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you know the deal.
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Kylo Ren | Star Wars

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1.) He may be 6' 6" but I'm 180 lbs of pure rage and determination

2.) don't worry, i'm not mad. i'm just angry. and furious. and about to set your ass on fire.

3.) My mom just told me I look like darth vader. how's your night?
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Nah, I don't see it. Darth Vader was scarier. You? You're just hard to understand behind that mask.
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Funny. You seem to remember things differently than I do.

We were able to come to an understanding just fine.
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I'll admit that having you in my mind wasn't pleasant, but I wasn't scared. Takes a lot more than that to intimidate me.
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Is that a challenge?
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No. But I'll be ready for you next time.
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Surely young Skywalker told you size matters not
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Skywalker is a fool. He was always a fool.

But however misguided he may be, I haven't forgotten his teachings.


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hey, man, not everyone's cut out to serve genocidal maniacs!
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Show some respect, FN-2187. Have you abandoned your courtesies along with the First Order?

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I have plenty of respect for those who deserve it...
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1 + 2

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No idea who you're talking about, but you will not able able to because I can land you on your ass using my staff, not my saber. But I'll use my lightsaber because it's an elegant weapon for a civilised age.
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I believe you have the wrong number.

[also Hux did it]
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Are you certain of that, Captain?
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[this is all she needs some pissybaby Force-user wanting to shove a lightsaber up her rectum] Unless there is some misplaced blame. What has invoked your wrath this time?
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[Hux is next, don't worry.]

Your men, Captain. They're getting soft. Unreliable. Insubordinate.

Tell me. What's to stop the rest of your troops from following in FN-2187's example?
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[okay, to be completely fair? this is a serious issue. any dry 'not-this-again' is completely gone.]

The training is being restructured and the conditioning regiment tightened to ensure no reoccurances.

FN-2187 is an anomaly and will be made an example. He will not have a successor.
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someone's being a little too generous.
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And you, Skywalker, are one to talk.
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why do you say that? i've never had any reason to lie about my weight. seems kind of silly if you ask me.