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True Love's First Smut

True Love's First Smut
It's hard to say how long this desire has been building under the surface, It feels like you've wanted to be with this person forever. But it's more than that, too. You have a fondness for them that you've never had for anyone else. You may not always like them, or perhaps you adore them all the time; yet your feeling towards them are sometimes so strong it's painful... love them, okay? You love them so much it can be kind of embarrassing. And that's why you want them more than anything else in the world.

Now, what seemed to be inevitable and still somehow so far away has arrived: your first time with them. Or maybe even your first time in general. No matter what, the anticipation for this moment, in tandem with your overrunning affection for who you're with, makes this all worth the while. You can't wait one more minute to relieve all this tension and show them how you truly feel.

This is a simple, back-to-basic meme where the premise is the quenching of sexual tension and realization of blossoming romance. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, you don't need anything else to scratch that itch.

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