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Wed and Bed

Wedding & Bedding

The proper rituals have been followed, and all the planning for your wedding has been done...whether you planned it or it was all arranged for you, right down to who you'd marry. Still, regardless of the circumstances of your nuptials, there are usually certain expectations and traditions to be held on the night of your wedding: namely, the consummation of your wedding. Is sharing a bed on the first night merely a suggestion, or for you two is it requirement?

  • Character, info, prefs, etc.
  • This can be a shipping, smut, or character development meme. Just mention what you will play, whether you want to play smut or fade to black, or even if you want nothing romantic at all.
  • Reply to others and thread.

Arranged → Everyone knows what's best for you, and you have a duty to fulfill.
For Love → Lucky you.

As Planned → Whether you're going through the motions, awkwardly learning together what to do, or finally getting your hands on who you've been pining for, you're getting down to business.
Unplanned → Everything that can go wrong does. You just can't or won't do what you know you should. Neither of you want to do the wedding night blueprint, so you decide to play cards instead. Maybe you just cuddle. It's up in the air!