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Ghost Hunting Meme

Maybe you're part of one of those big paranormal research societies that have their own TV show, top of the line equipment, and everything. Maybe you're an aspiring director who's noticed the boom of paranormal TV shows lately and decided to cash in the time is right for your art. Or maybe you and your friends just decided that messing around in someplace that's supposed to be haunted sounded like a fun way to spend an evening, especially when there may or may not be beer involved. Whatever the reason may be, you've decided to go


Choose your haunting, or let he RNG pick for you:

1. Setting Up: You're on location, and the locals have told you about the place's super creepy history and why it's definitely haunted. It's time to start unpacking your gear and encountering some ghosts. You just noticed that the clouds in the sky are forming an X over the location - just like the electrical tape X's you used to mark locations for your infrared cameras! - so you know you're going to get a lot of activity tonight.

2. YOU GUYS WHAT WAS THAT NOISE: There's no way that was just the building settling, and wind definitely doesn't make a sound like that! Clearly, something paranormal is afoot (a spooky, disembodied foot) here.

3. Era Cues: One of the best ways to draw out ghosts is through the use of stimuli from the era in which they died - so put on some oldschool jazz, light up a cigar, and start cooking some down-home southern cuisine. It's for science!

4. EVP Time: Your completely uncalibrated EMF detector just started spiking, and you may or may not have felt a cold breeze just now, so the spirits must be with you! Switch on that tape recorder and start asking them some questions, and maybe you'll be able to pick their responses out of the background noise (what is "pareidolia," anyway?)

5. Motion Detector Mayhem: The device you bought to make a horrific racket if anything moves is making a horrific racket, and what could possibly move in an empty, dark room where your teammates totally haven't been except for a ghost? You haven't even seen any huge moths since you began this investigation, so it has to be something paranormal!

6. COME AT ME BRO: Provoking the ghosts is a really good idea. Shouting and posturing at the air like a tough guy makes you look cool, and it's always the best way to-- oh god, did something just scratch you?!

7. The Infrared Camera Just Caught Something: Or maybe it was the ultraviolet camera, or hell, maybe even the regular old visible light camera. Either way, it definitely wasn't one of your teammates sneaking off to take a leak or a smoke without telling anyone else like it was the last four times, because everyone is finally present and accounted for. Which leaves only one thing it could be...

8. That Object Just Moved!: Despite the fact that you finally wised up and placed the trigger object far away from anything that you could trip over or hit with your camera, it just fell over. And that piece of concrete that just landed next to your foot? It totally didn't come from the ceiling - it had to have been thrown by something.

9. Possession: Suddenly, one of your teammates can't quite seem to remember his last name, and is talking about how he'll "scuttle your legs" - or maybe he's talking about how this place fills him with demonic rage, or just acting dumber than usual. Either way, he's obviously been possessed by an entity!

10. Other/Pick One: Choose your own haunting.
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Tifa Lockheart/Final Fantasy VII

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9? so many regrets

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[ There's nothing really remarkable at all about this rundown old ShinRa military facility, one of many just like it (when ShinRa let something go, they either blew it to smithereens, or simply left it to rot by the ravages of time, and there was very little in between). But it isn't the architecture they've come to check out (thankfully).

Rumors, of course, are what lead them in their travels, most days — and from the confused ramblings of oddly reliable old men to the worryingly apt exclamations of total strangers, they're never in short supply. So when it came to the group's attention that there was rumored to be a long-abandoned research facility, previously manned by a certain evil electric company, a place where it was said (in so many disjointed words) that many unusual experiments involving the search for the Promised Land (and tampering with the Lifestream, to boot) had been conducted, their fate was sealed. A potential source of insight — and maybe some decent item drops — could not be overlooked, so Cloud had steered them off their path for yet another exciting sidequest.

Only sans the "exciting," so far. With the rest of their merry troupe off milling around somewhere down those long, dark halls, past overturned furniture, scattered, molding remains of paperwork (unreadable, naturally), and so many windowless rooms (underground, here, there wouldn't be much of a view, anyway), Cloud has been busy, hard at work sifting through so much junk. Junk in file cabinets, junk in desk drawers, junk in secret safe compartments that'd best not be hiding any optional boss fights (not in the mood)...

He's also been moodily silent for the better part of the day, and the only sound between them either Tifa's occasional, hopeful interjections or the quiet shuffle of their ongoing searches at opposite ends of one shady office. He stops, periodically, to either stand up and stretch or leave off his current point of focus in total disgust, for one reason or another, so it shouldn't really be a shock when those soft, inconstant noises come to another abrupt stop — no, but it should maybe be a little disconcerting when he speaks up suddenly in a tone of voice (is that even his voice?) completely unbefitting of Cloud breaking his latest broody silent spell. ]

Heeey. Hey, Tifa.

[ guess who I'm possessed by ]
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I blame this on the pony

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{when Cloud gets moody there seems to be an unspoken agreement from the team that he gets ditched with Tifa... or Tifa gets ditched with him... but it's definitely group survival mentality that leaves the two of them alone (and by group agreement, that means everyone but Tifa - and possibly Cloud - is in on the unspoken vote.) Because she enjoys being off on her own with the blond chocobo incarnate, Tifa is only just now, at this juncture, finally starting to notice the pattern - but she'd definitely starting to put two and two together and so her thoughts haven't exactly all been kind, helpful ones as she's sneezed her way through dusty drawers and cabinets and closets. Sure, she's found some helpfully shiny flasks and even picked up another All materia but Cloud's brooding, grunting responses to her attempts at conversation have her finally tapering out of them. She thinks she can understand a little. This place has to bring back memories, even if they're not linked to this specific place and she thinks the best she can do is simply be nearby for him. She doesn't, honestly, even knowing what the rest of the team's doing, exactly mind being with him. There's a strange contentment she finds just working with him nearby even when they're not talking and so there's no hitch in her actions as she hears him pause behind her, up to her elbows in a lower desk drawer, trying to jiggle the small lock box in the back of it loose without breaking everything.

Or setting off a boss fight.}

Hm? {it's half actual attention and half the kind of sound she would make if Marlene - or Barret - were saying the same thing. That something's off hasn't hit her to worry her yet. She's so used to Cloud suddenly going strange in bad ways, that a cheerful strange doesn't set off her instinctive alarms.

More's the pity.}
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how dare you. the ponies are blameless

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[ and I don't have the icons for this AT ALL so let's just pretend these are the faces Cloud is making in his poor abused soul rn

Was he standing directly behind her a second ago? Well, he is, now. Looming a little, as he hovers, trying to get a good look at whatever it is she's trying to get at in the dark, those eerily blue eyes creased at the corners with subtle laugh lines that definitely didn't belong there.

He rocks back on his heels, hands on his hips, not quite able to stop fidgeting (as if some impossible force of energy has just struck him, and it has). From somewhere over her head, as he leans down to prop his hands on his knees, he asks, ]

What're we lookin' for, again?
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nothing that cute is blameless. NOTHING!

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[I think I will enjoy the icon show in that case]

{while she's aware that Cloud can move quickly and she's aware that, when he's not tromping around like a sullen teen, that he can move silently too, his sudden appearance, complete with looming directly behind her, is still a surprise just for it's pure abnormality. It startles a small hiccuping sound out of her and her instinctive jerk tears one of the sides of the lockbox out of its bolted down spot. The problem is - Cloud's not as... tall as certain other someone's and so there's not as much room over her head as one might suspect. Her jerk in that tiny space and the sudden lost of anchor on one side has her thumping back into him and it's only instinctive response that keeps her from knocking her head right into the bottom of his chin. So the:}

Cloud - {comes out before what he's asked registers and the look she gives him, turning her head, shifts from confusion at the proximity to a more basic confusion at his question.}

Um... stuff? {when were they ever looking for anything more specific than that? But she gives it another try, resisting the urge to ask if he's been hit by a confusions spell because if he had they'd be lining up for a fight right about now.} Useful stuff that Shinra might have inexplicably left behind.
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[ Undeterred by her abrupt jostling

(whoops, guess you're not quite done growing up, yet)


he catches her by the shoulders with both hands, an entirely unCloudlike chuckle escaping him with the gesture. He isn't spinning in circles and hitting himself, so it can't be Confu, but there's something equally terrifying about the unflappably equitable mood he seems to have launched just as abruptly into. ]

Oh, that kinda stuff, huh? We-ell, what's that you've got, there?

[ He points past her to the metal box now sitting lopsided in the same place it's undoubtedly rested undisturbed for years. This is way more interesting than the wealth of garbage and hastily scribbled, indecipherable notes Cloud was going through, before he was interrupted. ]
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everyday. I do Every. Day. (or the smaller, slightly more furry equilivalent.)

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{it is terrifying, or at least it sends a little bolt of something cold down through her. He's - wrong. Cloud's her size. When has he ever caught her by her shoulders? The chuckle's obviously wrong too as nice as it sounds and he still hasn't stepped back. As much as she enjoys Cloud standing too close... with the mood he'd been in up until a minute ago that doesn't seem right either.

His speech pattern is entirely wrong too.

Brief, her eyes dart over his shoulder but no, there's no Cloud there, frozen or passed out, leaving her dealing with a doppelganger. Looking back at the man in front of her, her chin tucks a little downward. He's still got that smudge of dirt on the high angle of his cheekbone he had when she'd checked on him earlier. That same little freckle that's almost invisible unless you're looking for it just above his top lip. His eyes though... they're wrong.

Slow, she eases back just a little, heel 'incidentally' pushing the drawer of the desk she was rifling through closed as she buys a little space, even if she doesn't have it in her to pull intentionally way from his hands on her. She's never in her life drawn away from Cloud and it twinges her conscience, that he might realize that and be hurt.

If it's really Cloud in front of her...

He smells right. A little dusty, a little like leather and that sharp, clean 'Cloud' smell underneath. Lips pressing together, she searches his face again but she still doesn't set herself in a defensive position, still in arm's range, still vulnerable.

He's not shaking or glaring the way he has when he's had a personality shift before... what if he's just... really cheerful suddenly? Or got hit by a defensive spell that ... makes... you friendly...?

Her voice comes out soft and there's no doubt she's asking:}

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disapproving rabbits disapprove of your disapproval (also apparently your heart is made of coal!?)

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[ A little hum of plainly curious sound (Hm?), and he glances back over his own shoulder as he catches that paranoid little flick of her gaze. Nope, nothing there. Just dust bunnies and dirty piles of office rubble...

Oh, and that really weird shadow he casts, in the bright light of the lantern set atop the ancient desk she was just pawing through -- at the sight of which he pauses to run a hand back through his hair, the other propped up on a hip.

No, it's just not the same...

Er. Right. Tifa-- ]

Eh, heh, yeah? Something wrong?

[ Turning back to face her, (not)Cloud grins a little sheepishly before making a valiant effort to sober up (but this is kind of fun! except for the scaring part, that's not very cool at all). As if recognizing his faux pas at last, he takes a couple of wide, ambling steps back, himself, incidentally bringing his dark silhouette into sharper focus.

Yeah, that might be starting to look a little familiar, now. ]

Didn't mean to startle you.

[ But cut him some slack; is there any unhorrifying way to possess a guy? ]
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nooo! no disapprovingrabbits(.com) (and I'll have you know it's licorice, it just LOOKS like coal)

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{there's the smallest little creak of leather and only someone that knows her very well would understand that's the only warning most creatures get before Tifa's gloves meet various vulnerable and fleshy bits of their bodies. The joys of not having a weapon means not having to bother draw it and alert anyone to what's coming.

For the moment the shadow is getting a pass because Tifa's too busy focusing on watching Cloud's body move in ways it's not supposed to at all. It's like watching Cloud pull those strange poses of his he used to do all the time but doing them right this time instead of the strangely disjointed wrong she's gotten so used to.

Is Cloud slipping again? Just the thought of it makes her heart go hollow and cold and there's that soft creak of worn leather again because if he is, she has to take him down fast and hard because there's no way she can stand up to him in a fair fight for any length of time. She's not going to let something else run off with his body though and even if it makes her throat a little dry. The only thing that's stopping her from just lunging in fact is that he still seems... familiar. Not Cloud but somehow it's got that same twinge of mental echo that reminds her a little of Cloud.}

No. {a small head shake and she doesn't have to tense because she can coil in midair if she needs to deliver a surprise strike. Her hair whispers against the backs of her bare legs. The relaxed tone and small smile are bartender brand 'tell me your problems' and if it was Cloud he'd be back pedaling so hard in response to what that means right now, he'd end up through the wall.} You just seem a little off. Are you feeling like yourself?
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black licorice is worse than coal :( (somehow)

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Like myself?

[ A considering pause, his free hand finding his chin to complete the look. Well, it isn't technically a lie to say he does, even if there are a few marked differences, being in a foreign body, outside the Lifestream...

(little shorter, little lighter, little blonder)

(...and I'm starting to feel dumber)

(hey, watch it, pal!)

But it seems dishonest, and he's already been doing a pretty poor job of pretending like everything's just hunky-dory, over here, while he tries to figure out a good way to break the ice (or a better way, to sort of cover up the not-so-great approach he's thus far been cultivating). ]

Hm. Yup! Just like me.

[ And Cloud has doubtless never given her a thumbs up in his life, but here he goes, now, what a truly unnerving picture.

But she wouldn't really punch a guy wearing her love interest's body, would she!? (On second thought — on paper, that sounds like an insanely punchable offense.) ]
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actually you're right - black licorice tastes terrible.

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{that cheerful, close lipped smile and chirped word are the last thing that happens before the chair that was near her foot is now halfway through the air and headed straight for the bulk of Cloud's body. The chair's just the distraction though because directly after it is Tifa, coming in fast and hard, eyes gone to bottomless black, fist already incoming.

She doesn't hold back her punches either.

She's expecting a fight - and a bad one - and her mind is already three steps ahead in planning for it so that her moves will flow one directly into the other. She has to take him down fast and then she has to... she doesn't know what she has to do after that. Sit on him? Something to keep whatever's taken over his body from running off with it and doing - whatever maniacal, thumb waving body snatchers do with abducted Cloud bodies.

The benefits of having a martial artist as a love interest are that she's not trying to beat him to a pulp. No. Tifa's going for numbing nerve points, goal to take him down rather than knock him out. Some of the hits can't be helped though as she swings them, not if she's going to do this fast enough to keep him from recovering.

At least she's got a Restore materia on her?}

[should I be assuming post-Mideel or are we going pre?]
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sometimes i'm so glad we agree on everything

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[ Aw, crap.

She's a lot faster than he remembers, but even if the grouchy subconscious that belongs to the head he's currently invaded thinks that just serves him right, he definitely won't go down without a fight!

For a very liberal definition of "fight," anyway.

When she flips the chair, he has just enough time to look very clearly surprised — and then catch it (albeit a little clumsily, these aren't his hands, man) out of the air. The brittle piece of old furniture seems like a decent makeshift shield as he ducks back, weaving neatly around her punches (a little too widely, at that, but who's keeping score?) until one good hit splinters it nearly to dust. Left holding a couple of useless hunks of rotted wood, the stranger who should probably have tried a little harder to wear his brand new Cloud costume with some modicum of convincing ditches the last remains of his ill-fated prop and narrowly misses another fist to the face.

At least his reflexes aren't as rusty as his people skills seem to be. ]

H-Hey! Wait a second! You wouldn't hit your friend, would you!?

[ whichever makes this more awful? ide want to figure out how this fits into canon in any way, so the choice is yours ]
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{Tifa's not a talker when she fights and the black fire glare that escapes out of her narrowed eyes at the question is verbal enough an answer. Whether she would or wouldn't, she certainly doesn't consider whatever's going on with Cloud's body to be friendly.

he's not even moving right!

She knows Cloud. She's fought next to him too long now to not know the way he moves. And that is not the way he moves. Even as she sends a fist aimed for his stomach and then drops low at that feint to bring her leg sweeping around for his ankles, something inside her is twisting. Just because it hasn't attacked her or one of their friends yet, it's still got Cloud and, to her, that invasion is worse than any surprise attack on her. He's not a puppet and seeing something use him as if he is makes her sick and furious at the same time. The heel of her boot lashes out, determined to take him down and to keep herself between him and the only exit out of the room until she does.}

Let him go.

[post Mideel gets us Cloud being aware of who Zack is for head conversations and gives Tifa angst thanks to an awareness of what was really going on. pre Mideel leaves Tifa and Cloud in the dark about what's going on with Cloud, gives Tifa guilt over not telling Cloud about Zack and might indicate Aerith is still alive and in the party. I see good bad stuff either way]
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Wooah, h—

[ Punched in the stomach? Not something he wants to remember the feeling of in the first five minutes of being back in a living body (and even if it is only borrowed, he'd like to think he at least has the courtesy to return the poor guy the way he found him). Thus, her fake out sends him spiraling into distraction, and he's not quick enough to avoid her totally uncool follow-up move.

(Don't you know only the bad guys sweep the leg, Tifa?)

Oof! After a short battle with gravity, he drops in a cloud of dust, debris scattering under the force of the awkward fall. ]

Gimme a break, here! [ Luckily, it requires only a fraction of that patented SOLDIER breakdance prowess to launch and twist his not-self back up to his feet. Oh yeah, totally still got it. ] How about giving a guy a chance to explain himself?

[ let's go with post then ffff. LESS ANGST (SOMEHOW!?) ]
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the Cloud reaction icons btw are amusing me to no end

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{(funny, Tifa always thought it was only winners sweep the leg.)

She almost gets the pounce on him when he goes down but he's using Cloud's SOLDIER fast reflexes and he gets out of it before she can land on him to try to pin him down. She's still never seen Cloud move that way though. It's... heftier, as if there should be more of him involved in the move than there is. There's something... something tickling harder than ever at the back of her mind though. Something familiar she can't seem to shake, that feels important even though she's in the middle of a fight, darn it!, and now's not the time for distractions. It's what makes her pause though, holding her crouched position, narrowed eyes suspicious as she glowers at the man that's not hers in front of her. He's so damned fast but he'll have to slip up eventually.}

That's what those three minutes you were pretending to be Cloud were for.
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he lives to entertain

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[ (FEAR DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS DOJO okay i am getting way off script)

Finally, a moment to compose himself. Although he's still all but bouncing on the balls of his feet, the individual in front of her who is very much not Cloud any longer is more than a little relieved for the brief reprieve. Unfortunately, his first act as a victim of attempted punchings is to balk at her wild accusations. ]

Three minutes? No way it was that long! [ Honestly, it's not even like he's even trying to get his sinister evil on or anything, and why isn't that enough to validate his parking? ] Look, what do you want me to say? I already apologized!

[ And there's the shrug. And the sheepish grin. ] Pretty girls make me nervous!
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sadly enough - very true - lol

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{her eyes narrow down hard again and what she accounts for as a bar style come on doesn't help him any either. There's the faint creak of leather.}

That's not an explanation.
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everything about this thread is killing me

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[ okay

so that might've been a sliiiight miscalculation. Eventually, even he will have to realize that these jokes just aren't landing, but he doesn't have to admit that it's because they suck. Even in the afterlife, you are allotted a certain amount of denial.

His hand goes back into (not) his hair, this time with a reluctant frown. ]

All right, all right! Don't you think I'm trying? [ Sigh. Time for some sincere eyes. ] Will you at least believe me when I say I'm only here to help out? Cloud's not gonna get hurt, either. Promise.

[ because he sure didn't drag this stupid ass across two continents and an ocean and then die fighting an army over it just to jump it off a cliff (or walk it into Tifa's fists or something equally suicidal) ]
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{it's... hard, because Cloud does sincere eyes very well (to the point where, if he ever realized it, he'd walk all over her). The eyes in front of her are the right shape and color but they're lacking the Cloud that makes them so devastating effective - yet, they're still Cloud's eyes and there's a certain amount of something still behind them with that kicked puppy look. Her arms shift and it's only the thought that she's still going to have to use her fists in a second that keeps Tifa from crossing them over her chest and huffing. She does bounce up and down on her toes once though.

She can't believe she's having a conversation with whatever's hijacked Cloud's body instead of just pummeling it... but that would include pummeling Cloud's body too and she's not in a hurry to hurt him even if it is for his own good.}

No. {she shakes her head but she's careful to never take her eyes off the body in front of her or to move out of her block of a quick escape out the door.} I won't believe you. You've taken over a body that doesn't belong to you. What part of that screams 'I'm trustworthy' to you?

{a frown and brows down she focuses. She wants to get Cloud back and she wants to do it before the trauma of yet again being nothing but an observer in his own body hurts him any more than it already probably has. One of the materia on the back of her glove winks to life.} Now what do you want?
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[ (Tch. Totally would've worked if it'd been my face)

(Doubt it)

(What'd I say about that smart mouth, mister)

After a few seconds of trying to cross Cloud's eyes in order to like physically glare inward somehow deeply serious contemplation, the entity currently piloting him lights up. Bright idea! Still holding his (Cloud's) hands out, palms up and open, he shuffles a little toward the dark shape of the desk back at the other end of the office. ]

Lemme show you! I won't make any sudden moves or anything. [ SOLDIER's honor! ]
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{was he... crossing his eyes at her?

Before she can decide it that merits punching just for the sheer fact of the effort or not, Cloud's body's moving off. Her knees immediately bend and she's dropped right back into a purely aggressive crouch. No, of course, she doesn't want him to show her anything. The materia on her fist flares to life and the glow spreads and starts to build. She wants him to tell her what he wants so she can get it and make him go away. Not show her something that's probably just a trap or an attack - as if, after dealing with Yuffie and Don Corneo she'd just stand there calmly in the same spot waiting for something to drop on her or drop out from under her. Or for him to bring a friend to try to take her body over too. Reflect kicks up in a rainbow of colors in front of her before going invisible and the light sheathing her fist continues to build.

Guess who doesn't believe in SOLIDER honor?}
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[ GOSH, FINE. So maybe nobody will do anything except wince a little because wow that's bright in the dark and the drawbacks of SOLDIER sensitive eyesight aren't high on the list of things he misses dearly about the corporeal world.

With a look of only mildly horrified disbelief, he stops moving, still hands up, still completely unarmed and 120% grade A innocence (because seriously, seriously!?).

As badly as he's messed this up, he really does mean well, and it's maybe at least passing testament to that fact that he's tried so hard not to do things the difficult and direct way — but she isn't leaving him many other options. Rounding right back into the position she'd initially backed him up to, he steels himself for the inevitable blow, delivered by fists or magic or dolphins or otherwise. ]

I get it, already. You're still mad I never answered any of your messages, right? Well, I never met any blond guys in First Class. [ Looking hopeful, so hopeful. Come on, don't hit. Peace offering? ] How's better late than never?
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{she's going to smack him with an Ice 3 just for the sheer fact the tension's built so high in her, she needs to do something when he finally realizes moving is a bad idea and starts talking again. Except what he's talking about doesn't make any actual sense to her. She hasn't sent messages to anyone because everyone she would want to talk to is already in their group and she hasn't -


blond guys in First Class?

why does that...?

messages about blond guys in First Class that never got...


That rub to the back of his head earlier. The way he talks. The thumbs up.

Her position doesn't shift and the light around her doesn't dim but - }

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[ So this is awkward.

All he can do is shrug, again, shaking his head (and with its startling lack of longer hair, remembering again that that's not his, though he has in the past kind of wondered what it must feel like to have hair that stands straight up not just in part but as like a collective unit, so it's a learning experience all around). ]

In the fl— ...Er. Well, in somebody's[ nope still not going to be okay to say aloud ] Uh, yeah. I would've just called, but, you know.

You guys all changed your numbers.

[ So if she still wants to hit him, now is probably a good time. ]
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that -

She's -

The light cuts out abruptly as the casting is canceled and when Tifa straightens it's obvious her mind still isn't entirely wrapped around what's going on. Her hand finds her hip though and her voice is a bit chiding as she can't seem to help but incongruously comment:}

That was five years ago, Zack. Of course they've changed.
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