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Hello, nurse!


You're ill or badly hurt, or at least you think you are. There's only one thing for it: you have to take it easy. Luckily - or unluckily, depending on how good of a patient you are - you have a nurse to look out for your every need, soothing all your aches and pains. An honest to gosh nurse!

Except, actually, they may not actually be a nurse. They may just believe with all their heart that they are one. Whatever works. They're here to make sure you get your medicine and your sponge bath.

Of course, this being a smut meme, the only true path to good health is through sex. Whether the one nursing you back to strength is sweet and pure or sexy and sultry, they'll give you a dose of love-making and some to grow on. Their attention is all on you and, after all, they do know best.

If you're keen on that or not, it doesn't really matter. Their (hopefully) charming bedside manner, soothing presence, and provocative clothing will get you feeling up to strenuous activity. And if your attitude hasn't changed, you're most likely a semi-captive audience.

✚ Comment with your character and preferences and if you're playing the "nurse" or the "patient." You may also want to include if you want more hurt/comfort, non-con, medical kink, what have you! You can even include "ailments," if you wish.
✚ Reply to others.
✚ Turn your head and cough, this won't hurt a bit.
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[Need a little healing magic? Also willing to play injured party. Consensual-only. Crosscanon and assumed CR both ok.]
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[[Would Zatanna be okay with an older (26/27) Warren Peace?]]