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tuesday texting.

the phone sex +
sexting meme

what it says on the tin. leave a blank comment, include your preferences or a starter, it's all good. reply to others with a text, a dirty picture (please link all nsfw things!), misfires, misdials, drunk filthy voicemails, whatever your heart desires.

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poe dameron→ star wars: tfa → ota

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[[interested in the possible jedi scavenger girl?]]
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[ sure am! possible misfire? intentional? ]
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[[...genuinely hard to think which is more likely with poe :P]]
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oh god filthy voicemail, this is happening

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[ Poe was, at the time, so far in the bag that he hadn't waited for the beep to begin speaking. The beginning of his voicemail is cut off, and the rest that follows is a mix of slurring words and voice thick from the alcohol, lowered in playfulness.

This was supposed to be a booty call to one of the girls from the other team, a sassy redhead who's impressed him with her...flying techniques.

--know, the other night... wouldn't mind another showin', if y'know what I mean. Th'way you went down annnnnd came back up...

Yeah. Yeah, s'real nice. You looked great, nah-! More'n great. You were... [ Poe had to pause there to sip his alcohol and lick his lips, a quiet humming heard in the receiver. ] You were puurrrrrfect. Ten outta ten--

[ Message ends and immediately cuts him off. ]
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[It really was nice of Chewbacca to show her how to get to her voicemail, Rey thought. She didn't ever think she'd need to use it, but it was nice all the same. Actually, when she saw she had a voicemail message, she got a little excited, and couldn't wait to hear it. Oh! That was Poe's number! Why would Poe leave her a voice mail?]

[She... may have dropped everything in shock after hearing it though. She, what, with the and then there was purring and why did her face feel so hot?!]

[Hands shaking a little, she hit Poe's contact details and waited. She needed answers. And for her face to cool down. That needed to happen fast]
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[ Oh, why was his phone going off...? Wait! Did that mean she was calling him back? Was he going to get it on tonight? Well, this is a little exciting. Everything is falling in his favor. ]

Okay- okay, Dameron, you got this. Act cool, be au naturelle. I told you she'd want another ride... Heh.

[ The fact that the device reads Rey's name doesn't register through the floating high he's got from the drinks. He answers on a slow spreading crooked grin, like he knows what he's going to get out of this call, leaning back in his chair. ]

Poe Dameron here, greatest Resistance Pilot known to the galaxy, 'vailable for a good ride any time you need it-
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Poe Dameron, what was with that voicemail?!

[It's not her best opening line, she has to admit, but hearing his voice after hearing him purr just sends another wash of the feeling very warm through her cheeks and she can see the blush in the mirror!]

I... I mean... you left a voicemail. To me. I ... I don't think it was meant to be for me. And by 'good ride' I am going to assume you mean your X-Wing and just point out that the Falcon is better.

[Because she's never going to miss the opportunity to big up the beautiful ship she gets to fly]
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Spoiler mentioned within

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[ He knew the redhead had a higher pitched voice when he was hitting the right spot, but hearing the voice through the phone with proper words? Something ain't right. And it takes him a full second... ]

The Falcon? [ It's too bad she's not there to appreciate the shift in his expression. She would rrreeeaaallly enjoy it. Still, he's a little offended! ] No way- my T-70 X-Wing fighter would trump your Falcon- 4 laser cannons, proton torpedo launchers, blaster cannon, mag-pulse launcher...

You sure you don't wanna ride it? I know a few who'll swear by my mag-pulse. [ Pausing, his face screws up. He's gotta think hard on this. ] Is this... [ No, it won't be him, not after what had happened. ]

Is this Finn? I know you can get a lil squeaky, bud...
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Spoilers in thread in general.

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[Finn. He thinks she's Finn. Well, that raises questions that's she's wanting answered but it does nothing to stop the blush because somehow him talking all excitedly about this X-Wing is more interesting than that purr and what even are hormones?! Seriously! She needed to know why this was happening. And ... yeah, there was no one she could ask. Great]

This is Rey, Poe. You know. Small, female, little bit handy with a staff... Still really wondering why that voicemail was left for me when it wasn't meant for me...

And I don't know if I want to know about your mag-pulse...
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[ Rey? Yeah the only thing he's taking out of that is how handy she is with a staff.

The purring is back, so is that crooked smile.

Handy with a staff, huh? I might have one in need of a fixin'. Rey... Rey... [ Okay so now he's remembering who she is, the one Finn was so gung-ho on rescuing. ]

Voicemail was meant for a redhead I met weeks back. But guess you got it instead, no biggie. And hey, she liked my mag-pulse...

I'm hurt.
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You... have a staff that needs fixing?

[Rey: no idea of what innuendo is]

Well, I could give you a hand with that, yeah. I'm good at fixing things. Good with my hands in general, actually. It's a special skill.

[Ooh, well explains the voice mail. But why would he be hurt about the mag-pulse?]

... Well... you could show me it, I suppose. See what's so special about your mag-pulse.
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[ This was just getting better and better the more she talked, and her accent was...rather lovely even over the phone. Poe perks up in his chair, bites onto his bottom lip on a quiet rumble. ]

I...could show you? D'you think that's a good idea? Wouldn't wanna scare you...

[ He'll regret this in the morning, Rey's so innocent. He doesn't exactly want to prey on that but the alcohol is making him reckless and bold. A little too bold. ]
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I ... I don't know what else to tell you. I'm good with my hands. It's a thing. Give me something to do that involves using my hands, and I seem to end up working out what to do quite well. It's nice, actually.

[Oh. Oh. The rumble was interesting...]

I don't think I'd be scared by a mag-pulse. I'm a big girl, after all. Fix my own ship and everything.
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You got me all sorts of interested now, Rey.

[ In the brief moments they've bumped into each other and talked between everything, between the chaos, he remembers her hands. On her staff, giving his a firm grip in a greeting handshake. Slender, long fingers, possibly roughened from all her years scavenging.

Another rumble sounds into the phone, deeper from in his throat.

Oh yeah, he's interested.

Poe almost takes his booze up his nose when she says that, coughing away from the phone. Good God, fixing her own ship. Yeah, just leave him here with his thoughts.

So this ship of yours, she uh- she well lubed when you need her to be?
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At... being good with my hands? I don't really see how that's interesting, Poe. It's just something that I can do. Or am, rather. Put something in my hands, and I tend to end up doing quite well.

[Rey has no real concept of innuendo, but she does realise that the rumbling noise is... somehow interesting to her in a way that causes an odd feeling low in the pit of her stomach. It's...]

[It's, um... Well, she finds herself swallowing quite dryly at the sound of it, her words failing her for a moment or two. What was he asking her about? Fixing her ship? ... Right. Ship talk. She could do this, easy]

Um, well, sometimes? Sometimes she just needs that little bit of extra care to help things along. She's a smooth running, and when you get her flying... it's the most amazing feeling, Poe.