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Proposal Meme


We've see it everywhere. Rings inside pokeballs, in cakes, in drinks, during baseball games and more. This meme pinpoints on some of the more interesting (and really adorable!) ways to tell someone you want to spend the rest of your life with them!


Comment with your character.
Someone responds, picking a number from 1 to 8 (or using the Random Number Generator), and plays out the specific propsal situation. (Note that the second person should be the one propsing, but it doesn't matter!)
So how are YOU going to propose to your darling dearest, after being together for so long? Well...

1. Down on One Knee

Traditionally. Either in public or privately, one of you has taken the daring risk of becoming completely vulnerable in the midst of the other. You've got the perfect ring tucked into your coat jacket, and now all that's left is to see how the other reacts.

2. Cake

After a long, very expensive dinner, all that's left is dessert. In one bite in particular, you feel a hard... something hit your teeth. Upon investigating this strange object, you find a beautiful ring covered in cake in your hand. Look up, and you'll find your significant other looking at you with those adorable goo goo eyes you just love.

3. Fortune Cookie

It's your average night at the local Chinese resturant, nothing too special. And of course, every American knows that a good Chinese meal is never over until you eat the fortune cookie. But on this night, you crack open your cookie, surprised to find there's a lovely little ring looking back at you. The slip of paper that goes with all fortune cookies reads a simple: "Will you marry me?"(in bed???)

4. During the Game

In the midst of the tired players taking their much earned break at half time, and the seemingly hundreds of birthday wishes flying past on the large screen, one message in particular will stand out to you. " ____ will you marry me?" And when you turn to your lover, heart thumping loudly, you'll see a huge ring presented before you.

5. In a Book

Just a quiet night together, playing some games, reading a few books. Upon locating a particular book, you crack it open, only to find that the pages have been hollowed out, leaving only a beautiful ring,and a delicate note saying "Will you marry me?"in its place.

6. During the Movies

A.k.a MysteryGuitarMan on Youtube's most adorable proposal. You've prepared a little scene at the begining of the movies, and had the people in charge play in between movie previews. The lights go up, buddy, and now it's your time to shine!

7.One Balloon

Better known as "the most adorable scene in Super Junior's No One music video." You've got tons of balloons, and together you and your honey let them go fly into the sky. But why didn't you let the last one go? I'll say that ring attatched to the end has something to do with it!

8. Anything!

There is no doubt in my mind that I have missed out on some really cute proposals, so make your own up!