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mistletoe meme .

the mistletoe meme
Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you... T'is the season-- almost. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

»POST with your character and their canon.
»SPECIFY Prefs, if any.
»TAG around and have fun!
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bb-8 / star wars [au] / ota

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[this dork can barely walk without falling over, enjoy.]
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Re: bb-8 / star wars [au] / ota

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[Er, this kid probably shouldn't be under the mistletoe, should he? He looks pretty young]

Er, hi. You, er, do know you're standing under mistletoe, right?
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I am? [He looks up, frowns, and looks back down.] Oh. I am. [He leans in and whispers.] What's mistletoe?
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[He blinks owlishly]

Er... That is.

[He points up at the offending plant.]

Probably not a good idea to stand under it, really, I mean... You look a bit young for this tradition. No offence.
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Oh, I'm not offended. I've only had this body for a week or two, and it wasn't made that long ago. [He smiles as though there's absolutely nothing weird about that. He backs up, though. Or tries to. Something seems to be stopping him from moving too far.] Um.
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Right, yeah, of course.

[What? That's... Probably none of his business. And now the kid's looking a bit worried.]

You alright?
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You mentioned a tradition. Does that involve... not being able to move? Because I can't. Not far, anyway.
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[Oh, heck. Not again. What are the chances?]

Er... Don't panic.

[He's panicking a bit himself as he subtly tries to move and finds he's stuck too.]

This, er... happened before.
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What happened before? Is mistletoe some kind of force field?
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...Not usually, no. Er... around here, sometimes. You don't happen to know the tradition, I suppose?

[Nope. No. He's going to die here, isn't he? Because he's NOT snogging a kid.]
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[He shakes his head.] No. I've never heard of mistletoe before, I don't think we have it. What's the tradition?
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[Rey comes over. And looks up]

Oh come on, this thing again?! Who is putting this stuff all over the base?
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What is it? People keep standing under it and pressing their faces together.
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It's a plant called mistletoe. It's tradition apparently, to stand under it and kiss at this time of year. We're stuck here until we do that.
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So we can't leave unless we kiss? [...] Human traditions are strange.
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They really are. But this is a simpler one. [She leans over, and kisses him on the cheek]
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Oh. [He beams, more so when he realises that he can move again.] That was easy.
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Yeah, this is one of the simpler traditions. I still think it's a deceptive way of getting kisses out of people though. What's wrong with just asking?