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The Etiquette Meme

No schlumping, slouching, slurping, or sassing--manners matter! Now, of course, not everyone was brought up with all the same expectations or types of social engagements, so whether invited to a ball, a fancy dinner party, or a formal duel, it’s best to know the rules of the game so as not to lose before you start. And yes, all of those forks have a specific function.

Are your manners impeccable and you are choosing to pass down to knowledge to someone in need whether it kills them or not, or do you prefer to observe the untrained creatures in their natural state? Are you grateful for some guidance in this crazy world of fifteen forks, ten unintentional left-handed insults, eight handshakes, and five ways to say you need to use the restroom, or are you fighting this nonsense every step of the way? Or are you both well-mannered, sophisticated bastions of gentility and there can only be one?

Whether you’re teaching beforehand, or it’s sink-or-swim within the situation itself, all eyes will be on you. Hang on to those handkerchiefs and ready the boutineers--we’re going formal.

- Post with your character and their canon, as well as what role you’d prefer [Teacher/Student].
- Specify preferences, if any. (ex. cast only, shipping/not, etc.)
- Tag others damnit.


Balls / Dancing: There is a dance party coming up, and it would be unacceptable to be a wallflower. Court dance? Classic cotillion? Debutante ball? Better be sure you know all the latest moves and don’t have two left feet.

Dinner / Eating: Eating seems like such a simple thing, and then you realize there are so many ways you can do this wrong. Not sure where to even start on a 22-course molecular gastronomy meal? Pretty sure all those spoons will do the same thing? Are people messing with you when they say to eat that will your hands? Better learn, or you’re going to be hungry and embarrassed.

Duels / Rules of Engagement: A fight has been arranged, and of course there are rules to these things. How many paces must you walk? What spells are not acceptable? Do you even know how to hold a sword? Let’s hope you can learn before you might die.

Outings / Courtship: If someone is going to be taken to a fine establishment they had better know how they are expected to behave. Is it okay to yell during a horse race? When is it appropriate to clap during the ballet or an opera? How much are you expected to bring in tip money? And if you have to ask how much it is, you probably can’t afford it.

Politics / Cultural Differences: You’re going international, and it just quite possible everything you know about not offending someone is wrong. What is the correct angle for a bow? Are there any gifts that could come off as insulting to the recipient’s mother? Can you even speak first in this situation? Avoid international incident at all cost or don’t.

Attire / Getting Dressed: Depending on where you’re going, they might not even let you through the door if you’re not dressed for the occasion. Can you get away with “dressing up” a pair of jeans? Can you walk or breathe adequately in that gown? Are you so blindly aware of what a mistake it is that you’ve picked something out in last season’s colors? First impressions are important, darling, so dress for it.

Parties / NIGHTMARE MODE: Parties are a culmination of all the possible ways in which you can either charm the masses or mess things up so horribly that you might actually have to change your name. Possibly your country of residence, depending. Good luck and godspeed.

Twilight Zone / Manners Reversal: Bringing someone with excellent manners and formal modes of behavior into a more casual or blue-collar situation can yield hilarious results. They will probably not thank you for it, though.

Wildcard: Literally any other fancy situation, these suggestions were just if you had no clue where to start~!
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Agatha | The School for Good and Evil

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[Student. Oh god, so much a student. Soon-to-be Queen of Camelot here, people! She needs all the help she can get!]
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Mirana, The White Queen | Alice in Wonderland

[personal profile] mirana_marmoreal 2016-01-19 02:22 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Nightmare Mode, then? :) ]
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[personal profile] areaderprincess 2016-01-19 03:30 pm (UTC)(link)
[[Yes please :)]]
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[ She enters as if floating, both in body and expression, though the delicate click of heals is unmistakable, so she is most certainly on the ground, and she looks as though nothing in the world makes her happier than being here.]

Princess Agatha, good morning~ I do hope you've not been waiting long?
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[Princess... That's still a title Agatha is getting used to being called. She starts, and turns. It takes a second for her to remember to curtsy, and she manages one that isn't too terrible]

Not at all, Queen Mirana. I, um, thank you for seeing me on such short notice.
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[personal profile] mirana_marmoreal 2016-01-19 05:46 pm (UTC)(link)
You're most welcome, my dear--I was delighted to receive the invitation.

[ The curtsy isn't that bad at all, really, and though there's always room for improvement at least it's not ground up, and she certainly seems willing to learn. ]

It has been some time since my own lessons in royal behaviors, but I shall do my utmost to be of some help. Now come, let us get a look at you--spin around a couple of times, and then tell me what exactly you and your advisers had in mind for our time together~
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[Spin around? Agatha does so, cautiously and a bit clumsily because she's never been all that good at grace]

Well, Tedros' coronation is soon, and then they plan for us to be... m-married not long after that. The, uh, the advisers are concerned I'm a little too... rough round the edges.
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Married! How wonderful, congratulations! And yes, a coronation is a special event, not to mention a wedding...

[ Well. Dismal color scheme, but there were worse things, a little practice with grace, poise, and posture would be needed. Likely sitting, speaking, goodness, so much to do.]

We're going to need some tea.

[She goes to the door and has a word with someone just outside it, thanking them and then returning.]

Now, Agatha--what sort of queen is it that you wish to be?
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T-thank you.

[Yeah, married... She loves Tedros, she does, the stupid idiot that he can be. But marriage feels... like something way bigger than either of them can deal with right now.]

[As for the question, 'no sort' is her inital answer, but she knows better than that now. Agatha breathes deeply]

I would like to be the type of person who people know they can trust. I would like it if the people of Camelot could turn and see me, Agatha the person. Someone who has had to learn life the same way they're learning it, and someone who - if she can - will help them out in any way she can.
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So you wish to be... approachable. Kind.

[ She can sympathize with that desire, she really can. In fact she approves of it a great deal more than many other answers she could have been given. But there's a flicker in Mirana's smile and something odd in her eyes.]

There will be dangers in that. But! For the time being we shall tackle the more manageable dangers of court~ Please, sit.

[ She waits for the other woman to be seated before she takes a chair herself, sitting with her ankles crossed, her back straight, and expression serene. }
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[Agatha considers for a moment]

Kind might not be the right word. Approachable yes, but I think I'd prefer to be considered capable of doing the job than to be called kind. Being liked is important, but if it was going to happen, I'd rather it was because I was able to do things that were needed than because I was nice.

[She shrugs as she finishes, slumping in the chair at first before remembering the little etiquette she already knows, and pulling herself into a more correct position.]