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Crush crush crush

the big, fat crush meme

How to Play
[ Comment with your character and preferences. ]
[ Reply to others, using the RNG to determine your fate. ]
[ Feel free to be as serious or as self-aware as you'd like. ]

1. Love at First Sight...or, at least, Interest.
Hey little mama, let me holla at you.
2. Gradual.
Your interest in this person is growing after getting to know them.
3. Excitement and FREAKING OUT.
Oh my gosh, there's absolutely nothing you'd rather do than spend time with this person you want everything to be perfect oh gosh oh gosh.
3. Hormonal.
Girls are so weird but they look so nice.
4. BFF to BF
Your friendship is becoming/has become more than that.
5. Secret Crush
You can't let you liking the head cheerleader or the king's daughter get out. It would be a disaster.
6. What is this...Love Thing?
I don't understand love. What is love, baby don't hurt me ---
7. Unacceptable
Your brain is betraying you and making you have gross emotions towards that person.
8. You Totally Like [blank].
Everybody knows your little secret. Guess it's not a secret, then.
You embarrassed yourself, so clearly no one will ever love you ever again.
10. Grouchy. Or Stunted.
Remember how I said not just silly kids can get crushes? This is for all the adults who are finally feeling that fluttery feeling in their chest.
11. Dumb Shows of Affection.
You want to show how much you care. These thoughtful gestures can range from not-so-dumb (she likes cookies, I'll buy her one!) to really dumb (I'LL BUY HER A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF COOKIES).
12. Forbidden Attraction.
Everyone knows exes are off-limits. It's, like, the first rule of feminism. Also included are siblings of best friends, best friends, and cute people in general.
13. Ridiculously Over the Top.
SHMOOPY POOPY CUDDLE BEAR! All sorts of pet names and inappropriate PDA here.
14. Fluffy Moments.
Not necessarily dates, but just hanging out and having fun together.
15. Confession.
I REALLY LIKE YOU PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME I carved this rock with my bare hands for you. Or maybe something more subtle.
16. Unwitting Object of Affection.
Usually an older party or someone completely uninvolved with this malarky, but crushes know no bounds.
17. Adorable Kisses.
Please don't let me miss, please don't bump noses...
18. Sloppy Makeouts.
Put on "Stairway to Heaven" and go to town.
19. Arguments.
You jerk! Look what you've done! I never want to see you again.
20.First Time
Obligatory smut option, touch a boob, etc.
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[[will she know what to do with a crush? probably not. therein lies hilarity]]