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This one's for you!

Some people might call it the witching hour, but here at WMBS we like to think of it as Shout-Out O'Clock. For the next hour we'll be playing nothing but your musical dedications. Is there a special someone out there that you haven't told how you feel? Now's the chance -- call on in and request that perfect song that'll let them know you're grooving on them. Angry at someone and can't find the right words to express it? We can help you out. Do you and your bestie have an anthem that you just can't get enough of? Neither can we, and we've got it at the touch of a button. Ever thought up the perfect theme song for one of your buddies or coworkers but never got around to telling them about it? We'll tell them for you! Here at WMBS we aim to please -- and we do it commercial free.

1) Tag in with your muse and fandom and any other pertinent information you usually post.
2) Other people will reply with songs that make them think of your muse. (ETA: From a heads up, links are awesome, but if you can throw in the song title/artist in text somewhere for those with slow connections or on phones, that'd be sweet.)
3) Reply to them at will with your reaction to their dedications, or a return dedication of your own. Stereo Wars is never a bad time.
4) Poke around and see if there's else anyone up in here who you've got a song dedication for.
5) Remember that IC snarkery is fair game, but OOC drama is totally not.
6) If you post a link to a song on youtube, soundcloud, mediafire, or what have you, PLEASE NOTE CLEARLY IN YOUR TAG if the link is to something NSFW. If you're not sure, err with caution. It'd suck to get fired over some booty-shaking dedications.
7) Have funzies.

Stolen from Memebells @ LJ
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Loki Laufeyson ☣ Norse Mythology

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Really? Brittany I am ashamed. Of course you realize I care not about the genders spoke in songs.
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The song was made for you and of course, as long as it has a pulse you will sleep with it.

This song is for you as well.
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Yes because you're like that, meanwhile I'm just a fighter.
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I do, and no matter how much we fight we make sense.
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