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you know the deal.
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1. Ps I got my nipple pierced. You're just gonna have to accept me for who I am because I am an adult now and you can't stop me.

2. We shared that special kind of eye contact that can only be experienced when you know one party is saying "Oh god, I fucked you in the back of the millenium falcon when my dad was driving, didn't I."

3. No one is celebrating Darth Vader's birthday with me. This bullshit history we learn in school has brainwashed everyone!

Or pick one of these
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( good lord )

If we accept your nipple piercing will you come out for dinner?
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I'm not eating meatloaf.
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Your father and I discussed it and we decided you can have macaroni cheese tonight, but only if you eat with us.
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If dad says anything else about my friends I'm leaving. It's not a crime to wear a swastika!


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you did WHAT? with WHO?? 😠
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dad this wasn't mean for YOU
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... We did. Sort of. We celebrated Anakin Skywalker's birthday
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Using that name just shows you don't understand ANYTHING that he worked for
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No, I think you've got it the wrong way round...
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excuse me i'm his GRANDSON i think i know what i'm talking about

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I'm cool with it!

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Lad, I'm quite sure everyone's joined the High Klick Club in the Falcon.
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Those are some stories your parents wouldn't want you to know because they don't want to admit they were young once.

Don't tell them Uncle Wedge told you.
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i already know that mom and uncle luke practically had sex in front of a bunch of people.


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Honey ...

I'm still trying to convince your father to call you by your new name.

[ It's Kyle Ron, right. ]
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like he could remember anything that isn't related to his stupid falcon
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You ought to give him more credit than that. He loves you for who you are.
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he hates all my friends!
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I'll celebrate Grandpa's birthday with you! If we can have a podrace for it.
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podracing is SO 1999, Anakin. no one's into that anymore
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Aw, you're just saying that cause you know you'd lose.
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damn straight, u know i got your back bro. we can honor the dark lord in style
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omg hux ur like the only person on the planet who understands how great vader was except me
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starkiller was taken, i was sad

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there's others out there man, we just gotta find them

i belong to this great pro sith message board, u gotta check it out, everyone there really gets me

omg so rude

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