks like a civilian just caught you in the act!
3. It's time to do some recruiting, and you hear this other character's good at keeping secrets.
4. Someone's really mad at you, and it's nothing personal that the other character has to beat you up-- they're just orders.
5. Your own scenario.

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