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you know the deal.
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1. I wish you were here. I'm innthe back seat and it looks like outer space and everything feels like rice

2. i didnt mean to paint the dog... it just kinda happened

3. I feel like someone was just looking at my memory and took out an eraser and was like "nope he doesnt need that"

4. Text Luke!
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I didn't do it.

By the way, whatever you're drinking that produced that effect, give me some of it. Now.
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I'm almost 80% certain it was hyperdrive coupling degausser. Are you still in?
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You can drink that?

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I haven't died yet, so yes!

Unless I forgot that too??
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It's worth the risk. Give me the bottle. There are people and places I need to forget if I am ever going to reach his level.

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[ Well, this is mildly concerning. Not least of which because she's supposed to be infiltrating a military base on Mandalore in several hours and not worrying over whatever he might have done -- or had done -- to himself to prompt this. ]

Tell me where you are, maybe I can join you.
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Ummm... I'm not sure anymore. Use the Force you can find me!

[Luke, no! Sorry Evie, it turns out his alcohol tolerance is kinda pathetic and celebratory drinks with the rest of the pilots is something he should have taken along a droid chaperone or three for.]
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[ Relatively speaking, there are only a limited number of possibilities as to where he might be. She really only has to narrow it down.

Worrying at her lip, she types: ]

How about you peek outside and give me a clue? [ He's not quite at the point where his spelling has become unrecognizable, which is encouraging. Maybe if they can even turn this into some sort of game. ]

It's only fair, after all.
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You can't just leave a story at that
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Would you believe me if I said the Force told me to?

[The Force absolutely did not tell him to.]
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Since when does the Force make artistic suggestions?
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No! Maybe. ...Yes.

Chewie said it was safe for fur!

... I'm pretty sure that's what he said anyway.
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So when your Sith enemy sends you a Life Day gift of something your lightsaber cut off... what message is that meant to be?
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I wish I were there, too. It'd be nice not being dead.