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1. I tried to get more sleep but the universe decided I needed a drunken ex-stormtrooper and pilot instead

2. Yes but I said "let's get a droid" not a drunk human so some rules will be established this evening

3. I forgot a bra so I just used seran wrap. The scary thing is, it worked.

4. [text her]
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There's a random stranger dry-heaving on my door. If he's a friend of yours, please retrieve him.
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...What does he look like? He might not be someone I know...
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Tall, dark and clearly regretting his life-choices. There's a droid with him, if that helps?

[ Now, if you could just come and get him before he has a momentary lapse of composure and does something everyone, himself largely included, regrets, that'd be great. ]
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...Oh. I actually do know him, then. It's Poe. Um... BB-8 will get him moving in a minute, I'll just send a message to him. Sorry about that.
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Poe. Best pilot in the Resistance Poe?

[ His tone's undecipherable over text, of course, so it could just as easily be intrigue or skepticism. ]

Good to see some things never change.
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Well, we don't use that title all the time, but yes, that's the Poe in question...
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[ He's giving serious consideration to keeping both Poe, and the droid now - mostly the droid, he's not had a chance to get a good look at the newer units yet and this one in particular reminds him of R2 in a way that's comforting. ]

Change of plans. Think you can swing by medical and pick up some of those anti-hangover drugs they like to pretend they don't have?
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Probably but... Wait, you're not planning on keeping Poe, are you? We do sort of need him!
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Just for a little while. It's not like I'm stealing away to the Outer Rims with him, though if he's anything like what you've told me, he'd probably be open to it.
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Please don't even suggest it to him. He'll agree then deliberately fly you past Kylo Ren to rub it in his face
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Oh I don't know. I've been dreaming about crushing that mask with my bare hands for the better part of the last twenty years. I think it'd be a shame to pass up such a golden opportunity, don't you?

[ Worst grandfather ever. ]
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I don't even like thinking about the fact that he somehow got that mask from a burnt out funeral pyre. Let's not consider any further.
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It was probably Luke. He was always the sentimental one. Gets it from his -- from his mother.
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I'm sure she was wonderful

[It seems like the right thing to be saying
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You're a lot like her. And a lot like me.

The, uh...better parts. Of us both.
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Um, thank you? I mean, yes, thank you. It's... it's nice to hear.

[It's still odd, hearing that she has qualities like her family's. It's odd to think her family are capable of contacting her]
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[ Actually, she reminds him a little of his mother too but that's just... not something he's even sure how to begin to articulate. Half a century later and just the thought of Shmi is enough to make his chest feel tight. ]

I'm sure she'd have had a thing or two to say about them leaving you on Jakku. That place makes Tatooine look like Kruat by comparison.
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If I start speaking about it, I won't stop the ranting. It's... the only good thing I have to say about it is that I was able to leave.
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And then there's the sand.
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Sand is the most evil substance in the galaxy.
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That sounds unsafe. You should probably get a bra on as soon as possible.
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I didn't have much of a choice, but I did get one on