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1. Post with your characters name/canon and write 10 IC things about/to 10 peeps, don't say who they are for!
2. Go around and yell at/talk with/mourn alongside other peeps.
3. Potentially guess that jerk is talking about you, wtf.
4. Profit???
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[He roars triumphantly because obviously he's 10. The thought he isn't doesn't cross his pea brained mind for a microsecond.]

Of course Me Grimlock coolest! Me Grimlock best dinobot!
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[Well, now Max feels guilty because 10 wasn't meant for him.

BUT! That doesn't mean he's not cool! In fact, she thought about Grimlock a lot lately. She just wrote up of that other person first because they interacted in the last couple of days.]

Hi Grimlock!

Of course you're the best dinobot. [Honestly, what's cooler than a T-Rex? Nothing.] How have you been?