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It's what you get when you combine the
Affectionate Physical Contact Meme with the general Fluff meme. Since they're both basically related and are involved with one another, why not go ahead and throw them together for the ultimate fluff situation? Here's how it works:

  1. Post with your character with the character's name and series in the subject line.
  2. Others respond.
  3. Use RNG and enter 1-15 to pick a scenario.
  4. Then use RNG again and enter 1-9 to pick which physical contact to use next. "Roll" this as often as you want.
  5. Enjoy the fluff!
fluff scenario

1. Sick day. You're down with the flu or some injury. Whatever the reason, you're bedridden or at the hospital. Aren't you lucky that that special someone came to visit you?

2. Date night. You've made special plans to show that special someone just how much you love them and nothing can go wrong tonight.

3. Cheer up. One or both of you is feeling down and it's time to get out of that slump by either finding a way to distract yourself or talking it out with the other person.

4. Love confession. Your stomach is doing flip flops and your heart is racing, but you've read all the signs right, and it's time to let that other person know you feel the same way.

5. Special gift. Maybe it's the first time, or maybe this is the gift that really counts. Birthday, Christmas, or just a random present, you've been planning and saving up for this one and are hoping that special person will like it.

6. Last time (for awhile). One of you is going away for some reason (it can be as simple or angsty as you want it to be) and you may be back or you may not, but you want to spend the time you've got left where you are with someone special.

7. Pillow talk. You've just had fantastic sex (which playing out is optional!) and you're both content to lay back and enjoy a little bit of pillow talk or maybe go for round two as soon as you catch your breath!

8. Shared dessert. Whether it's because you're both cheap or you're one of those cute, lovey-dovey couples who love sharing desserts, the two of you are sharing that delicious ice cream sundae or cake with one another. Did some of it get on your partner's nose? Or maybe you want to go ahead and take a bite out of the cookie sticking out of their mouth.

9. Need a friend. You just want to hang out with the guys/girls and have a little fun.

10. I'm sorry. You had a fight with someone and now it's time to kiss and make up. . . or at least make up.

11. A moment at home. There's nothing better than enjoying a peaceful day without anything to worry about. Maybe you'll share a book with a friend, or just enjoy some tea and catch up.

12. Been so long. You're back after a long trip somewhere and now it's time to meet up with someone you've missed a lot and make up for lost time!

13. I'll defend you until the end. You're going to fight for that person and you're going to let them know it or show them, whichever comes first.

14. Pillow fight. You're both feeling the need to have some friendly horseplaying, and what better way than with pillows?

15. Wild card. Reroll, pick an option, or come up with something else!

physical contact

1. Hugging. You just want to give your loved one a warm embrace. Be it out of happiness, to comfort them while they're down, or just to give them something warm to latch onto, you just want to wrap your arms around them.

2. Kissing. Whether it's a peck on the cheek or a deep kiss, a kiss good-bye or a romantic kiss, you find yourself compelled to kiss the other person! Be as tender or as passionate as you so choose.

3. Holding hands. It's a simple gesture, really -- to reach out and take someone's hand. But that one simple gesture can convey any number of sentiments. What the sentiment is is up to you, but you find yourself reaching out to take your significant other's hand.

4. Carrying. Is your loved one hurt and needs a lift? Do they want a piggyback ride? Or do you just want to spare them the effort of walking? Whatever the reason, you're now itching to pick up your partner and carry them to their destination (maybe even the bedroom).

5. Dancing. Kick up the music, because it's time to dance! But no lone dancing allowed -- you need to have a partner! You can do whatever dance strikes your fancy. Personally, I recommend the slow dance, but you can do whatever you want!

6. Massaging. Did your significant other have a rough day? Did they get hurt? Or do you just feel like doing something really nice for them? Whatever it is, you're giving them a nice massage now. They'll feel wonderful in no time!

7. Tickling. Does that special someone feel a little tense? Maybe they've been frowning a little too much late? Or maybe you're just feeling a little devilish. Give them a tickle and see what happens!

8. Cuddling. Sometimes there's just no better feeling than curling up next to each other on a warm sofa. Hold each other, lie next to each other, fall asleep on each other -- it's all good here.

9. Wild Card. Reroll, pick an option, or come up with something else!

(stolen from various memes on [info]memebells and reposted from here ).
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Loki Laufeyson ☣ Norse Mythology

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Scenario 10; Contact 2 + 4...why not.

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[ Again he had done it again, he had gone and cheated on her again. While it was normal for men to do that, she knew even her own father did it, Loki just went out of his way to do it more than the rest and he bragged about it even more. Now Sigyn was a patient woman and she could take a lot, but even she had a breaking point really, so when she had found out he had gone with some woman in less than week she had finally exploded and fought with him, showed a bit of her claws which she rarely did.

She was more than aware that this was a marriage that in a way had kind of been forced on them, but really was it a bit too much to ask a bit of respect and for him to at least be at least more private with his affairs. This wouldn’t have happened if she had married Heimdallr as she was meant to do, the guardian had pledged fidelity to her even before their marriage and she really didn’t wanted to be like the other goddess that had slips here and there, even Frigga and Sif had them, and she didn’t wanted to be the same…she wanted to honor her vows but he made it so damn difficult.

So much for his claims of supposedly caring for her, if that was how he showed it. She had even hit him before she had bolted and left, not even telling him the news she had for him and just ran till her feet couldn’t carry her, collapsing against the grass and lying there looking at the sky, she was also a bit aware that if she had kept going she will have ended reaching the gate Heimdallr was guarding and she was glad that her body had collapsed then.

The young goddess needed to calm down and maybe go spend some time with her grandfather for a bit.
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[ The yelling had been bad enough that the few whom served Loki and Sigyn had nearly come to pull them apart for fear of the lord of their hall striking his wife. Not that he ever had but Loki was one that was unpridictable and outside of certain things one could never quite tell what he would do.

He had not even tried to stop her when she ran from the house, standing there a long moment holding the side of his face the beautiful Jotun rolled his eyes.]

Sire, do you not think you should go after her? He heard a voice speak looking back to see one of the servants, standing in the doorway of the main room watching him. He sighed heavily.] The silly girl wishes to run out on her own like a brat who I am to stop her. [He spoke and yet out the door he went after her.

He had not promised her loyalty only his affection, a way to make their marriage stand able. They could live harmoniously as long as the both respected the others space, which was why often Loki slept in a chamber all of his own if he did not feel like dealing with questions or explaining where he was. AS the blood brother of Odin at times he would be called away for stupid things but more often then not Loki wopuld have to lay his pride down for the sake of the gods and get next to no credit for helping them.

It did not take long for the red headed trickster to reach where she had colapsed, he kneed down beside her a elbow rested on his knee and his hand to his chin as he looked down at the goddess.]
The daughter of Odin laid on the ground, such a pretty corpse she makes. You know they say that dead girls can no say no, this is something even I have not tried, and as your clearly dead laid upon this dirt surely you care not what I do with your body in sight of all to see.

[ He spoke calmly just trying to get a rise out of her.]
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[ She just laid there, trying to get her energy back and pondering what to do next. In the end she decided, that since she was so close to Heimdallr she was going to go to him since she didn’t wished to see her husband, she just needed to get some of her energy back. After all it’s not as if it will matter where she went and with whom? Her dear husband had at least made it clear that they both were still allowed their freedom, hence the reason he was still such a whore and she was allowed to keep her magic skills, and hence she could be with whoever she chose.

Also it’s true…something that he had mentioned during their spat, he had never promised any loyalty to her and thus he really shouldn’t expect the same from her, right? Her face remained blank while those dangerous thoughts crossed her mind, thinking of the repercussions and if she could break her own vows, vows that in the end didn’t meant anything to anyone in this place, the only ones that had a happy marriage here were Baldr and Nanna, so much for being gods and beings the mortals wanted to aspire to be.

When her husband appeared in her line of vision she didn’t know whether to be thankful or not, though soon enough she decided that she wasn’t due to those words of his. She just looked at him rather blankly, maybe with a bit…no, a lot of disgust.

As this daughter of Odin it’s not dead, she can easily and readily say NO to you. However you can surely go to your current whore and fulfill that craving with her, I am sure she will not mind doing whatever you wish her to do even if it’s such a disgusting thing, but being you I shouldn’t be surprised.

[ She looked away from him then. ] Now if you could please leave now.
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[ Really he should know better then to let such hurtful things spill out out his mouth when he is cross. He should know what not to say to Sigyn and yet every now and then this happened. Loki would be caught or brag about some woman he had bedded. He was indeed rather found of Sigyn she was quite durible and put up with a lot normally always waiting for him with a smile. Half the time even when he ahd messed up enough that most would leave. Not her.

No they were not Baldr or Nana, they were two destined for tragedy and bound with a red string of fate. When she spoke back the trickster's lips curled into a smile.]

That's more like it, now why don't you remind me how bad I am and how much you hate me. You really had me going there for awhile my princess. [ Loki was not a paicent god by any means, he was used to getting his way when he wanted it unless his own cunning demanded him wait. Thus kneeled beside he he leaned closer to scoop her up in his arms. whether she liked it or not, she could always wiggle away.]

I think not, mad at me you may be but no wife of mine will be left to lay and roll on the ground like a common whore. Namely with Heimdallr likely watching us as we speak. So allow me to just say this now before you say another word, I am sorry for again hurting you, reasons I do have for the things I have done but I feel you care not to hear them. SO I simply state that I care deeply for you and no whore will even give me the feelings you do, dead or alive.
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[ At the very least she was past the stage in which she will cry due to his words, because right at the start his hurtful barbs will get to her too much and tears will run down her cheeks, now though she was in the stage in which she threw her own barbs at him since it was better than shredding more tears due to his ways.

And the only reason she was that resilient with this was due to her own pride and consistency with what she did, there was also the stupid childish part of her that thought that maybe if she treated him good, always patient and with a smile, with the respect the others didn’t seemed to give him, he will respect her as well…no such chance. They fate had been intertwined due to Odin’s wishes bending fate to befit him.

I hardly need to do so, you already know and it will be a waste of my breath to repeat it.

[ And no, she wasn’t pleased when he moved closer, she glared and tried to move away from him. Not that she could put a lot of distance since his body wasn’t cooperating with her at the moment. ]

Just because you have a taste for them doesn’t means I am now, also Heimdallr will never think of me as such. He knows how I am and he would have come to my aid. [ Now she was the one that rolled her eyes to him. ] Of course you always have a reason to lay with anyone and did you gave those same declarations of caring to whoever you were this time around?
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[ At least he had at least been some what kinder to her. He did not always treat her badly he just had a sharp tongue and used it when he felt that it was needed. Still her loyalty had been the key to his heart. He had grown to care for her at least.

Loki had not been one to ever be able to see what wonders lie at his feet but always reaching for something out of his reach. He had not seen what a wonder Sigyn was, even if he should have. He stayed kneeled beside her inching closer now and then.]

But I love hearing you say it Sigyn, you say it with such venom. Only Frigg or Freya could say it with that much zest. Only unlike those excuses for Goddess you have what they could only dream of. You have me.

[ Yes Loki had slept with Freya but many many moons before he ever knew of Sigyn. It had simply been something they had both wanted and did to piss off Odin. As for Frigg well he was simply annoyed by her constant talk of how great Baldr was. When she tried to move closer he rolled those pretty green eyes.]

I'm picking you up and carrying you home oh Daughter of Odin. I give you no choice. A taste for whores I may have at times but their are none that hold my heart, that only you hold. [ Possibly the sweetest thing he's said this month.]

No I simply bedded her to retrieve the necklace of your mother Freya, she would give the necklace to none and the Allfather was not pleased to see Freya in tears over her damned necklace. Thus I was dispatched to fetch it. Be mad if you want but I did as asked. [ Yep, he's picking her up bridal style now.]
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[ If that was being kind to her, well, he clearly needed to recheck his concepts about it since he’s sharp tongue can hurt more than anything else really. And her loyalty, well that was something that was kind of getting hard to keep for him, he had no idea of how many times she had been tempted to just throw everything and break it.

To be fair they hadn’t seen much of each other after he was introduced in that feast by Odin, she had been rather young even then, considered a child even, and after that she spent more time with others never interested on his affairs and all.

…I was forced to be stuck with you and that is quite a lie, a marriage we can have between us yet everyone can have you if they want.

[ The fact he had slept with her mother didn’t matter, he had slept with nearly every goddess here –even with sweet and kind Sif, so it didn’t mattered with who…just that it still happened. ]

What heart? You don’t have such a thing. [ Sweetest thing maybe but she’s not accepting it and she just rolled her eyes. ] My mother needs to stop being so melodramatic and my father needs to be more of a man and not let her bend him in the way she wants it.

[ She hissed at him when he picked her up and pushed him away, but not a lot they could and she frowned trying to see if she could at least put some distance between them even if she was in his arms. ]
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[ His sharp tongue and wit are his defenses, they are what make him Loki. Without those he is simply a devilishly good looking Jotun whom has wormed his way into the ranks of the Aesir. He was thankful for her loyalty, it was one of the reasons he had not asked Odin to null their marriage besides the fact it would be seen as an insult to Odin.

Which was a big part of the reason he had not cared at all when they were wed. She was a child to him despite the fact he did have some affection for her and would bed her. He just didn't have the feelings she wanted within him for anyone. at least not that he has realized.]

They can have my body yes, I will bed anyone if I an get a profit or my means from it. However, Daughter of Odin my heart is a fickle thing but it is yours. You whom have shown this wicked beast of a man compassion and love unwavering. I would kill for you, even die for you. Does this mean nothing?

[ he was not apologizing.]

I do in fact have a heart, though it grew cold many years before you tried to warm it with light. I am a lost creature just as your father is. This is why we get on so well. You oh Princess, you are the key to my wretched dead heart if anyone can save will be you. Now let me take us home.

[ Loki looked down at her with a flat look even as she pushed at him he still tried to carry her.]
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[ The sharp tongue and wit are part of his character yes, and despite those he is still the Jotun that managed to sneak his way into the line of the Aesir and Vanir, breaking the rather tense balance that it already existed between them all, because as young as she is she didn’t failed to notice that things turned more active, per se, when he arrived to disrupt the peace in a way.

And she was actually sure if he wanted to null the marriage, her father will talk him from doing so, Odin always managed to get just what he wanted from Loki. Kind of ironic that in a strange way Odin always ended manipulating Loki into what he wanted and needed when Loki was the one to claim he had all the wit.

As for any feelings she might ask for him, she wasn’t naïve enough to ask for love or even affection, she merely wanted him to show her respect and to be more…private with his affairs, it was the least he could do.

…And do you remember those words and claims when you go about boosting about your newest conquest and shaming me in front of others? Even Thor has more sense and doesn’t boosts in front of everyone in respect of Sif.

[ Of course not, he never had and she doubted he ever will. ]

If that is what you think…you really make it more and more difficult for me to keep trying to do so. I am a patient woman Loki, I have prided myself on that, and I have tried my best to be friends with you but sometimes you make it so difficult.

[ And she will look away now, she won’t even try to push now and just wait for him to take them home. ]
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[ As a general rule he tended to always be under the orders of Odin despite how much he thinks himself to be the one in charge or leading most of his plans. Sadly that wit of his was mostly used to protect the gods more then harm them but most of the gods never saw it that way. Thor or Odin normally got the rights to credit as those were the two he was normally with. Odin would never let him null the marriage, his daughter would look tainted and not good enough if even the Trickster would turn her away. Loki may be cruel but he would not let people view the pretty goddess as damaged goods.

All she needed do was ask...]

These words are from my blackened heart, they go with me when I am indeed away.

[ Give it a moment. Oh there it clicked he shook his head a bit as he started them off towards home, he was not going to leave his bride out to the elements or Heimdell.]

If you wish me to be more sly about it I shall. I can keep from boasting if this is what you want, you just needed ask. I care not what those moronic gods think of me or what I do. I mostly brag to see Thor go red in the face.

[ He admitted as he walked holding the pretty one.]

That is becuase I am not the best of men, in fact I am quite cruel and fowl of temper. You know this as did your father before he wed us. We are locked together in this my dear.
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[ While Loki surely has more wit that Odin, still didn’t changed that in the end he was a pawn for him like most of the people here, all with the exception of Thor that was allowed to do as he wished being the prodigal son and all. And really if Loki were to null the marriage, well Sigyn wouldn’t be alone for long since Heimdallr really wouldn’t care and will still marry her, it wasn’t that much of a secret that the man still carried a torch for her and that hadn’t changed even if she was married to him.

She snorted just a bit at him and rolled her eyes.

I did ask you, several times, but you have never listened and I have no reason to believe that you will now. If you must brag, don’t do it over the feasts and where everyone can hear to later feel sorry for me or mock me. I have never disrespected you and the least you could have done is respect me as well…which should be something you should have known instead of having me ask you to do so.

[ She was sure that he wasn’t that daft as to not know about it, she just gave him a look. ]

I know you are and I refused to marry you, but my father words is law and regretfully so I am a good daughter that want to please her father…even if it doesn’t do anything at all to raise any esteem he might feel for me.

[ And no she didn’t sounded bitter, she was aware that for her father she wasn’t exactly the most beloved child and she had now given up with that task. ]
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[ Loki doesn't like Heimdallr at all. He cant stand the man. Loki always feels like the gate keeper is watching him waiting for him to mess up rather badly so he can tell Odin and get Loki cast out if Loki was happy about his marriage for anything besides the company (Because he did love talking to her if nothing else.) then it was to fuck Heimdallr over by having the love of his life bound to him. He laughed a little when she rolled her eyes.]

Come now, that's no way for you to act. Your acting like Thor!

[ The ginger spoke as he carried her amused by her at the moment. At least he was in a good mood again and not the fowl mood he had been in when they had been fighting inside the house.]

I am a creature that would rather have your request, however i see your point the harpies of Asgard have too much to gossip about without the tales of Loki on their lips, no more at feasts shall I speak those words. A compromise. How about that? As for asking not to marry me, I asked the same, he laughed at me and told me I had to settle down.

[ The wise allfather had them all under his thumb. Loki hated it but he knew it to be true.]

You are not only a good daughter but a good wife, you do deserve much better then I. However as you are stuck with me why don't we work on that compromise.
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[ To be fair the dislike is mutual, Heimdallr hated Loki with a passion and that had been left clear to Sigyn during the brief time they were betrothed, he had spoke so badly of him and she had never said anything because she hadn’t particularly talked with Loki that much prior to their wedding and wedding feast –and even then they hadn’t spoken at all and it had made it all awkward when it was time to consummate their union (she should have let Heimdallr had that when she had the chance). ]

I’m his sister; it is quite expected to see that we will share certain aspects.

[ Though she wasn’t as stubborn as Thor or easy to angry, she was more patient and soft-spoken, but once she really got angry it was clear she could be quite a menace. ]

It’s not a compromise, it should be a given. And well it seems we both got our true desires denied, he could have really married you to anyone else really. [ She looked at him. ] Maybe you can ask him about voiding the marriage? Say we haven’t consummated it or something…
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[ She might have been happier, but him having taken her first time was one of the reasons he was protective of her. He may treat her badly but let anyone else look at her sideways if he is around. She had given him something speical and despite being a complete jerk most of the time Loki was quite pleased to have taken her first time. Loki had always been around the house of Odin since he and Odin swore themselves blood brothers but mostly around Thor, Baldr Tyr and Odin himself, not much at all did he speak to the daughters, not when he had his reputation. He had never imagined Odin would give him oen of his daughters no less.]

Yes I am quite aware Sigyn, least you forget I travel often with him. And I know for fact you are much brighter then he. So you need not act like he.

[ Once she was angry it was like staring at a tiny dark haired Thunderer, just lacking the hammer and manjunk. He kind of liked seeing her angry. A little ball of angry she was and it amused him endlessly.]

I never asked him to marry me. I never asked him to be involved, He simply informed me weeks after he banished my children that I would be married to you. [ he spoke calmly, it didn't bother him much anymore but it had at the time. Oh god how it had, he could not say no to Odin for fear of his wraith but that was a serious bitch move if he had ever seen one.]

....Darling Sigyn, We were heard when we consummated the marriage. You're servent had told Odin before I ever joined him for breakfast that morning. I could try but I can already tell you what he will say.

[ The house was already coming back in view. A nice place surrounded by woods. Loki did love the wilderness to the palaces.]
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[ Well maybe he should mention that sometime, but really did he expected her to be like the rest? She was one of the youngest and Frigg had taken care of most of her education and well fare to let her grow to be a respectful woman since the woman didn’t considered Freya to be the best influence around. And yes, why would Loki pay attention to little and soft-spoken Sigyn? Though maybe Tyr had mentioned since he had courted her after all, and she did spent more time with Baldr’s brother than him. And Odin was crazy for giving away his most innocent child to Loki. ]

Considering the way you behave and embarrass me in front of the others, you clearly think of me as a brute that won’t notice it when you do it so blatantly.

[ Well she is prettier than Thor and she does looks way better with a dress than Thor ever did. And well what she lacks in strength, she makes up in sheer magic power and she can really give Loki a run for his money and she’s better at incantations that him. ]

At least you had more time than me, I was informed a week before our wedding… [ Which had really been more a ‘guess what Sigyn, you won’t marry Heimdallr as planned but Loki, congratulations’ and that had been the first time she had incurred the wrath of Odin. ]

Then with your wit I am sure that you will be able to come up with something to tell to my father, I have tried but he doesn’t listens to me.

[ There might be a small pout there and she looked away then, with a small sad sigh. ]
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[ Loki was not one to say the things people should or want to know. He only gives the riddles when it comes to such important things. Yes Odin was crazy for that but the old fool likely expected she would calm his blood brother down and Loki would make her more out going. Or something along those lines. Loki didn't mind Tyr near her. Tyr was a good man and Loki just hates Heimdallr that's all that is.]

It's not intentional, if it was you would be running from the halls sobbing. I know you've seen me verbally attack people. They do not stick about when I do. So I apologize my pet if my words have indeed hurt you but I am what I am. I will not promise to change my ways but to change when and where I speak of such things. Is this more to your liking?

[ Loki could not agree more, having seen both in and out of dresses. As the men tend to bath together after battles and all. He'd much see Sigyn in or out of her dresses then Thor in either state again. He was a little pissy still that she was better then him at incantations but he could do little about it.]

...Really? Because I said weeks after my children were banished less then a week before we were wed...maybe it was the same day but either way he had his mind set before he told either of us. He did not ask me, he told me I was to marry you. [ Scary shit that wrath of Odin, Loki tries his damnest never to be on the receiving end of it anymore.]

That is becuase he has some sort of plan in that twisted mind of his, I may have the wit my enemies lack but I do not think I can out fox the old man. I have tried many times and still no luck. However you have my word I shall try.
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[ And she is quite aware of that since she has lived with him enough and by now she is a bit tired to try to get things straight out of him. If those has been the plans of her father they had failed, she had became even less going than before and whatever social life she had before was worse now since sometimes she didn’t left the house. And well, why would he mind Tyr? She had made it clear with him and things had been amicable. ]

Do you really think that hearing you brag about whatever man or woman or animal you might have bedded to everyone in the feast hall while I am there it’s not an attack against me? You might not think it is, but it does certainly opens up the field for others to attack me. And no, it’s not but I will not get more of you…I never have so I might as well settle with that.

[ Settling with things was like the normal for her, fighting for things she wanted was something she was told wasn’t acceptable. And well, he better remember those times fondly because he’s more likely to see Thor now that her for a long time. ]

…Of course he didn’t asked anyone, that day I wasn’t meant to marry you…yet father decided to change it. [ That day she was supposed to marry her actual fiancé and yes the wrath of Odin, sometimes she still feels her cheek stinging a bit at receiving the brunt end of it. ]

Your word is not exactly reliable, you realize?
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[ He enjoyed messing with people's heads it was one of his simple joys in life. If he could have nothing else he could at least laugh at how silly they looked trying to piece his words and figure them out. He did not deny her a social life hell he was rarely home between his jobs for Odin and his whorish ways. He did not mind Tyr because he was a friend, an idiot but a friend all the same.]

Oh gods woman, I hear you I do you need not repeat it over and over the whole way home. I will stop talking about it all together in public, my sex life will be nones business but my own. ALright? ...They have attacked you? I realize you've said this a few times not, but who exactly is talking about you?

[ Loki wasn't about to play that one, hell not. They can poke fun at him all they like, they always had even when he saved them time and time again but they would not poke fun at Sigyn. Not as long as he had a say.]

That say I was planning to set out on an adventure it was the day I announced my plans to leave to try to purse my spirits of ill will to my brother, your father that he had me brought to him and informed I was to wed you. We are both in this together, you must see that.

[ He liked her fighting back though hell this spat was the most fun he had had in weeks.]

No but a blood pact is, I would give you that.
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[ The reason she lacked a social life was because she had been that ashamed due to him to show her face around this place anymore, when she left her house it was to visit Sif, Frigg, Höðr or Heimdallr since those were the only ones that didn’t judged her at all, she only felt welcome with them in the end. ]

That way it will be engraved on that thick head of yours. And of course I have been what did you expected? “Oh not surprised that little Sigyn can’t keep him satisfied” or “of course he will stray, she’s a mere dull child and has nothing to keep him entertained.” Really…not even Thor is a much as a whore as you are.

[ Yes, she had finally called him a whore and she is not going to tell him who says those things to her, she doesn’t needs his help to deal with this. She had been taking all of these talks since the very start of their marriage and she had never asked his help. ]

I think what you want to say is that we were FORCED on this together. We are only remaining here because we are not allowed to leave, otherwise, you would have been gone a long time again Loki.

[ The young goddess looked at him, was he offering a blood pact? ]

No, that won’t be necessary. It will bind you permanently and if we do manage a way out of this, having a blood pact with me will be rather inconvenient.
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[ She needed to learn not to care like Loki did, he knew they all talked shit about him, but when shit hit the fan he was the one they all ran to for the answers. The mischievous Jotun whom seemed to always have a plan. Hell he spent more time sitting on the steps near Odin's throne speaking advice to the king of Asgard then adventuring like he used too.]

Stubbornness runs in my blood my dearest wife. You are married to a full blooded son of Jotunhiem not an Aesir, we are much more stubborn. I have a idea if you would permit me to speak it to you. Trust me, he is. And so is Sif don't let that whore lie to you, Thor knows not everything about his wife and If I ever told everything I know about the gods they would surly murder me on the spot.

[ He did not approve of people's mouths talking about what belonged to him. Though he did not see her as a treasure or an item but as a person marriage was a bond whether they liked it or not and her being spoke bad of was the same as him being spoken bad upon. He did not seem bothered by being called a whore, he traded sex for power over people and goods which he would steal while the partner slept. He knew it to be true.]

I am simply a whore out of need, In case you have not noticed we are some of the only not graced with a grand hall here in Asgard. But in a house built by Thor, and Myself with the help of a few. Even my mother's hall in Jotunhiem is more grand then our home. You father keeps those useful to him in an arms length Sigyn To this day I still hold he married us to keep me from returning to Jotunhiem for good.

[ He was indeed.]

I suppose your right, but may I venture to ask for forgiveness once more then? We may make our little prison somewhat better for us.
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[ Well she was starting to learn not to care, she had learned not to listen and take all the talking with as much dignity as she could, showing that she was the daughter of Odin and befitting of that title, she wasn’t going to let lesser goddesses to bring her down with their words. ]

I am painfully aware of that fact, every single day I am reminded of it. Thor might have his ways, yes, but you still exceed him and Sif…well should she really be called a whore for having slipped with you of all people? Because yes, I know you and Sif were involved I’m not stupid. Hmph, yes, I suppose you have enough information to take us all down.

[ Well if that’s how he thought, then heck, she was being spoken about even worse considering all the things they said about him. There wasn’t a day in which her husband wasn’t the source of gossips. ]

You could have used other means, you merely enjoy whoring yourself. As for the hall, I was too young still to get and I…was actually going to get one once I married He---it doesn’t matter anymore and really…you do realize you can just leave to Joutenheim and leave me behind, correct? And you can ask but doesn’t means I will give it.
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[ The poor thing didn't deserve it none of it. The Sly one did often feel bad for her being bound to him. It was easier when he was with Angrboda at least she knew what he was and held no thoughts of marriage to the Trickster. They were simply consorts and neither planned marriage even if he loved her deeply. Odin used marriage an honor to trap Loki from leaving.]

you speak as if I simply take any and everything with Legs or not, Their is methods to my madness Sigyn you may not notice but their is. and one day you may see that, please don't plague yourself any more on what your horrid husband does and worry not I will end this pain you are in.

[ Making his way into the house he kicked the door shut behind him and moved to lay Sigyn down so she could rest as he moved to sit down by her feet. It was not a bad house, it was pretty nice all things considered, no hall of asgard but still pretty nice.]

Look I am not him, I know you loved him. At least he is still living Odin didn't burn him alive. I will try to get your father to null the marriage if that is what you truly want so you may go have your gatekeeper and your hall. But know I can not sneak away Asgard is too dependant on my schemes they would hunt me down again.
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[ There were a lot of things that she didn’t deserved, but that didn’t stopped anyone from giving them to her and for things to happen, as long as Odin could be assured Loki was going to stay here well her happiness was a secondary thing to him and it seemed that it had always been for him. ]

And isn’t that the case? Hard not to notice all the things you do when everyone talks about them, is it not?

[ In all truth she hadn’t cared if she got a hall or not, she had just wanted a nice, warm and peaceful place that she could call home and share with the one that she loved, this house wasn’t bad and she actually liked it more than the halls but it was shared with a man she wasn’t sure if she fully cared about or not, he seemed bent on making her go from one end to the other.

There was a small sigh and she looked over at him.

I am deeply sorry about the way they acted, neither you nor Angrboda or your children deserved the kind of treatment which was bestowed upon you. As your blood brother, my father should have just let you be and be glad of your happiness, instead of allowing them to act as they did…so for all that it’s worth I am sorry.
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They need to keep their mouth's shut and worry about how they even know half of these things. Do these wenches not realize half of them are married and bragging about having been bedded by the trickster, do you know how many of their husbands I have had to battle because of these lose mouthed goddess you know? I do not always brag of my lovers, they do. It is not some trophy to be gained of it. And I have you know wife of mine, I have laid with you more times now then I have with many of them. These are our friends we must not speak ill of them.

[ he spoke after a moment sighing heavily he hated thinking bad on the gods and goddess' but sometimes they made it so hard for him not to sneer at them and talk shit about them. Loki adored their house, something he had done without magic and a place where he was away from the gods. Hell he had plants growing around outside to ward danger away and even dried herbs around the inside to bless a home. No matter how bad he could be and was a lot of times he tried to keep his home peaceful and calm. It was his sanctum from the insanity of the gods and their missions of him/]

It is not your apology I want Sigyn, of all them you are the one I still have respect for. You are an innocent and had nothing to do with what befell my family. However the Allfather is wise and I must believe he had reasons...I must or my mind goes places it dare not go. I must forever be loyal to my brother for if I am not who knows what he may do.

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