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The "I Don't Know Anybody Here" Meme

The "I Don't Know Anybody Here" Meme

The premise is easy. It's a party on New Years Eve! Unfortunately ... your character's only friend at the party has disappeared, probably macking on some hottie by the punch bowl. This leaves your character standing awkwardly in the corner, perhaps downing some free booze or immersed in their phone. Replies to the posts are the wallflowers. If you'd like your character to approach another, reply to a comment! Anything goes, play nice, all fandoms allowed and all that jazz. The point is to maybe meet new people and break the ice!
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Rey | Star Wars

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[Only the sharp eyed will notice the casual thief. A cat walking lazily along the table, looking up at the buffet of food before hopping up easily onto it to peruse what can be found up there. Jake has not seen this much food in awhile, its intriguing.]

Excuse me.

[He comments as he walks around the staff leaned up against the table where a girl was standing.]
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[Rey was eating some of the food left on the table, with her usual lack of manners, and glancing out at the others. Knowing no-one wasn't a new feeling for her, but still... And then she noticed the cat, and the cat talked]

... Oh. Sorry.
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[He was just going to pass by, but curiosity stops him and he sits on the table, looking up at the girl. When he speaks, its not with his mouth. More with his mind and his collar projects it as a voice.]

Is the green stuff any good? I've been trying to find some tuna but it seems there isn't any here to find.
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[Rey glances at the green stuff, and tries a little bit of it]

It's okay. Bit... soft. Like bread, sort of? But not bread.
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[Not encouraging really. He sniffs at it, paws a piece around, before taking a lick. And shakes his head.]

Urgh, no. That can't be edible.
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[She finished the piece in her mouth]

It's edible, I just don't think it's for everyone.
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[More fun to knock it off the table. Don't mind if he does. *batbatbat*]

I'm more of a fish person.

[Heh, person.]

What's the big stick for? [Now that's caught his attention, leaning to give it a sniff.]
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[Rey goes to catch it, but doesn't really make it in time. Also what's fish? She touches her staff]

It's my staff. It helps me out in my... my job.
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....herding small animals?

[Okay, it was a guess. He will admit.]
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Scavenging. Sometimes you've got to protect your loot.
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Ahhh, that makes sense.

[As a cat, he can understand protecting one's stuff. Though maybe he should be neighborly and introduce himself before she thinks he's there to try and take her stuff.]

My name is Zunar J5/9 Doric 4-7.

Or Jake, if you prefer.
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It's nice to meet you. I'm Rey.

[Zunar J5/9 Dorice 4-7... How did that become Jake?]
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Pleasure to meet you, Rey.

[His owner (ha, as if cats could be owned) called him Jake and it sort of stuck, even after he found out he was from outerspace.]

I've never been to a party like this before. What's the usual protocol other than eating and moving around to music?
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[Rey opens her mouth, then closes it, glancing out at the crowd]

Um, I don't actually know. I've never been to a party like this before, either.
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[Ah, so she was like him. Winging it, as it were.]

You're a stranger here? No friends?
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Well, yes, I suppose so.
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I suppose we will have to hang out then till we recruit some more friends.

[Seemed normal, logical course of action.]
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[Rey considers, and then gives a nod. Yup, that seems to make sense to her]
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[Maybe they could work together on this. Jake raises a paw to tap her on the arm.]

Okay, so you pick me up and carry me around. That should attract some attention.
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Oh, um, okay. Where do I ... lift you from?
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[...well that was an odd question.]

You've never picked up a cat before? Well, you sort the middle part. Both hands, but not too tightly.
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I've never seen a cat before. Except you. Not many where I come from.
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I'm sorry to hear that. [Sitting and curling his tail around his front paws.] We're quite the nicest creatures you could ever hope to meet. Some humans think they keep us as pets... [He drops his voice to a conspiratorial whisper] ...really it's the other way around.
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So, why do you let them think they keep you as pets then?

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