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rain, rain, go away;

the rain meme

Ah, rain—the precipitation that the whole world has a love/hate affair with. It waters the garden for free and ruins baseball games. It cools you off in the summer and it causes more ice and sleet to appear in the winter. Sometimes it is lovely and falls at a decent pace for a few hours, other times, it blasts the whole eastern seaboard away.

Poems and songs have been written about it, people have danced in it, others have cursed its entire existence, and still more refuse to go out and drive in it.

Now it’s time to roll some dice and see what the weather will have in store for you today.


1. Comment with your character, series, preferences, etc in the subject.
2. Roll a number between 1-5 with the RGN for an intensity.
3. Roll 1-15 with the RGN for a situation.
4. Reply to other comments and play the scenario out!
5. Don’t catch a cold!


1. DRIZZLE ☂ It’s not too heavy or too light of a downpour, just enough to wash away stuff in the air, water the ground, and clean up the streets.

2. MONSOON ☂ It’s horrible and awful! Rain is coming down in buckets, no one can get anywhere, the wind is whipping everything about, and now the cable is out.

3. SHOWER ☂ Reminds you of early spring, doesn’t it? A nice shower to make everything all green and smell fresh again. Lovely.

4. FLOOD ☂ While rain is good, it can sometimes be bad. Grab a boat!

5. CATS & DOGS ☂ You’re lucky with this one. It’s not the worst storm in the world, but it’s still pretty heavy. Be careful when driving!


1. A DARK, STORMY NIGHT ☂ You know all those stories that start off with a stormy night before something goes wrong: a murder, an attack by ninjas, a crime. It is one of the best known clichés in the world, and you’re stuck in the middle of it.

2. HUMIDITY ☂ It’s that time of the year again when the humidity rises and the rain has two options: make it worse or make it go away. Good luck getting the latter.

3. GRAY RAIN OF DEPRESSION ☂ We all know this one. Stuck in the middle of no where, or right after an argument, or something that leads to angst, the rain decides to express someone’s feelings in a physical form, serious or over the top.

4. QUIET MORNING ☂ Nothing to do, nowhere to be… sometimes the rain is a welcomed addition to a quiet day. Gives you an excuse to stay in, curl up in a warm blanket and a book, maybe a loved one or a cup of hot chocolate. With sprinkles.

5. PUDDLES ☂ After it rains, what is the number one thing you have to do? Go put on some rubber boots and splash around of course!

6. SUDDEN STORM ☂ It might have been predicted, but sometimes storms just sweep in and do their thing with little to no warning. Hope you’re not outside.

7. THUNDER & LIGHTNING ☂ Loud, surprising, scary, ominous, comforting, fantastic to watch or listen to… some like thunder and lightning, others not so much. Of course, if this happens before a big confrontation, the universe is telling you something.

8. CAN’T GET WORSE ☂ You did not say that. You did not just say that. How many times does this need to be seen in movies and books before anyone learns?

9. STUCK ☂ No, no, no, no. This cannot be happening. What happened to the ten percent chance of rain? You forgot your umbrella and now you’re stuck in it!

10. RUINED PLANS ☂ You had all these wonderful plans to go outside, have some fun in the sunshine, do some errands, maybe a date… and the weather goes against them.

11. DANCING ☂ Sometimes rain is a cause for celebration, or you just feel like doing something spontaneous. Grab someone to join you and get wet!

12. RAIN BATTLE ☂ The most intense, important battles happen in the rain. Verbal spars, punching someone in the guts; it’s all dramatic and climatic. And no one slips.

13. DATE ☂ Aww, don’t let the weather ruin your date! It can be really romantic, being out in the rain, and it’s always fun to go with the flow.

14. A DAY INSIDE ☂ Sometimes, it’s just better to stay inside and enjoy something simple and easy like board games or catching up on TV shows, or maybe the bills.

15. WILD CARD ☂ Was there something I missed? Did you want to roll again or choose your own adventure? Go for it!
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Rey | Star Wars

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[[okay, i very much doubt this poor thing has experienced rain before so... yeah]]
fn_21_87: (I'm a big deal in the resistence.)

*Waves shyly*

[personal profile] fn_21_87 2016-01-02 08:10 pm (UTC)(link)
[Hey there! I thought of a cool idea in mind that is a bit AU but not really? Perhaps Rey and Finn have some time to themselves at night on Takodana before the First Order arrives and it begins to pour with lightning and thunder and Rey gets excited because it is her first time seeing such an event and basically forces Finn to come outside and run through the rain with her and see what happens from there? :)]
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[[that sounds adorable and i need this. please write us a starter]]
fn_21_87: (Coming to realize the truth.)

Yay, here we are then! :)

[personal profile] fn_21_87 2016-01-02 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[Finn was sitting on the steps of Maz Kanata's castle and contemplating his next move against the First Order whom was nipping closely at their heels. To say he was afraid would be an understatement, he knew all too well the horrors the First Order were capable of. He wanted to run away from it all, everything and everyone whom had any contact with the vile regime even if it meant leaving his newfound companions; Even Rey.

With a heavy head he looked out towards the horizon of the setting sun, making way for the bright crescent moon that shined overhead betwixt the dark clouds. It looked like rain was on the way shortly and that seemed to put an even worse damper on his already depressing spirits. With a sigh he looked up towards the sky now, stars illuminating through the thick, dark clouds. A loud roar of thunder started everything, causing the storm trooper turned rogue to jump a little.]
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[Rey had come outside, primarily to find Finn - Han wanted to speak with him about something - and also to just look. She hadn't been lying on the Falcon, she had never thought there could be so much green in the universe and she just wanted to see it all. Finding Finn was easy enough done]

Oh, I thought you'd be back at the Falcon. Isn't it great here?

[She sits down beside him, smiling out at what she can see. When the thunder rolls, she looks confused, jumping herself]

... What, what was that noise? It sounded like the worst of the sand storms battering the casing of a hollowed out rig.
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Sorry about the wait! Friends stole me away yesterday. ><

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[The sudden sound of approaching footsteps was not heard at first but when the familiar voice piped forward over yet another loud crash of thunder, followed by a long streak of lightning illuminating the dark sky he turned towards his female counterpart. When she sat down beside him he looked over with a small shrug to her question, followed by a hushed sigh.]

It's alright enough, I suppose. I needed some time to think that's all.

[It wasn't a lie but it's wasn't the whole truth of the matter either, but she wasn't pressing right now and seemed to be more interested in the weather at hand. When she puzzled the question as to what made the loud roar filling the skies he smiled a bit with a softhearted chuckle.]

You've never heard thunder or seen lightning before Rey?
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Think about what? We're getting BB-8 back to the Resistance, isn't that a good thing?

[But at the next peel of thunder she jumps again, looking around with wide eyes because that one was louder than the one before it. She turns to look at Finn, a questioning gaze on her face]

Jakku only had sand storms. They could last for days. Not... thunder or lightning?
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[personal profile] fn_21_87 2016-01-03 06:52 pm (UTC)(link)
[There's a slight pause as he opens his mouth to talk before stopping himself, nodding in reply solemnly instead.]

I guess so. It's just...The First Order is always going to be chasing us.

[The hesitation in his voice is easy to spot, something definitely off as he stood up, looking out towards the storm steadfast before finally looking down towards her, extending a hand instead of forcefully grabbing it upon their first meeting.]

Yes, thunder and lightning. 'Thunder' is the sound aspect while 'lightning' is the visual.

[Almost on cue, tiny raindrops began to fall from the sky, slowly spitting down. A small hint of a smile formed over his features as he explained it all.]
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[The First Order. Right, of course Finn would think of them, he's been fighting against them while she was down on Jakku, grabbing things from their wrecks]

Yes, I expect they will. But... does that mean we give up having our own lives? The Resistance members, they're all able to do things other than just their jobs, aren't they?

[She doesn't know, but she listens to the explanation of what thunder and lighting is. She reaches out to take the hand, slowly, a little cautious but grateful hers hasn't just been grabbed again when the rain starts. And, at first, she lets out a noise that could only be properly described as a squeal]

[It quickly becomes laughter, as the cool feeling of the rain hitting her skin, made her grin, feeling as though built in sand was being wiped away a little]

Is... is this rain? Finn, it's wonderful. I never knew it was so... so...

[She can't think of the words, but laughs again, throwing her head back to feel it on her face]