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jacen solo/darth caedus | star wars legends

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1. The dysfunction is strong in this one.

2. I was dreaming of a parallel reality and in the dream I just looked up at my present self and was like "you're high, man"

3. The ticket read "Found nude in a tree"

(or text him! and yes, new movie spoilers welcome)
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that... sounds like an interesting dream.
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right? right.

at least my mask was better.
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I'm just still... weirded out by it all? It's not exactly the type of thing I thought I'd ever... You don't expect it to happen, not to yourself.
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Of course. I mean, my little brother was literally named after a Sith Lord. Who knew it'd be me that became one?
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Where I'm from... it's all myth. I didn't even know any of it was real until I met BB-8.
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[personal profile] isatraitor 2015-12-19 12:59 am (UTC)(link)'re real.

Or perhaps myth in the same way I'm myth to you...

--who's BB-8?
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I mean, it's all fallen into myth. It's been about 30 years since the rebel alliance fought the galactic empire, and it's all just stories.

He's a droid. He works with the resistance.
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You have a point... my family have been on both sides. Allegedly, that is -- all I've heard are those stories.

Resistance to what?
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The First Order. They're trying to bring back the Galactic Empire.
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is species-ist the right term, idek

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That's no good. The Empire was super species-est.
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xenophobic comes to mind...?

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The First Order isn't any better. They made a planet into a weapon.
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that works! ...i might be tipsier than i thought...

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Wait ... what planet? It wasn't in the Corellian system, was it?
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maybe coffee?

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I ... I can't remember. All of that, and I can't even remember the name of the planet. It's not in the Corellian system though.
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Sometimes I wish a few less things ran in our family
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Think it's Solo or Skywalker?
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Tough call. One side has all the hand chopping, but the other's got Cousin Thracken.
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That IS a tough one. Oof. We'll stay neutral for now.
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Maybe we can have grandpa fight it out with Cousin Thrackan.
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That's not fair, you know Grandpa would beat Cousin Thracken without raising a blaster. How about ... Dad versus Grandpa in a race?
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Oh man we could sell TICKETS to that.
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And we can bet Anakin as the longshot. Or whatever Lando explained it as.
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Dark something or other, I think. He would totally win.
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He totally would. I'll set it up.

Wait, maybe YOU should set it up. You can actually help with the ship.
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I'll look after the ships if you look after the tickets