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  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Reply to people you're interested in playing with.
  • Use the RNG!

  1. encouragement - You can't help crushing on this person because they boost your self-worth and make you feel like you're actually a decent person!!!

  2. first date - It's a date! Or not. Maybe you're just at the skating rink, the intergalactic space station, or the five an dine at the same time.

  3. badass with a crush - You're badass but you kind of want to just dote on that special person.

  4. holding hands - Such a simple act that can make your heart pound.

  5. acting like dorks and avoiding the questions - What it says on the tin.

  6. impress - Hey, hey. Look at me, I'm awesome!

  7. kiss - Happy kisses, cheek kisses, angry kisses, SHUTTING YOU UP kisses.

  8. picnics - Get close to that special person while getting some good food.

  9. hugs - You're so nice and soft.

  10. denial - Feelings? No way. Let me repress those bad boys.

  11. mean - Pull their pigtails because you like them.

  12. unusually kind - You can't help but be really nice to the one you care for.

  13. presents - Here, I brought you this necklace. Or - Here, I brought you the head of our enemies.

  14. don't know how to act - I like this person?! WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO OH GOD.

  15. defending - Verbally or physically, you're standing up for your crush.

  16. telling them - You're going to confess...if things don't keep going wrong.

  17. oblivious - They don't know how you feel.

  18. loving smut - The smut option, full of cuteness.

  19. unrequited - Again, what it says on the tin.

  20. wildcard

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Poe Dameron | Star Wars | OTA

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[Ask before smutty options, though.]
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14 [obviously]

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[Okay, so she had... feelings for Poe. She thought. She was pretty sure. BB-8 said that they translated as feelings, and Chewbacca agreed and... ugh! Why was this all so confusing?! Dealing with wreckages was never this confusing. Maybe if she just... treated him like something to be stripped, it would work out? Maybe??]
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[Maybe it was because they'd been spending so much time together. With Finn still recovering, they were both there for him a lot, and when they weren't, they were there for each other. Poe would be lying if he said he didn't like Rey, but she was unlike any woman he had ever met before. She was something special. And unlike Rey, he had been around the space block a few times before. So he didn't act all that differently around her, not really.

But with her having to return to Luke soon, and him getting ready to take off for a mission... it meant they wouldn't be able to dart the subject for much longer. Still, that didn't stop him from flashing his usual, confident smile when he saw her in the hangar that morning.]

Hey, Rey. I was hoping I'd get to see you. [BB-8, who had been nearby at his owner's side, came rolling over to beep and boop an enthusiastic greeting to her.]
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Poe! BB-8!

[Droids are so much easier to deal with. Why can't dealing with feelings be like dealing with droids? Straightforward and to the point. She gives her own greeting back to the little droid, leaning down to give it an affectionate pat as part of the greeting, before straightening up to deal with what Poe was saying. He'd been hoping to see her! That was a great sign. She was fairly sure that it was, anyway]

Oh? That's... that's good. I, um, I was hoping to see you to. Outside of the whole med wing section or the waiting area.

[Though she wouldn't say no to the hanger bay, fixing up x-wings again. The whole mechanic thing was relaxing to her because she knew it and - as she had discovered - very oddly appealing when it was Poe who was covered in the grease and oil]
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[Droids were easier to deal with, but they all had unique personalities of their own. One of the reasons Poe liked BB-8 so much was because he could be so childlike, energetic and curious. Sometimes, he was even sure the little droid was talking to himself, or daydreaming. And he was loyal to the last, fond of his master and his friends, like Rey and Finn. But no, feelings were much different for humans.

Poe's smile widened at her words as he stopped in front of her.]

Yeah, I thought it was about time we met somewhere else. Keeps things fresh, I suppose.

[While he wasn't completely covered in grease and oil, he did have some spots here and there on his tunic.] How's Finn doing? Have you been by to see him today?
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[BB-8 was basically like a little sibling, or at least that's how Rey thought of the droid in question. A tiny, younger sibling who was still in the incredibly cute and not asking annoying questions stage. Which, thinking on it, she was always asking Poe annoying questions. But... he still wanted to see her. That was good, right?]

I don't know, the med wing is getting strangely comfortable.

[It's meant as a joke. Not a good one. She does spot the grease and wonders if she missed out on some good repair time] He's still... sleeping. The med-droid says something about his system needing the rest? But I thought he'd be awake by now. He's... missing out on a lot.

[She misses him. He was her first human friend, and, yeah.]
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[Honestly, Poe didn't mind the questions. He knew Rey's knowledge of how things worked was a little limited, considering the environment she had grown up in. But she never ceased to amaze him, and honestly she was unlike any woman he had ever met before. Plus, she was very powerful in the force, and an incredible pilot to boot, so how could he not like her?]

That's probably because Finn is in there. The place would be awfully dull without him.

[He's teasing, of course. Though he hasn't spent as much time with Finn as she has, he feels a connection with him, a great friendship. He hopes his friend will wake up soon.]

Yeah. I'm sure he'll be back with us soon. Don't worry.

[His expression softened a little, and he half-smiled at her.] So listen. I wanted to talk to you before you took off. Do you have a second?
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Well, he does brighten it up a little. If he just woke up, and said something, we'd all be doing a lot better, eh?

[She gives a smile. There's an amazement at how easily Poe seems to make friends. It's a talent she hasn't got - though her friendship with him seems to have come easily enough, she's suspects she's got BB-8 to thank for that]

Um, yeah I've got some time. Chewbacca and R2 are talking with the General so...

What's up?
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[Poe just has a natural friendliness to him, there's not a lot of people he doesn't like. Excluding, of course, the First Order, but that's different.

He smiles back, then nods back over his shoulder.]

It's quieter over here. [The hangar is a busy place, after all. Once they're in a quieter room, he absently runs a hand through his dark hair, turning to look at her.]

Listen, I know I haven't had the chance to talk to you much lately, but... take care of yourself out there, okay? Stay alert. I know you've definitely got the force on your side, but things can happen, and those skies can get crowded pretty fast.
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[Well, of course the First Order didn't count. No one liked them. Except the people who were brainwashed into thinking that they did. From the brief information Finn had given, well, Rey was fairly certain there was a lot of people that needed help. She followed Poe to the quieter room, watching the way his hair moved as his fingers ran through it. It always moved, she noticed. There was a life to it that she hadn't thought possible, for hair. Not living on a sand planet must do wonders]

You don't need to worry about me. I've not just got the Force, I've got Chewbacca. His aim is lethal enough to make squadrons of Stormtroopers run to hide. ... But thanks. It's... it's nice. Having someone be concerned for me. Never really experienced that.
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[Poe had a feeling Rey didn't know how beautiful she was. Just that alone made her that much more appealing in his eyes. But she was also his friend, and he valued that friendship above all else. Even if maybe he did wonder if there could be something more there, well he figured there was something between her and Finn. He knew how much his fallen friend cared for her, and he'd feel guilty if he stepped in the way.

Besides, she was off to train to become a jedi. At the moment, they were following different paths.]

I know. Chewbacca will tear off the arms of anyone who dares come after you. [He grinned, amused.] But I know you. You can handle yourself.

Finn is concerned for you too, of course. I mean, if he was awake he would be. So I guess I'll just have to be concerned for the both of us. I think I can handle that, too.
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Finn is a great friend. I'm glad I know him.

[Did she put enough emphasis on friend? Too much emphasis on the word, maybe? This was... a lot messier than she would have ever hoped to have to deal with. She liked Finn, she did, but it didn't feel the same as it did when she spoke with Poe. There was just... a difference that she couldn't describe]

I don't think he'd tear the arms off quite anyone. Depends on who was coming after me. If... I wanted them coming after me.
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He's a good man. I owe my life to him.

[If she did emphasize the word 'friend,' Poe didn't really notice. He was a guy, after all, and they could often be oblivious to this kind of thing. Even someone as confident as him might not realize what was starting him in the face, right under his nose. Still, he chuckled at her words.]

I think Chewie is definitely the overprotective type. I don't envy the guy who comes after you in a good way. I heard he wasn't too keen on Finn in the beginning.
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He's a good guy like that - the type of friend you want to have around.

[The word friend was beginning to sound odd. She felt horrible, the way it felt like she was putting Finn down - she wasn't - it was just... Poe was different. A different she wanted to learn more of. In a way she didn't with Finn.]

Well, Finn did sort of get him shot. But if Chewie was really as overprotective as you were making him seem, don't you think he'd be... stopping you talking to me? I mean, the way I've heard it, you're... meant to be the Resistance Poster Boy.
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He is definitely that. He's the guy you want to have in a tight situation.

[Poe, obviously didn't feel that way for Finn either, not the way he imagined Rey did. He loved the other man like a brother, sure, but that was different. Rey was something special altogether. But he wasn't about to start making assumptions here.

Still, he raised his brow when she went on to talk about him like that. Smirking a little, he shook his head.]

You've been talking to the general again, haven't you? She likes parading me around, I think, but only because I can't say no to her. I don't really think of myself as a 'poster boy,' whatever that means.

And Chewie should know that I would never... I mean, not when I know Finn is... well, he likes you a lot.

[And even someone as confident as Poe could be reduced to someone unable to finish his sentences properly, just because of a girl.]
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Like you said, Finn's the guy you want in a tight situation. He's a great friend.

[There's a shy smile on Rey's face because she doesn't even know why she said that but she just knew that she had to. The idea of Poe being a 'poster boy'... It had made her laugh and yet made her cheeks feel warm because she could see it, and didn't think it was a bad thing at all. The General had seemed amused with the idea, though her amusement was more... older relative? Rey wasn't sure how to describe it]

Chewie just... He knows I can handle myself, and he steps in when he thinks I might need help. But, he knows... ... Finn, Finn's a friend. A good friend. But a friend. I like him, but I don't think it's the same way he likes me.

It's hard, actually, understanding all the different kinds of 'like' there can be. The word seems to have no meaning and yet so many all at once. I can like Finn as my friend, but like yo... someone else in a way that makes me feel... different. A good different, that much I know.
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[Having lost his mother when he had just been a kid, Poe almost thought of the general as a motherly figure. Not that he would call her that in so many words, but he thought she understood, too. He had the feeling when she was talking to him, or when she squeezed his shoulder or his hand, or even gave him a little hug. She was kind and wise, and he valued her opinion very much. But poster boy? That wasn't something he liked all that much.

Poe's brow furrowed a little as he listened to Rey.]

...huh. Well, I'm sorry, I just figured the two of you were... close. I know he's awfully fond of you, but he never actually told me how he felt. Sorry if it sounded like I was jumping to conclusions there. I didn't mean to step on any toes.

[He smiled a little then, gently, and shrugged a shoulder.] Good different can be pretty nice. I guess the hard part is trying to figure out which meaning you feel toward that someone else, and if they feel the same way about you. Whoever they are, they would be lucky to have you feeling that way about them.

[Poe was genuine there, nothing flirty or cocky about it. Rey was very special, and she deserved the best. If that wasn't Finn, than... maybe there would be someone else.]
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[Oh, Rey wouldn't be adverse to having a poster of you hanging in her room, Poe...]

We are close. just not that close. And I know how horrible that sounds for me to say. Everyone around here thinks we're a couple because of how insistent Finn was about saving me, but... I don't feel that way, and he wouldn't want me to feel like I had to.

[She may step a little closer. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and she felt a little sick. Is this what liking a person felt like? Making you feel like you wanted to be sick until you could get all the words out?]

What if... you think you're sure of the meaning, and you just need to try to tell the other person? Wh... what would be the best way? I'm trying not to think about the working out if they feel the same way back, because... I don't think they do. But I... I'm fine with that. Sort of. I just... I want them to know.
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[he'll sign it for you and everything

Poe chuckled a little, then shook his head.]
I don't think Finn would want you to feel obligated. It's easy for people to assume these things, but don't let that worry you. I'm sure he'll understand.

[Finn might have been rather attached to Rey, but if they're being honest, she was one of the first friends he'd ever had. And Poe honestly couldn't blame him for liking her so much. She was an amazing young woman. Rey was younger than him, too, but he had boyish qualities that made him seem younger. And anyway, age wasn't a big deal during a time like this.

But he listened to her attentively, aware she was pretty serious about this. Whatever was bothering her was certainly important to her. The smile on his lips was gentle as he reached out to touch her arm reassuringly.]

Well, I think the easiest way would just be to tell them how you feel. I know that doesn't sound very easy - trust me, I've been there, but... you'll never know until you try, Rey.
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[It would be her prized possession, and considering she doesn't own much, that's saying a lot!. She gave a tight smile, and folded her arms over her chest. It was easy to say that Finn wouldn't want her to feel obligated, but... would it be that way when he woke up?]

I hope he does. It's not that I don't care for him. It's just... it's not the way I think he'd like it to be. But, maybe he only thinks he cares for me that way. That's... that's possible, right?

[She swallowed nervously, and stepped a little closer, looking around and trying to keep her tone casual. She didn't know what she was doing - she'd never had to deal with anything like this before, and trying to deal with it now was not something she had ever planned for.]

Well, what if you've tried telling them? By, maybe, pointing out how much the person everything thinks you care for is just a friend, and telling them how you feel different about someone else... But you just can't get the actual names out?
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[Poe would be mostly uncomfortable but also honored.

He knew it could be difficult for his friend when he found out this special girl didn't quite care for him the way he did for her. Of course, that was if Finn's feelings for her were that strong. But Poe thought Finn cared about her enough that he wouldn't stop being her friend, not for a second. Those two were connected, even if it wasn't a romantic sort of connection.]

Yeah, that's possible. The thing about Finn is he probably doesn't have a lot of experience with this kind of thing. He was raised to be a stormtrooper, and that doesn't leave a lot of room for socializing. Don't worry, he'll be alright.

[And now Poe was really starting to get curious. He didn't mind their closeness. But he was a social creature himself, and had no problem with hugs, or other encouraging touches, whether they be to the shoulder, arm, hand - whatever. It was obvious Rey was really worked up over this, and even now he thought she was acting... different than usual.

And suddenly... it all just clicked into place. Poe wasn't actually that dense - honestly, he was a fairly intelligent guy. The realization must have shown on his face, but he was hesitant still.]

I think maybe you should.... spell it out for him, just in case.
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[There is a sign of visible relaxation in Rey. She has been genuinely concerned that - somehow - Finn may think she doesn't even want to be his friend because she doesn't care for him in quite the way he might way. She would hate to lose his friendship]

I hope he understands. I just, I don't want him thinking I don't care at all. He's my closest friend and we've been through so much together. I don't want to lose any of that.

[Spell it out? There's a clear look of confusion on her face]

What... what if you don't know how to 'spell it out'?
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[Poe understood her concern as far as Finn was concerned. He was definitely the kind of friend you didn't want to lose. He certainly couldn't imagine life without the younger man in it now. The three of them were all good friends, but... well, he'd be lying if he said his feelings toward Rey were exactly the same.

So now, he really hopes what he thinks this is all about is actually what it is all about. It's rather adorable the way she can't just come out and tell him, and he finds himself smiling a little, easily charmed by her as usual.

But his expression softened as he went on.]


Just take a chance and... tell him how you feel.
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[And there's clear panic and confusion and so many other conflicting emotions clear on her face. Her mouth opens and closes and she tightens her folded arms over her chest in a manner rather like a hug because she can trust herself and she's real. Then she closes her eyes and breathes. Calmness sets in and suddenly she's in the galaxy again.]

I don't care for Finn that way, but... I'm fairly certain I do care for you that way, Poe Dameron.
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[Assuming one thing and having those suspicions confirmed are two very different things. Poe, the confident, sometimes cocky pilot finds himself caught off guard, at a loss for words. That's a first for him, really. But bravado only works so well, and in this situation... he can't muster a single joke.

He smiles, looking down briefly, then back up. Absently, he licks his lower lip... then steps closer to her.]

Are you sure, Rey? I'm just a pilot. I'm no one special. But you... you're a Jedi. You're incredible.

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