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Sneaking Around


Get the adrenaline pumping and your best game plan in motion, because you've got to be sneaky about your sexcapades. Whether you just like to take advantage of inopportune moments, like fucking before battles or in tight spaceship cockpits or when you have company, your relationship is...not opportune, or you two simply like to abscond during the in-between moments you have together, you'll soon learn to appreciate the fine art of intrigue and being covert.

  • Information, preferences, limits, ideas, you know all the drills.
  • Do a thread.
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Rey | Star Wars

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Re: Rey | Star Wars

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[ A rumble of laughter erupted inside his throat, shaking his entire frame, feet kicking wildly in amusement. The throbbing of his bruised ribs no longer phased him even as he lay flat on his back. ]

Do it. [ Ren growled, dark orbs flaring with desire, and gripped the edge of her staff, shakily hovering it just above the trachea. In the past month he had lived for their sparring sessions, the lone ray (pun intended) of his now drab existence. But at last, cabin fever was sinking in... ]

You see, just as my father did, that there is no light in me. And that holding me prisoner is merely a means for your master to satisfy his own feelings of guilt. [ Or possibly to humor his mother, if not both. ]
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I'm not going to go anything to you.

[Kylo Ren wasn't the only one feeling the cabin fever sinking in. She was trapped here just as much has he was, especially because they had him in their custody. The General was determined that her son was not lost to the Dark, and Master Skywalker had agreed. Rey...]

[Rey sensed something, a small spark, something that would suggest that maybe, just maybe, there was hope for him yet]

Master Skywalker keeps you here until your Master decides to reply. That was the agreement. So far, there's been nothing from the man you blindly follow. Has he abandoned you?
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[ But it wasn't for lack of want, surely. Dry pink lips cracked with the split of his toothy, impossibly wide grin, his head shaking with a tiny motion in the sand. ]

He speaks to me every night. [ Mouth now shut, Ren maintained his ear to ear smile. If Rey would not cooperate, he would make her. ] But you're not ALL wrong. He will not reply, nor will he come for me.

[ Hope was Skywalker's weakness, it would prove to be his downfall. ]

Kill me now. Or I will kill him.
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No, you won't.

[Her hand tightens on the hilt of her lightsaber, and it's clearly taking some effort not to lift it and make the blow she wants to make. She breathes out and looks]

And I won't kill you.
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[ Acting on his first instinct, Ren moves to hurl a fistful of pebbles and dirt at the girl's face, bending back his right leg in an attempt to shove a heavy foot squarely into her stomach. ]
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[Rey moves into a hunched down pose, looking to dodge the pebbles and dirt the quickest way she knows. Hitting the ground might be painful if she topples, but it's better than grit in the eye. Her hands go up, automatically, into defensive positions. Too many experiences of someone wanting to take a fight further]
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[ Plan A fails. This time he goes in for a hard swipe at her calves, fully intent on causing her to topple, if that should work, he'll try pining her stomach with a sharp elbow and half of his weight long enough to try and wiggle the lightsaber free from her hands. ]
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[The swipe does cause her to topplee, but forward, rather than back. Her hands automatically bunch into fists, reading to push herself up again, which pushes her back when she manages it. Her breathing is heavy, the lightsaber already taking more energy out of her than her staff would usually just from the weight. Still her grip tightens, and she does her best to keep light on her feet]
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[ He's up, not as quickly, but in enough time to raise his hands in surrender; a crooked, almost taunting smile spread across his wide mouth. Nothing, not even time, eases the sharp pang of losing; but he's not above having a little fun before allowing her to exit the ring. ]

You win.
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[Rey is wary. Understandably, from her point of view. He's never just handed over a fight before]

What game are you playing?
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No game.

[ The lie is as effortless as the shrug Kylo uses to boosts its credibility. ]

But you could even the playing field by using just your bow staff. A lightsaber against an unarmed prisoner isn't very "Jedi" of you. [ He's using air quotes and everything. ]
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[There was a long pause]

One, I don't my staff. Two, I don't trust you. Three, I'm not a Jedi.

[Because, technically, she's not. Not yet]
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So you'll only hold up the ideals when it's convenient for you? Master Luke would be very disappointed. I am speaking from experience here. [ In case you forgot. ]
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[There's a very dry look]

You really do take what you want from people's statement, don't you? What I mean is believe it or not, Kylo Ren, I'm still a scavenger from Jakku. It's hard for me to trust people, and you're pretty much top of that list.
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Trust is a two way street, you know. And it's never been a prerequisite for a duel in my experience. [ Which consists of that one time with Rey on Starkiller base, their time together now, and those other times training with Luke. ]
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That's fighting. It's something totally different. And you're wrong about that. For one thing, you can trust that as long as you continue to be on the Dark Side, I will fight against you and the First Order.
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Says the scavenger from Jakku. It's easy making threats with an inflated sense of self worth and zero understanding.
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Inflated sense of self-worth? Again with the assuming. The only self-worth I have, I fought for, and I have the scars to prove I earned it. I don't pretend to have any great understanding of anything, but I do have a pretty good idea of people. It boils down to this

[Her grip tightens]

If someone's done something to make you think you should really think twice when they act like they're being sincere, go with that feeling.
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You're confusing having a good idea of people with common sense.

[ As for Kylo Ren, he enjoys life's simple pleasures, like trying to goad people. ]

Sincere enough for you?
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That's sincere enough, yeah. Doesn't mean I'm going to put this down.
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Don't know why you of all people would be scared of a fair fight. [ He's assuming some more. Just for you Rey. ]
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A fair fight, I'm not scared of. But I don't think fair is a word that enter you mind when it comes to an actual fight.
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I promise I won't pull your hair.
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[Okay, that just has her rolling her eyes. If he's not going to take this seriously...]

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