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1. I find it very uncomfortable that I need to ask you to stop sending me pictures of your stomach

2. i just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled "dibs!"...

3. Tickle wars 95% of the time end in sex.

4. text her
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[Wait, no, you do not call 'dibs' on her possible probable grandmother!]

Do you need a hand? I'm good with a staff.

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[Best overprotective granddaughter??? Maybe??]

I'm sure their bark is worse than their bite... Though it would be interesting to see.
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[M'sure grandson would be overprotective too, if he thought Vader would be]

Seriously, you ever want the hand, you just say the word and whoom. Staff does down on the annoying person, promise
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[Which... he was. So. He should get started on that.]

That will be kept in mind- though I think it's a little too stern for a delegate's party.

Then again, the comment itself was inappropriate as well.
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[Well, someone send him the message]

Inappropriate comments deserve an inappropriate punishmental response?
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[Tell force ghost Anakin to.]

It only makes sense. Though, I don't know which one was responsible for it.
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[She's not met force ghost Anakin.]

Got it! We ask Chewbacca to make vaguely threats and see who looks most nervous?
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[Neither has she, really.]

An excellent plan.
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[He is a bad ghost husband]

I'm sure he'd help. He doesn't seem to like people being rude
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Senator, wouldn't you agree that the Jedi Code could use some amending?
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I'm afraid that isn't my place to say, despite any personal feelings.