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Anakin Skywalker: Human Disaster | The War in Our Stars

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1. I was blessed with fireball shots by some guy at the bar. I'm practically a god now.

2. If my emotions are below a 3 or above a 7, I'm crying

3. Like, I don't care that he's a drug dealer, but I have a problem with his inefficient and ineffective business model.

4. [Text this loser, but why would you want to?]
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Not even surprised.
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excuse you what is this lacking respect for your elders, son?

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Meaning what?

[Everyone else seems to be, for some reason.]
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he's cursed with ren there's no respect here wow

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Meaning that I am not at all surprised to hear it. That is what I wrote.

[ooc: are you okay with tfa spoilers?]
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look we started an empire here before it was cool???

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I'm not illiterate, or stupid. That loaded statement is about as subtle as a lightsaber to the chest.

[spoil away, I am here for you, friend :)]

look how well that ended.

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it has it's ups and downs.

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You should, that's just wrong.
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His mistakes are his own. Now when he tries to shove them on me, then we have a problem.
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SLoppy business practice like that is bad for everyone
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Wait, I thought that was the being conceived by the Force that did that...?
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Fine. Further proves the point.
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I... I don't know if I should be encouraging this line of thought or not... But technically there's logic in what you say?
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There's nothing wrong with encouragement. It fosters positive emotional growth.

[Yeah, Anakin, in people not "blessed" with an overabundance of emotion.]

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And where on the scale are your emotions right now, Ani?
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Probably a high five. Nothing to worry about.
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<3~ :D

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You know I always worry about you... I'm glad everything's okay for the moment.
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I know you do. Too much, it's not good for you.

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3 i'll hit you with droidbb later

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last I checked, there are other drug dealers hanging around.

also, who is this?
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That doesn't make his approach any less offensive.

And that depends.
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if you're so offended, go find another one.

on what? it's too early in the morning for mystery.
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I don't WANT ONE at all.

On you. And if this goes anywhere when we're done.
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[There's a series of beeps that come in after that--BB-8's not about to try texting, they haven't got the fingers--and, translated, they're something along the lines of what the fuck and why and let's see how godly you feel in the morning, buddy.

Okay, truthfully the closer translation is longer, but that's the gist of it.]
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[Luckily, Anakin is fairly fluent in droid. Always has been. The specifics aren't so important when tone implies plenty. At least he hasn't hit the hangover part of the beeping feeling like it's about to tear his skull in half.

See? Blessed.]

Thanks for the concern.

[Which he doesn't buy for a single second.]

I feel just fine now.
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[They're concerned! They're very concerned.

...okay, they aren't, they're mostly annoyed and maybe just enough of a little shit to beep back their response--anytime, being Concerned about humans getting in trouble because of alcohol-impaired decision-making skills is a specialty of theirs, since it happens to their master and his friends so often. (By concerned, we mean they think it's hilarious.)

The next message can be translated as thus: we'll see about that.]
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You're just jealous you're missing out.