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Teen Hormones

Teen Hormones

Alcohol, an irresponsible situation, and a backseat of a vehicle all optional. Teenage angst and hormones not optional. All teenage characters from any time, setting, or canon welcome, as are adult characters aged down.

  • Just Feeling It Out: Maybe you'll finally get to touch a boob!
  • Accidental Boner: Oh. Hi there, downstairs.
  • Deep Kissing: Heavy tongue action.
  • Flawless Approach: WILL YOU PLEASE HAVE THE SEX WITH ME? always works.
  • Party: A crazy atmosphere can lead to crazy decisions.
  • Goofballs: Both of you kind of suck at this, but at least you're cute.
  • Experience Difference: It doesn't count if it's not with you. That's what you tell yourself, anyway.
  • Boyfrands/Girlfrands: Finally rounding those bases with your honey.
  • No Play: They've told you no touching them below the belt. Oops!
  • Fumble: You touched the wrong place or said the wrong thing. Is this the end of your adventure.
  • Desperate: Please, please, please, let me stick it in.
  • Oral: Sometimes, you just want to kiss someone there.
  • Feels So Good: Let's hope you can last.
  • Love Confession: Now is a good a time as ever to tell them how you feel
  • Success: Awww yeah, break out the cigarette.
  • Failure: Hopefully they'll forgive you for staining their clothes.
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Rey | Star Wars

[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-01 05:30 pm (UTC)(link)
[[all things considered? teenage!rey never really likely done the whole 'in a relationship' thing so... yeah. Would be confused by romance but willing to learn]]
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[personal profile] anythingwithstrings 2016-01-01 06:09 pm (UTC)(link)
((Preferences on setting, should I make mine more Star Wars, are you okay with mudane!Rey? I can work with either, so...))
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-01 06:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[[what would you feel more comfortable with?]]
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[personal profile] anythingwithstrings 2016-01-01 06:17 pm (UTC)(link)
((I'm fine with either? If I'm making Maya more Star Wars she's working on a cargo ship that shows up every few months to deliver supplies, which probably comes with killer parties and recently arrived alcohol. For more mundane settings Maya is a music nerd with boyfriend traumas and likes to escape those thoughts with kisses and dancing (and other stuff).))
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-01 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[[both sound interesting as premises. ... flip a coin?]]
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[personal profile] anythingwithstrings 2016-01-01 06:31 pm (UTC)(link)
((Randomorg gave me Star Wars setting. Want to set it up or should I?))
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-01 06:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[[could you please? i tend to be terrible at starters ><]]
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[personal profile] anythingwithstrings 2016-01-01 06:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Maya was on a ship part of a supply convoy that headed out to most of the armpits and hellholes in the Western Reaches. Jakku happened, by luck, to be the last planet on the tour, which meant payday. So once supplies were offloaded, crew was paid, and the desert became home to a rather excessive party as the crews all took a load off. In a few days they would be back on board and a long stopless flight towards resupplying and starting all this over again.

Maya was one of the younger crew sold to the ship in question, but she pulled her weight so she got to enjoy the party as much as anyone else. Moving through crowds with a dance in her step, stopping with the prettier locals to dance with them as she moved with her drink. Naturally, Rey counted among those prettier locals and Maya tried to pull her into dancing with her.
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-01 06:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Rey was doing what she did everyday. Scavenging wasn't just a job, eventually it became all you did because they would cut the prices of what you brought, or suddenly it wasn't good enough despite all your hard work to get it.

Going to the party was probably not the best idea - she really should have been resting because she needed to get up early to check out the rumour of a great find - but she just wanted to relax and have fun for one night, was that so bad?

Getting to dance with someone, that was just a nice bonus
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Maya definitely approved of the dancing and relaxing choice, besides they would all be gone tomorrow, with the party, and the alcohol. It was a now or never kind of night, and Maya was to help entice Rey to be a bit less serious if at all possible.

So much so Maya even offered the other girl some of her drink. It was the stuff that the crew drank, that the engineer made, and it burned nearly as bad as Jakku at noon, but Maya was surprisingly used to it. Plus she couldn't afford any of the wines they had as cargo.
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The drink made Rey cough because she'd really never tasted anything like it before, but it wasn't unpleasant? It tasted different to the water they had on Jakku and Rey had only ever drank that. This... burned, a little, but in a way that made her want to try more.

"What is it?"
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Maya did her best to suppress her laughter, she failed but she at least tried. She was having too much fun and was in too good a mood not to laugh, "Mostly distilled alcohol with whatever flavor a rickety engine room provides. You get used to it."

That's what happened with Maya anyway, she had trouble drinking anything that wasn't as... in your face, as drinks like this. "I'm Maya, I've seen you the last few times we've been on Jakku."
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"Oh, right," Rey looks back at what she's been handed and sips at it again. The next few sips prove to make it burn less, and it still tastes nicer than the water they have on Jakku, so, yeah, she's pretty fine with drinking this.

"Oh, I'm Rey," she said. "I'm ... I work as a scavenger." There was danger in admitting that, on a ship that brought or held cargo, but this was her night off. She was determined to keep it that way.
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"I'm got sold to the ship to replace delicate engine couplings and stow cargo." Maya's loyalty was owned, not given. She honestly could care less when she worked up to her freedom. That'd take a bit, but there are worse jobs to be sold into. She got to see different worlds, occasionally they stopped long enough she could hear different musics. She even managed to learn an instrument or two.

"But I wouldn't spread that around, even if we're now out of cargo to..." she paused to not make this too accusatory, "'scavenge.'" It did help with the security that the only stuff left was personal belongings. Which didn't matter to the captain. Maya pressed herself closer to Rey in her dancing and kissed the other woman on the cheek. Just at the edge of her lips. Maya's focus was on the fun to be had now, tomorrow was a world away.
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Traded for parts and cargo. Rey wishes she was shocked, but you just got used to these things if you lived on Jakku. Apathy was the most that ever came from it, and as much as she tried not to give into it, sometimes it was just... too much, the caring was too much and it threatened to take over all her senses. It was like she could feel the pain and that just... She needed an easy life, while she waited.

"I prefer using crashes," Rey said with a small smile. "Better that way, get parts that will sell for higher portions."
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Sure if Maya focused on it, it was pretty crap that she was worth some extra credits to help her sister go to school. But... it was only when she focused on that too much, and too much went to crap for her to ever get distracted. Also this is what alcohol was made to do.

"Less people to fight with, and, you know, shoot you." Totally reasonable to pick crashes over thievery. "But less chance to make friends."
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"You don't make friends on Jakku," Rey explained with a shrug. "You make potential trade partners and sometimes someone who won't touch your loot if you won't touch theirs, but never a friend." It was a lonely existence, the more she thought on it. She tried not to, but even by choosing to make her own in a hollowed out AT-T, she was isolating herself further.

The again, the view she got most nights made it worth it.
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"Ah. Well then, I'm glad technically we're on a spaceship." Landed on Jakku, but that is a technical detail Maya will refuse to admit has any merit. Right now Maya was just looking at Rey trying to determine something in her head. Well, an idea in her head. One that was interesting but she wasn't sure what to do with it.

"So I guess that you don't do anything, uh... romantic? Or the like?"
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-02 02:07 am (UTC)(link)
"Yes, I suppose we are," that does manage to get a proper smile out of Rey. Few things do, anymore, so it feels a little odd on her face to be making that shape. She needs to smile at more things, she doesn't want to lose the feeling of it.

"Uh, not really, no," Rey said. "I have done things, but those were... business," there's a slight hesitance in the tone as she says it. On Jakku, anything could be currency, but they've all heard the tales of the cultures that look at that and call it wrong, to be very polite about it all.
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Maya definitely liked that smile. Probably more when she figured it was rare. Jakku was on the far end of nowhere, it had beautiful sunsets but that was really it. Well, it had beautiful sunsets and the slight smiles of lovely women.

"But it's never been... because you wanted to, just to see what it was like?" Maya asked. She knew about such trades, she was never forced to make any. And the few experiences she had were of her own choice. Usually with people on passing ships, that she will never see again.

She got attached once, hardly ended well.
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-02 09:50 am (UTC)(link)
That was an interesting question, actually. Had Rey done anythiing in the last few years that was just because, no real reason behind it than 'because'? Nothing came to mind at all.

"No, never."
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[personal profile] anythingwithstrings 2016-01-02 10:16 am (UTC)(link)
"So... what would you say if I suggested we finish this drink and then make out by that bulkhead?"

The words came out calm and nonchalant, but after she finished talking her lip quirked at the edge just a smidge. Of course all of this was optional, they didn't have to do anything, or do it by that bulkhead, or finish the drink before they started. But... Maya's idea was to just see where things go.

And she's never tried going here on this planet before. Plus, she can't try this tomorrow.
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2016-01-02 10:16 am (UTC)(link)
Rey was silent for a moment, as she considered it.

"I'd say... okay."
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Maya grinned a little more obviously at that, before sipping some of the liquor in the cup, offering the rest to Rey. It was only polite given she just accepted what was, pretty much, the least elegant offer Maya could manage.

But Maya wasn't really raised for elegance. She got things done.

"I'm really glad, we're going to have fun." She was a bit excitable, sure, dancing her way over to the wall she gestured to. It was a nice little spot out of direct line of sight from the door, so even if someone came here, nobody would spot them right away. And nobody would be back here anyway. Once over there she smiled with just a hint of mischief, and beckoned her over with a finger. No, Maya isn't a little ball of hormones at all.
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Rey simply sipped at the liquor, feeling it a little stronger than anything she usually drank but not wanting to stop drinking it because it was a lot nicer than anything she usually drank. She liked the idea of having some fun, and followed Maya to the wall, stepping in close as beckoned.

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