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James Madison | Hamilton

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1. Tell me again why we had to Facebook stalk your therapist?

2. Made it home safely. But a fire started so I'm at the hospital now.

3. There was this blissful moment of peace and quiet... then you ran past our window with a lit firecracker in hand going, "SHIT. SHIT. SHIT!"

4. I want to take a nap. For the next five years. I think I might be coming down with something.

5. All I said was it's not sanitary. I thought that was pretty generous considering the circumstances.

Text him.
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I'm missing pieces of crucial information here.
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I wasn't burned, just breathed in some smoke. I'm assured that I'll be fine.

[ ... but they want to monitor him for a while anyway, because his lungs. ]
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a) ????
b) but what happened
c) are you fine now?
d) ?????
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b) A neighbor apparently left their stove on and left the apartment empty. It spread a little too fast, but the casualties are all alive. Property damage... they're working on that.
c) Does 'angry, and on a respirator' count as fine? I do have my phone and laptop.

[ Good luck getting him to admit he's not feeling too well. Like, that's his usual state more than half the time, why even bother talking about it? ]
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[continued here]
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[ That 'verse in which they're the only two sane men. ]

What did he do this time.
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[ You say that like they're not the only two sane men in any 'verse. ]

Too much alcohol, the logical aftermath, and he just wants to go back to drinking more.

[ ... he could at least brush his teeth after throwing up. ]
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[ That particular 'verse in which their sanity is tried more than most??? ]<>/small>

I'd like to say that I'm sorry if what Alexander said anything to cause that, but I'm not. Alexander's heading for whiskey now too, apparently.

Anyway: the alcohol would've killed any bacteria from the throwing up, so you just have to worry about the wear on his teeth. Poor consolation, but all I have at the moment.
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[ Right. That one. ]

Some days, I'm not sure if Hamilton aggravates him, or he uses Hamilton to vent out. I *am* pretty sure neither of these is a good thing.

And that is ridiculous. I would not recommend trying it.

[ There's not enough alcohol and way too much sugar in most spirits for that to work.

Also a part of Madison is wondering things that he's not sharing with Burr, and the idea of maybe that happening again with an undertaste of vomit is not appealing.
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Neither of them are good, no. [ He thinks about offering his opinion that it seems to be the latter most of the time, but. Talking about Jefferson with Madison, and coming to conclusions about the former? Never a good idea.

See, Madison's protectiveness over a man who seems invulnerable is part of what gives him away. ]

In my defense, it was a opinion shared by soldiers. Those are usually ridiculous. [ Long. Pause. ]

Is he still drinking?
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[ Madison has realized that, yes. That is one of the reason he tries to stop Jefferson, sometimes, because nobody, not even Hamilton, gets to be a punching bag for somebody else. Not even verbal punching bag.

Never mind that half the time these days, it seems, the reason why Jefferson needs an outlet is Madison himself, or rather what is - almost- between them.

At least rinsing your mouth out is better. I guarantee it.

Yes, he is. Though not as fast as sometimes, which I think means I can try to ease him out of it soon. Thank you for the concern.
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[ See, this is part of what Aaron doesn't get: sometimes Jefferson honest-to-goodness disgusts him; when the sight of the man himself makes bile choke him into silence, and he's left gagging and wondering how the hell Alexander manages to even formulate arguments about the man. And then there's Madison, practically attached to the man by the hip, and yet more principled, more decent. Aaron gets the reasons why for both, but...

Look, just because he understands doesn't mean he empathises, much less agrees. Putting on another man's shoes does not mean not acknowledging that they fucking pinch. There's a difference. There has always been a difference. ]

I'll defer to your expertise on that. [ This is Madison. If there's a reason why they get along, a reason why they can even speak like this and have Madison listen to him and text him about Jefferson, it is that Madison grasps his sense of humour. Grasps him, really, in a way that's purely intellectual.

It's refreshing. ]

You don't have to thank me; it's self-preservation. I'd rather not have priceless books flung to my head due to his hangover.

[ Then, a couple of minutes later, more tentatively: ]

Remember to get some sleep too.
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[ Aaron, like most of the world they're moving in, has mostly known Jefferson... recently. Not that the man was perfect before his loss, but the loss did shatter him so completely that Jefferson no longer cares about so much of the opinion of the world. (What has the world done for him, anyway, other than fail to let him keep the most precious thing in his life?) Which is how Jefferson seems invulnerable. It is how he ends up, in eight cases out of ten, disgusting.

Madison was close by before that, though. He was by his side during the horrible realization of his loss. And he's by his side after it. Protective, because what looks invulnerable is truly so, so fragile...

And nobody's business.

So Madison will just do what he does.

For the record, when I know it'll be bad, the actual first editions get locked away. But I still keep books in his arm's reach because they're less hefty than, say, paperweights, staplers, and so on. And I think you're currently out of danger. For the most part.

I will.

You know I wouldn't have texted you so late if I didn't know you're in a different time zone, right?
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[ Aaron hasn't witnessed that, no. He heard some things about how Jefferson was back in college, of course; read his article and saw the brief mention of his deceased wife. But bits and pieces will never complete a picture, and so he's left only with what he has: frustration at the empty spaces, and an understanding to not pry.

He shoves the thoughts away, focusing on what is actually said. And he snorts. ]

Thanks. More for the books than myself, though: I'm actually pretty good at dodging things. Comes from the army.

You can text me any time. I do mean that.
[ And he does. Part of that is because he needs Madison's trust in order for his gamble to work. But most of it is because he actually does like the guy. ] But I appreciate the consideration, nonetheless.
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[ Madison takes a moment before replying. ]

Thank you. That goes for you, too.

[ ... and he's pretty sure that if there is one person he doesn't need to explain to how 'if I don't reply immediately, that doesn't mean it won't get read' is valid, that is Aaron Burr.

A lot of people underappreciate Burr. A lot of people underestimate him, but, oh, why would Madison do that?
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[ Oh, Aaron knows. Madison has his own obligations, after all, and most of it is wrapped up in a man who dresses in magenta velvet and still somehow manages to pull it off. Just as Aaron has his own obligations.

He wonders if Madison understands that their obligations are terribly similar, both in the men themselves and the threads that bind them to said men. But then... then, this is Madison - if there's anything Aaron knows, it is that Madison makes no effort to blind himself.

Just as Madison doesn't underestimate him, Aaron doesn't underestimate Madison either. The most crucial point of making this gamble of his work is and has never been Jefferson.

As the rumours in Washington goes: if you get Madison by your side, you get Jefferson. And thus the majority of the Republican Party. ]

Alexander tends to be a lot less self-damaging when it comes to venting his frustrations. His addiction primarily is work. [ Oh, he knows what he's implying here, alright. ]

I'll see you when I get back.
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[ ... the first text makes him smile, just a little. ]

That is something I remember, yes. Even thinking about keeping up with him is exhausting.

[ Although, unlike Jefferson when he is in a mood, Madison actually does read whatever Hamilton publishes. He just keeps his thoughts on most of it private. ]

Safe travel back.
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The secret to it? Don't try. That path leads only to crippling inadequacy issues.

[ He's settled enough into what he has with Alexander to know that there's no need to compete between them when it comes to productivity. Aaron's path is different; all he wishes is that it continues to join with Alexander's. ]

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[ It's not even about competition. Though Madison is a little amused. ]

That only works until you are involved in a project with him with results that will be available publicly. His drive to get everything done is ... infectious.
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Does he lean over your shoulder to try to correct what you write?

[ Because Alexander does that. ]
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Not all the time. He was rather busy writing, himself.

[ But it did happen. ]
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To steal a phrase from yours: 'My God.'

[ 'Yours'. Yes. He's implying exactly what Madison thinks he's implying. Especially since Alexander is his legally-wedded (no matter how drunk) husband while Jefferson is Madison's... something.

Is Aaron showing his cards? Maybe. Just a slip of it through his sleeves. ]
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[ Okay, that takes. A bit of time before it gets answered. ]

That assumption is at best premature.
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[ He'd be surprised if Madison replied quickly, given the bombshell he dropped. But he is surprised at the mildness of the response.

Then again, there's good reason that he's not approaching Jefferson with this. ]

Perhaps not officially, but.

You know my eyes.

[ i.e. Madison knows that one of Aaron's greatest strength is in his perception; that that is one of the reasons why Jefferson even decided to support him in the first place. Because Aaron always knows what people want.

He hasn't planned to do this via text messages. But he's not one to allow opportunities to slip away either. ]

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