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1. I look at it as community service. He was going through a rough time and I gave him an ego boost. That's how we're going to remember it. I was doing a good deed lol

2. He may be 6' 2" but I'm 119 lbs of pure rage and determination

3. I am a delicate flower. A fucked up, drunk, horny, pants pissing, delicate little flower.

4. When you sleep in the bathroom, you're no longer a guest.

5. Text her!
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You must be the envy of all the girls on Jakku.
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That, I doubt. A lot
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Such poetry in motion.

Does this mean you need a lift from the cantina?
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... Yes. Yes it does. It also means please don't tell Chewie I got drunk.
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You have my word. Stay out of trouble for another five minutes, I will be there soon.
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Stay out of trouble. Right. I can do that. Absolutely.
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[ Soon - thought not soon enough for his tastes, a great deal can happen in five minutes - it's Ezio's peaked hood that comes through the door. He spares a glance around the place, inured to the stink, the smoke, the acrid bite of glitterstim in the air, and makes a beeline in Rey's direction. ]

((let me know if that's all right! any prefs for planet they're on?))
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((no prefs, so up to you what planet!))

[Rey is in a fight. Some guy was trying to push a droid out into the street after messing with it's wires. So, yes. In a fight. Using her staff. She's winning]
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[ One day he's going to confiscate that damn stick. While most patrons of this Blue Sector tapcaf don't seem to care one way or the other (though he can see more than a few credits swapping hands), Ezio does care about the local security force coming down on their heads if this should spill out into the street.

Rey's target cringes where he's been backed into an alcove, spilling the previous occupants' drinks. Ezio steps across her way, snapping his fingers in her field of vision and reaching for her arm. ]

I told you to stay out of trouble. We need to go.
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He was being abusive to a poor droid!

[She pulls her arm out of Ezio's way and glares at her target, holding the staff up threateningly]

Like they don't have feelings too!
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Come along, hero, your point has been made, now it is time to withdraw. [ The man covers his head with his arms, sniveling like the coward he is before the menacing girl. Ezio moves to take Rey by the shoulder instead, and steer her back around to the door and his parked speeder beyond. He sniffs the air, pulling a face. ]

You smell like a distillery.

[ No more Ladies' Nights. ]
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Fine. But the point has been made!

[Rey follows Ezio, and sniffs a little after his own sniff]

Oh, that's because the jerk threw his drink over me when I called him on his behaviour. Something about wet t-shirt night? I don't know, it just gave me more reason to hit him.
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All the tapcafs in Corellia and you still find one to pick a fight in.

[ It's a low mutter, sans any real heat. Ezio goes on to lift his voice, as he gets to the bike and tosses Rey her helmet- ]

I have good news and bad news. Which one would you like first?
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[She considers]

Whichever I'm more likely to take in
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[ With an eye on that staff of hers, ] Good first then.

I found a hyperdrive relay for your antique.

[ Ezio settles quite gracefully astride the speeder, and pats the seat behind him. ]
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It's not an antique, it's a classic!

[She gets on the speeder]
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Classic antique. The bad news is that it will be a few more days until we can get it. Hold on.

[ Off they go into the flow of traffic, the wind tugging at their clothes. Crescent City is the jewel of the planet, as cosmopolitan as Coruscant- if a fraction of its size. ]
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A few days isn't too bad, I guess.

[Yeah, she does sound a little annoyed, but you would be as well.]
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[ He offers her a shrug, shooting a glance over his shoulder at her. ]

It could be worse. Parts for an old freighter like that are hard to come by in the Inner Rim, too much new product.
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New doesn't always mean better.

[She really does mean that]
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Vintage doesn't always mean best. How much did you drink?

[ They're still a ways out from the Falcon, though the outskirts of town aren't where they're headed. He's not letting the Resistance's golden girl and her walking carpet crash on the very ship everyone and their mother are looking for, not if all they can do is limp away from a fight.

His apartment block is just outside the city center, comfortably inconspicuous and with far better amenities for guests than an old, busted freighter. A couple of apprentices might have to shack up together, but they'll live. ]
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Not all that much. Chewie gets annoyed if he thinks I've drunk too much.

[Yeah, the Wookie is protective. Go figure.]
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It was enough to make your messages interesting.

[ He flashes her a grin. Soon enough they're coming in to land at his private platform, the city around them lit up in shades of neon this late in the night. ]
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...What did my messages say?

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