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hurt/comfort meme

the hurt/comfort meme

Hurt/Comfort - Hurt/comfort is a fan fiction genre that involves the physical pain or emotional distress of one character, who is cared for by another character. The injury, sickness or other kind of hurt allows an exploration of the characters and their relationship.

- Post with Character Name | Series in the subject.
- Others respond.
- Roll 1-10 at RNG for a scene, play it out and have fun!

1. INJURY. You've been injured. Broken bones or bleeding out or maybe just a tiny little papercut. The choice is yours.
2. SICKNESS. You're sick and laid up in bed, at home or in a hospital. The severity is up to you.
3. FEAR/ANXIETY. Something is happening and you're scared beyond belief.
4. LOSS OF SENSES. Sight, touch, taste, hearing, smell, etc. You've lost some important sense or ability and now you're left to deal with it.
5. DESPAIR. Nothing is good or right anymore and you can't shake the depression. Maybe that friend of yours can help though...
6. BREAKUP. You've been dumped. You need someone to comfort you, possibly by the one who dumped you.
7. MAKE UP. Fight or break up, it's time to makeup.
8. RESCUED. You've just been held captive and/or tortured for however long and finally, someone has come to the rescue.
9. BAD ROMANCE. Fight, cheated on, abused, whatever the case is, someone else can clearly see you need comfort from someone who isn't your terrible lover tonight.
10. LOSS. You've experience a loss of some kind and need help getting through it.
11. INSANITY. You're seeing things that aren't really there, hearing voices, or you're just convinced you're at your wit's end finally and you're going to crack. Maybe someone can give you a helping hand.
12. TIRED. You've had a heard life recently and you're just worn too thin to really care anymore. There's no fight left in you anymore. Can someone help change your mind?
13. ADDICTION. Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or any other type of addiction has got you in its grasp. First time or relapse. Will someone be able to save you?
14. INSOMNIA. You can't sleep anymore, no matter how hard you try. Maybe someone can give you company.
15. NIGHTMARES. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you can't sleep without gruesome, horrible nightmares. Either someone is stuck in your dream with you, witnessing it or they're just waking you up, soothing you out of it.
16. BLACKMAIL. You've been caught doing something you shouldn't and you were blackmailed because of it
17. SEPARATION. You're going to be separated for awhile or were separated for a long time. Either make up for lost time or try to spend every last moment together.
18. VIOLATED. You've been violated in some way. Can include sexual overtones or not. Can someone help you through it?
19. STRANDED. You've been stranded somewhere remote, with no help of anyone finding you for awhile. Can you survive this together?
20. SINS. You're feeling the weight of your sins and guilt clearer than ever. Can someone give you absolution or lessen the ache any?
21. SECRET. It's difficult having to keep that secret of yours, be it a relationship or something you just don't want to share with anybody else. Maybe it's okay to talk about it now though...
22. ADDITION. Babies should be joyous things unless you're in a situation where you know you won't be able to care for them. Either you've adopted or found out you're pregnant.

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Rey | Star Wars

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Would you like to play out 19/1, with them having to comfort each other?

[personal profile] doingwhatiwant 2016-01-05 06:53 pm (UTC)(link)
The First Order's super-weapon had been disabled, but it left the planet incredibly unstable. The giant crevice that split their battlefield didn't separate them. It consumed them.

Kylo Ren felt the searing heat of the lightsaber against his cheek as he fell back into the snow. Before he could force his dazed and wounded body to sit back up, the ground sunk beneath them. Everything went from white to black in a matter of moments. He heard her scream and his own voice wasn't far behind. Until the ground met his body with a sickening crack that silenced all of that.
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That would work very well. and SPOILERS for anyone reading the thread. SPOILERS.

[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-05 07:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Rey could almost breathe a sigh of relief when the super-weapon was disable. Almost, because she was still filled with rage, all directed at the man before her, the man who hide his real face behind a mask to disguise what a monster really was.

But as the planet broke apart, Rey wasn't separated from Kylo Ren, she was separated from Finn. From her chance of getting back to the Falcon. They fell together and she couldn't help the scream that escaped her mouth, the sheer fear and anger winning out against the calm she had managed to work herself into.

The crack didn't help, and she found herself looking around blindly, trying to work out where it had come from, but really only finding herself dealing with the cold. It was too cold for her, far too cold.

"Who's there?" Rey called. "Finn? Chewbacca? Anyone!" It was more hopeful than it should have been, but hope was the one thing that Jakku hadn't taken from her.
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[personal profile] doingwhatiwant 2016-01-06 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
Sharp, searing pain shot through kylo Ren's body, the first indication that he was still alive. Pain was a gateway to the dark side, a force to channel and harness. But Ren couldn't focus, couldn't concentrate, couldn't move.

The planet was still unstable. But in that rocky, frigid darkness, time stood still.

It took a considerable amount of effort to answer his enemy's plea. "It's just... It's just the two of us..."

He was close enough that Rey could hear his breath hitch. The weak, thready voice and pained gasps suggested that the cracking sound came from a landing gone wrong. Something was broken. There was no mistaking it.
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The one voice in the galaxy Rey really didn't want to hear, and it just happened to be the one informing her that it was only herself and them stuck here. Fantastic, exactly what she needed in her day. She resisted the groan she wanted to give, because Kylo Ren would take anything as a sign of weakness, and she wasn't in the mood for giving him that.

Except, well, he didn't sound so good. Actually, he sounded really not good, and Rey couldn't help but feel - and she'd swear against this - concerned for someone who didn't deserve it.

"Are," she started, her voice stopped on her. She grunted, and forced herself to continue. Ass or not, something didn't sound right. "Are you okay?"
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He managed a raw, guttural laugh, or at least part of one.

Was he okay? Half of his body throbbed while the other half felt like it wasn't even there. The only reason he knew he hadn't been torn in two was the fresh blood still dripping from the bowcaster wound. For a moment, the laugh might actually have been genuine. Darth Vader was more machine than man, and the agony he suffered only fueled the darkness within him. This put Ren one step closer to perfection... Unless he died here.

Without her help, and he would never admit that, he probably would die here.

Kylo Ren grimaced as he lifted an arm, reaching out toward Rey with the force. In that instant, she would have all the answers she didn't really want. She would know his pain.
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Through the Force, Rey felt his pain, alright, and she feel to the ground, retching with it all. Her vision swam and it felt as though if she tried to stand, she would collapse on the ground just from the thought of it. Trying to speak wasn't any better, but she forced out words.

"If... if you don't stop," her breathing was heavy, "I can't help."
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His initial aim was to pull her toward him, but clearly that wasn't working. The strength of her force perception was as impressive as it was in the interrogation chair. And his grip, unfortunately, was overbearing at best. There is raw power in pain, but there is no control.

"As if you would." Ren hissed as he let his hand fall into the snow.
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Rey looked up as he let go, feeling the pain ease off. She still felt horrible, but she had to assume that was only a fraction of what he was actually feeling. As tempting as it was to just leave him to suffer - and she couldn't begin to describe how tempting it was - something was stopping her from doing it.

"I'm not you," she hissed back, slowly making her way over to him, Rey knelt at Kylo Ren's side, and looked over him cautiously. "W... What happened? This is more than just the work of a lightsaber..."
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He heard the sound of a lightsaber ignite. He was about to question that assertion until it was thrust hilt-first into the snow - a light source in the darkness. Poetic. Ironic.

But it gave them both the ability to see the mess they'd fallen into.

He turned his head toward her, to better judge how she fared. Did he dare admit the state he was in, to her of all people?

"Landed... wrong..."

It was the understatement of the battle, but it was the cause of the most recent injuries. Chewbacca's bowcaster could be blamed for the hole still bleeding out his side. In his current condition, he nearly forgot it was there.

"...Not sure what's... broken. Shoulder... I think." one arm had yet to move. He managed a very hesitant breath before adding, "...and back."
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"You've broken your back" Rey stated, repeating the words, looking at just how still Kylo Ren was lying. She related that to the pain he had passed through her thanks to the Force. She'd had broken bones before, she knew how painful it could get, and she could only imagine that the pain of a broken arm was nothing compared to the pain of a broken back. She looked around them, breathe misting in the air before her.

"We're too far down for me to try climbing up," she said. There was a moment of silence. Rey was quietly trying to get herself to her feet and found the attempt making her feel sick. "I don't think I can," was her eventual admittance. "And this cold... we need to get out, some... somehow," she spoke mostly to herself, looking around and desperate.

Desperate. Well, it was that situation, even if she knew what would happen.

"Hey! Hey!" Rey leaned over him, practically yelling in his face. "I need you aware. Is there anything on you that would contact the people who work for you? I can't get you out of here, but they might be able to." She rubbed at her arms as she spoke, trying to rub heat into herself. "You can't stay here, not in this cold."
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Perhaps neither of them had landed all that well.

He didn't even realize his eyes had drooped closed until her voice jolted him awake. He hissed at the sharp breath that followed, gritting his teeth and seething. She was right about one thing - they couldn't stay here. The cold would be the death of a desert girl. For Ren it was more difficult to say. His injuries may do him in before he froze, if he was lucky.

"Comlink..." He groaned, fumbling weakly with the one good hand he had left. It was on his belt, behind his lightsaber clip.

Or, at least it was.

" No, no..." He groaned, managing to drop several pieces of the broken instrument in front of Rey. There were probably a few small parts left on his other side, or even underneath him, given the impact. "...damn it."
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Not for the first time since she'd met him, Rey wanted to hit Kylo Ren. This time, however, it was purely to keep him awake. If he feel asleep, that was not going to do either of them any good, and she could feel the frostbite in her fingers - didn't frostbite take longer to settle in?!

"Okay, comlink, I can work with that," she stuttered out, still rubbing at her arms to warm herself. She'd never felt so cold before, and it made her feel worse than she already did. When the broken pieces of instrument fell in front of her, she picked them up, inspecting.

"I... I think it's just the casing," she said, her voice more hopeful than she felt. "I think I can get it working again, it's just been ... it's took the impact but I don't..." she shuddered violently, and didn't bother finished the sentence, instead trying desperately to fix the pieces back together somehow. A little rewiring would help, and it would be difficult without her kit, but she could do it.

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Ren wasn't as skilled as his father at tinkering around with things, but he managed a functioning lightsaber with a cracked crystal. Given enough time and parts, he could have gotten that comlink fixed. But time? Parts? Those, he didn't have. He couldn't even sit up enough to watch what Rey was doing.

Both of their lives were in her hands, and those hands had to be stiff with cold. As she shivered, his hand moved in a very familiar gesture. But for the first time, there wasn't any skull-crushing pain associated with it. Instead, there was just a simple order.

"Gloves. Take... take my gloves." He grunted. "You have to... get it working..."
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Rey blew on her fingers, trying to get some heat into them as she worked on the wiring. They were thin things, trying to reconnect them was not as easy as it should have been, and the weather wasn't helping a single bit.

"I can't," she said, swallowing and shivering. "Wires are too thin, need my fingers free to grab at them." She shivered again, and forced herself to work on fixing the comlink. If she got it working, they had a chance. There wasn't really wasn't a choice in this.
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Ren groaned as he let his hand drop into the snow.

He wasn't sure why he felt a twinge of disappointment in her refusal. It wasn't like he cared about her well-being in the slightest. When she got the comlink working, he'd signal for his men, and they'd take her prisoner again when they came for him. She was merely a tool for his survival, nothing more.

But she was cold and injured. They were both cold and injured. The ground rumbled underneath them, rattling broken bones and damaged nerves. Ren bit his lip to avoid screaming until the small quake passed.

There was no telling when one of those would cause the whole ravine to collapse on top of them.

"You ruined... my lightsaber..." He stuttered. He was helping her again, or at least trying to. "Spare parts... More wire... something useful..."
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Rey continued to shiver as her fingers worked at the wires, managing to shove them into the correct places to make the comlink work. At the back of her mind, she was more of less screaming at herself for doing this. The minute the First Order arrived, she would be a prisoner yet again, and this time there was no way she would be able to escape this time around. The only thing that could maybe be in it's favour was that she'd be warm, and that wasn't much.

"Your lightsaber would have over-heated and exploded eventually," Rey muttered. "Too much energy with no place to let the heat out." She didn't have to know anything about lightsabers to know that. "Cross hilt should have been left out of the design."

She frowned at the comlink, and shuddered heavily. "Is... is it always this cold?" Her fingers felt stiff, and heavy, but she moved over - slowly - to the broken saber, looking through the parts. There were wires there, things that could help. "Thes... these could work."
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"cross hilt... vents... That's why it's there... Makes it... stable enough to work..." He offered a sluggish retort, but it lacked the vitriol he would have preferred to use. Like she would have known the importance of that damaged crystal and where it came from. He would have gone to any lengths to make it work.

At least the weak attempt at an argument helped keep him conscious.

"Anything you don't use... is mine. Don't steal it."
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"Makes it look like it's about to explode," Rey shot back, working at separating the wires to get what was needed to fix the comlink. It wasn't hard work, but the cold made her feel tired, more tired than she could ever remember feeling, and she just wanted to lie down and go to sleep.

"Not going to... to steal anything," she said, glowering at her fingers to try to get them to work.
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"Hey! Hey... Focus...!" He couldn't hit her, couldn't even move from where the cold ground practically ate through three layers of tunics, but she couldn't pass out on him either. He wouldn't let her. "St..stay with me..."

He couldn't believe he was saying that. He couldn't believe what he was about to give a pep talk to his biggest threat.

"The force... is strong with you... You can do this..." He growled. "And it's... It's not going to explode!"
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"I jus... just got lucky," Rey shook her her stubbornly trying to force herself into staying awake. There were only a couple more wires to replace, and then the link would be working. She'd be a prisoner once again, but they would = surely - let her get war first before through her into whatever weird chair she'd be interrogated in this time.
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That comment sounded far too much like his father for Ren's taste, but he didn't have time to dwell on it. The ground beneath them quaked again, shaking him free of that bitter memory with another jolt of sharp, stabbing pain. A few small pebbles struck his face and chest, an ominous warning that everything above them could collapse at any second.

"Hur..hurry it up!" he shouted. "Before there's... no one left to even... re..receive the transmission!"
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"Done!" Rey held up the finished comlink with shaking fingers. She moved - quickly as she could, which wasn't very quick - over to Kylo Ren, and placed it in his hands. "You need to contact them."
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Briefly, their trembling hands touched. Even through gloves, he could feel how cold her thin fingers were. His were also getting numb. It took him a moment to activate the comlink, but when he did, the familiar static was like a miracle.

"Finalizer... do you copy..." He was in agony, but pride forced him to mask the pain in his voice from his subordinates. "..F..Finalizer, do..."

"Ren, where the hell are you?!"

Kylo Ren grimaced as the voice of General Hux crackled over the comlink. Of all the people...

"Trapped in a ravine... The planet... is splitting apart."

"Tell me something I don't already know." Hux scoffed. "I'm certain the Supreme Leader will be interested in your rep..."

"Ju..just track my signal!"

If he possessed the strength, he would have slammed the comlink on the ground and broken it again. The general would find far too much satisfaction in seeing Ren basically incapacitated, and he wasn't in the mood to give it to him. Unfortunately, he didn't have much of a choice.

"We have a lock on your position." Hux's voice crackled through again. "Just a few minutes."

Ren turned his head, glancing at Rey with a reassuring nod. His people were on their way.
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Rey had been quiet throughout the whole conversation, pulling her legs close to herself and sitting in a hunch over position, the best to try to keep some heat in. They were coming. She'd be a prisoner again soon.

"You'll be fixed up soon e... enough," she said, looking over and shuddering through her sentence. It wasn't fear - it was hard to be scared of the person who was in great agony - but the cold was getting to her.

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