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- comment in the subject line with your character's name and canon.
- state any preferences you might have.
- choose a scenario or use the number generator.
- have fun!

1. Alien Invasion ▸ Aliens have taken over the earth.
2. Climate Change ▸ The climate of our planet has shifted suddenly.
3. Cybernetic Revolt ▸ Technology has turned against us.
4. Impact Event ▸ A meteor struck the Earth.
5. Nuclear Warfare ▸ They dropped the big one. Enjoy that fallout.
6. Pandemic ▸ A disease is threatening to wipe out human life on earth.
7. Resource Depletion ▸ There are no longer enough resources to support life.
8. Zombie Apocalypse ▸ A classic, zombies have invaded and destroyed everything.
9. Other ▸ Combine several scenarios or come up with your own!
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[ooc: you probably aren't familiar with Automan but I do know Person of Interest and would be willing to tackle a zombie AU?]
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[ooc: I am not, however, I will gladly write about Harold failing at defense against the undead. Have work will be done in a few hours but if you'd like to get started, I will reply when I'm finished.]
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[ooc: long story short, Automan is a computer game/program that got enough energy to materalize into the real world. sort of tv version of tron. he can also protect other people by merging his pixels over top of them, which he only does with his creator Wally, but if its an emergency it could protect Harold too. figured with him being from a computer and having super abilities like that, they would work well together. I'll work on a starter post.]
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It had been a long while since Automan had been called on. In fact, if he was a worrying sort of hologram, he would be worrying. There had been buzz on the internet about some sort of disease that was spreading throughout the world. Just when the fervor about it seemed to have peaked, the internet fell disturbingly silent. Auto kept scanning around, trying to find someone who was still logged in.

Finally, he found a working screen.

Hello, are you receiving me?
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With the number of infected individuals around the globe increasing at astronomical rates, Harold had seen fit to seek refuge with what supplies he could gather, namely food and water. It wasn't much, but his library would have to suffice until things calmed down. If they calmed down, he reminded himself. For weeks he'd been pinging every computer he could access, broadcasting a sort of beacon, advising any listeners that at precisely 21:00 Eastern Standard Time he would keep an open channel of communication should there be anyone in need of sanctuary or rescue. At precisely 21:15, he would close the channel until the following evening.

For as many weeks he'd heard no replies, though he still dutifully sat in front of his computer terminal, hopeful that someone might reach out to him. Today seemed like it was going to be yet another quiet, lonely night. The digital clock had just switched over. Harold was about to close down the open channel when his screen lit up with a single message.

Harold blinked ever so slowly, unsure whether to believe if the text was real or a figment of his imagination. Deciding that the message must be authentic, he hurriedly typed a reply.

Yes. My name is Harold. I am exceedingly happy to hear from someone.
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Finally! There was someone still out there in the 'real world'.

Hello, Harold. Would you be able to tell me what is going on? There has been no new information on the internet for weeks.

Auto is already inside his computer system (he asked very politely and charmed his way in). He's looking for a large enough power supply so he can speak to this Harold in person, as it were. Hopefully he has a generator of some kind nearby.
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Harold quirked an eyebrow at the curious question. How could there possibly be someone who had no idea what had come to pass. Still, the request was polite, and far be it from him to withhold important information.

Over the course of the last few weeks, a virus has spread through much of the world. The virus causes individuals to develop a sort of hive mind mentality and cravings for human brain matter. The infection spreads through transmission of saliva or blood. The United States government has essentially collapsed. As for other countries, I'm unsure, but they're likely experiencing similar chaotic times.

He shuddered in his chair thinking about the last time he'd been outside, how he'd barely managed to escape from the hungry mob. Harold thought of John's face as he'd made the ultimate sacrifice to keep him safe, providing the necessary distraction so he could make his way back to their his hideout.

He hadn't dared to venture out alone since then, too fearful that he would end up bitten, becoming the very thing that haunted his dreams. Being distracted by thoughts of the past, Harold didn't notice the intruder immediately. Though whoever broke into his network has as of yet done nothing, he can't be positive they won't try.

Are you searching for something in particular. Most people don't make it a habit of breaking into others' computer networks
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I'm sorry for the intrusion but my usual sources had not contacted me in some time.

The lights inside the library flickered for a moment. Automan had discovered the generator and decided this was the right time to make his appearance. If things were as bad as Harold said, then he was in need of some help. The whole building started to creak and shudder as the hum of electricity started growing louder.

Program: Automan
Passcode: Crimefighter

A lighted spot on the screen suddenly grew larger and brighter....and burst right out of the screen! Cursor was a geometric sphere, a sort of herald to what was about to happen next. He buzzed around the room before finding a suitable spot. The hum was fully resonating at this point, the lights dimming as the form of a man started materializing into the room. He was a tall man, well over 6 ft, blonde and blue eyed like some kind of movie star. But what was really interesting was his appearance, below his human face, his body was a myriad of light points on a black background. A hologram that had enough energy to take form in the real world.

He stretched his arms as the room stopped vibrating around them. "Ahhh, that's better." He seemed quite pleased with the whole situation.