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Shag, Marry, Cliff

Shag, Marry, Cliff
The Meme

Shag, Marry, Cliff (known alternatively as: Fuck, Marry, Kill, among other names) is a sort of party or road-trip game. One person gives three names, and the next person says which of the three they'd screw (or shag or fuck, whatever), marry, and throw off a cliff (or punch or kill, whatever). It can continue on or the "players" can sit and discuss their terrible life choices.

How to play
1) Comment with your character.
2) Reply (ICly) to others with three names to choose from.
3) Say who you would shag, who you would marry and who you would kill/cliff.
4) Enjoy the resulting interaction!

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Kylo Ren, a Stormtrooper or... [Does she know anyone else this guy would know? Dammit, she doesn't. In a dejected tone] Me.
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[ Have a pointed look, enjoy. ] Cliff? Well, yourself, naturally. [ Ew, rebels. ]

Shagging and marrying either Ren or a stormtrooper are interchangeable. Both are pretty unsavory.
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And here I thought you Dark Side people were all buddy buddy
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The Force, yourself and a wookie.
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Shagging the force may be quite the trial. And a wookie would be abominable. You're not far behind the wookie, but I suppose, being human, it wouldn't be as horrific.

[ What douchy choices you left him with. Rude. ]
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You are confusing yourself for me. Though I imagine your mind wanders frequently into the realm of being boned.