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Mistletoe Kisses

Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you... A week til Christmas. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

»POST with your character and their canon.
»SPECIFY Prefs, if any.
»TAG around and have fun!
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Finn | Star Wars

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So, you don't know what it's for either, right?

[Sand planets do not have mistletoe. Such sads]
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No. But we can figure this out. [ Really. After everything they've been through - a weird plant can't be too hard, right? ]

It doesn't make sense that we can't move, though.
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True. Maybe that's a property of it? Some kind of ... glue or something?
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Maybe. [ He stares up at it again, trying to figure this out. And then he looks at her. ] Got any ideas?
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[She stares at it, and shrugs] Honestly, none. I don't even get why you'd hang it up like that. Surely it needs water?
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I don't get it, either. [ So. They're stuck here. But they've been in crazier situations, this can't be that hard.

Think, think, he tells himself. ]

Alright, let's think. We're both stuck here - maybe we're supposed to do something...together?
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[She nods]

Something connected to the plant... maybe we get rid of it? Have you got your blaster?
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[ He looks a little skeptical, but...it's the best idea they've got for now. So he reaches for his blaster. ]

Just...lean back a bit. Just to be safe. [ He'll be careful and he's sure of his aim, but still. He doesn't like to think of anything happening to her. Then, he takes a shot, hoping it works.

But it's still there. ]
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[She leans back, but when the blaster shot doesn't work, she moves back in and frowns]

So it can't be blasted away... I could try using the Force?
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Something has to work. [ Meaning - she might as well. What other choice do they have? Maybe that'll do it. ]
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[She gives a nod, and goes all quiet. She lifts her hand up, focusing on the plant. It moves - slightly - like it's being tugged in a direction, but it does not come away from it's position. Eventually, she stops, dropping her hand and giving a tired sounding annoyed noise]

Oh come on!
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[ For a moment, it almost looks like it's going to work and he's hopeful. Also fascinated, because he may be able to handle a lightsaber well enough, but he can't do i>that. ]

If that didn't work, nothing will get that thing down. It's gotta be something else.
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But what, that's the question.

[Rey stares at the odd plant. It's not even one she could call anything special. How could it have this pull to keep them stuck there?]

I still think it would be better off in some water. It seems... cruel, sticking it up there like that.
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[ Leave it to her to think of the plant's well-being. That's just who she is. ]

I'm sure it's fine for now. [ He has to smirk a little. ] I'm more worried about us. [ He's thinking, thinking hard. Something about this plant wants them stuck here together. Maybe there's something to that. ]

Ok, what about this - maybe the two of us, maybe we have some sort of power? If we just - [ He reaches out for both of her hands, intending to hold them. ]
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[She gives a slight look]

This isn't just another excuse to hold my hand again?
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It's not, I promise.
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[She takes his hand]

...Now what?
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[ Good question. Because nothing's happening. ]

Maybe we just have to wait a minute.
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If you're sure.

[She glances up at the plant again.]
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[ He's not sure, but he'll pretend anyway. He's good at that. ]

It'll work.

[ Or it won't and they'll try something else.

Come on, plant. Work. ]
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[She looks, and looks, and looks. Eventually she let's go of Finn's hand and gives the plant an annoyed look]

Well, if hand-holding isn't going to do it, what does it want?!
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I don't know, I can't read its mind - [ He thought for sure that would have done it. Is he even on the right track, he wonders? ]

Wait. Okay. I have another idea. Do you trust me?

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[ She stares at it for a long time before finally asking Finn, pointing up at it. ]

Do you know what that is?

[ Because she sure doesn't. It's pretty and green tho. ]
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[ He's staring, too, with a look of confusion. Though, it's...vaguely familiar. ]

I...think I've heard of this. Once. It's some kind of weird tradition - if two people are standing under it, they're supposed to do something together.