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Poe Dameron - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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1) Me: 10% human, 90% poor drunken life choices.

2) i understand why you think this is a bad idea but its happening so buckle up

3) Dating is not our generation's strong point. We're an era that's good at getting laid.

4) send one!
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Oh, I'm coming with you. I just wanted it on record that I thought it was a bad idea when the General starts asking questions
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Understandable. Not quite 'plausible deniability' but close enough.
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Plausible deniability wouldn't work. Finn and I spend too much time hanging around you for it to be even considered
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I'd apologize... but I see no need.
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All the pilots have bad habits, if it's not you leading me astray, it's Jess. Honestly, what's a jedi in training meant t do?
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Learn bad habits. Obviously.
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It does seem to be the logical conclusion
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That a good thing or a bad thing?

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I have not decided yet.
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Well kept secret, I know.
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And to think you're the best they have.
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Never anything but sober in a ship.
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That ten percent is oddly focussed.
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[There's a small measure of unease at finding something they have in common.]

I suppose it must.
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[Ignoring that, yep. There is nothing in common.]

Gotta do my job.
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Is that all it is to you, a job?
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1 - in which, she's totally his handler, y/n? idk.

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It's only been seven hours since last I left you. *Now* what did you do?
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Me: 100% Jedi, 100% dumb enough to fall in love with a Sith girl.