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[ .. real smooth, dean. thankfully, castiel doesn't really appreciate your smoothness anyway, because he's a damned mess, but as far as he's concerned honesty is the best policy anyway.

still, he doesn't. really have an answer. he clears his throat and swallows thick and dry and tries (and fails) not to look like a deer in the headlights. ]

I am.. not the best angel to ask, you realize. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly an accurate representation of my kind. I hadn't planned to do anything about it at all.
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[He's seen that look a few times, but right now its really the first time it's made him smile. Cas is kind of cute when he's flustered. Add to it that he's flustered about him and it almost becomes adorable. Not that he would say that with any speck of sincerity. Ever.]

Yeah, I kinda noticed. If you don't remember, you're one of the winged dickheads that I do like. [But that bit really doesn't sit with him well and he arches a brow, hand raising to wag at Cas before he rubs his chin with it instead as he thinks better about the lecture he was about to start.] When has doing nothing ever worked out for us, Cas?

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