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Mistletoe Kisses

Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you... A week til Christmas. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

»POST with your character and their canon.
»SPECIFY Prefs, if any.
»TAG around and have fun!
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Poe Dameron | Star Wars | OTA

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[If you haven't seen the movie but insist on trying this, just tell me to avoid spoilers and I PROMISE I WILL!]
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[ooc: I saw the movie today, and I have suuuuuuch heart eyes for Poe, seriously. I just don't know which lady I want to toss in here. If interested in any of 'em, let me know, and I'll break them out.]
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[Rey finds herself just looking at the plant]

Poe... what's that for?
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[Poe pretends innocence. He saw what's right above their heads, but he ignores it to take another sip of his drink. The looks his squadron buddies had been giving him are bad enough.]

What's what for, Rey?
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[Rey points up to the mistletoe, frowning at it]

I've never seen this plant before, and I don't understand why you'd just hang a bit off it from places. Does it do something? Or mean something?

[Rey's curious, she wants to learn about the things she's missed out on. She glances around, spotting the looks]

The others seem to know what it's for...
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[Poe glances up.] Oh, that? That's mistletoe.

[When she mentions the others, he sighs.] They know what it's for, alright. It's an older tradition, but it's still pretty common.

So basically when two people are under mistletoe, they're supposed to... you know. [He clears his throat and shrugs a shoulder.] Kiss.
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[She repeats the name, nodding slowly as she studies the plant, committing it to memory. There was so many that she'd never seen before, she was trying to memorise every new one she came across. Of course, the mention of the tradition makes her stop]

Oh. Then should we kiss?
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[Poe hesitates. He's not exactly a stranger to women, or kissing pretty women. He just has a confidence that some girls find attractive. It's not that he's cocky, though he definitely has that swagger sometimes, it's just how the hotshot pilot is.

But this is Rey, and he's pretty sure Finn wouldn't be crazy about him kissing the girl he so admired. It's easy to see why his friend gets so tongue-tied around Rey.]

Well we could. We don't have to. But we could.
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[Rey looks at Poe, and shrugs]

Well, you said it's a tradition, and I've never really had the chance to take part, so... I could go find Finn instead but he might just run away.
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[Well, okay then.]

Something tells me Finn wouldn't just run away.

[And Poe is definitely not running away, too. Instead, he's doing pretty much the opposite. He's aware there are probably eyes on them, but he doesn't really care. Reaching out a hand, he gently tucks a few stray strands of hair behind her ear. Smiling thoughtfully all the while, he then touches her cheek before leaning in and down a little to kiss her. It was gentle, really, and brief. While Poe likes taking chances, this isn't like flying his X-Wing in some skirmish. But he's only too happy to teach her this particular little tradition.]
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He runs a lot, Poe. He might run away.

[But his hand is surprising soft. Or maybe it just feels like that since her hands are rough from years of desert life. The kiss is soft too, something she wouldn't have linked with the hot-shot pilot, and she tries not to blush furiously at the thought that this is... yeah, this is her first kiss. Ever. Huh]

Well, right. That was... nice. I, um, why is it a tradition?
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[It was really nice, actually. Poe has kissed girls before, of course, but he's still surprised - out of his element, even, for that moment she tries to act casual. But then, Rey is really something special.

Poe doesn't linger, even if he's hesitant to drop his hand and pull away from her warmth.]

You know, I don't actually know. [He chuckles a little, reaching up a hand to absently scratch the back of his neck.] Easy way for a guy to go up to a girl and kiss her without getting a blaster in his face? Or, in your case, a lightsaber.
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[She doesn't know what you're supposed to do - she's missed a lot of the social "norms" growing up, so acting casual seems like the best step forward. Plus it doesn't seem like it would be a smart thing to do, admitting that was her first kiss]

... So why don't they just ask, instead of hiding behind a plant? [And she rolls her eyes] That was an accident! And I didn't even touch Master Luke, and he did something similar one of his first times training!
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[It's okay. Poe is feeling a little uncharacteristically nervous himself. Maybe it's because she's still such a mystery to him. It's appealing, really, and he thinks he feels a similar pull to her as he knows Finn has.

He shrugs his shoulders at her question, but before he can give any sort of reply, she says that thing about training with Luke. And just like that, he's able to relax a little. Poe frowns, glancing around as if he hadn't heard right, before looking back at her with a smirk on his lips.]

Whoa, what? Hold on, Rey, I'm trying to wrap my head around this. Are you telling me you tried to kiss the Luke Skywalker?
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[And there's just a stare]

... No. I accidentally also scarred him for life by putting my lightsaber on too close to his face. What are you thinking?
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[So much grinning.]

Hey, I was thinking we were talking about mistletoe and kissing. Sorry, my mistake.

[He smiles innocently. I'll be good now, his expression seems to say.]
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You were the one who mentioned letting a lightsaber off in someone's face!

[Kissing Master Luke?! No! Just... NO!]

Next you'll be suggesting I'm habouring a secret crush on Kylo Ren.
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[Poe really shouldn't be smiling so much right now, but he can't help it.]

Okay, I'm sorry. It was a joke, obviously made in very poor taste. But aren't you glad I didn't just walk up and kiss you?

[The mention of Ren makes his grin falter just a little, but he shakes his head and pushes the thought away.]

Anyway, now you know to watch out for mistletoe next time.
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[She considers]

Well, if you had just walked up and kissed me, I may have punched you. So, yeah, I'm glad you didn't do that. But no more jokes that contain the big nos, please and thank you.

[Hey, you haven't see the crap she's seen with the guy. Like his face.]

Right, mistletoe, people kiss you under it. Because tradition.
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I was afraid you would have, I don't know, shoved me away with the force or something. But my face thanks you for not punching it. I'm pretty attached to it.

[He smiles and nods.] No more jokes.

[Or because people want to kiss you under it. But he doesn't say that aloud, of course. Poe likes to take chances, but for once he's hesitant to take too many impulsive risks with her right now. But he thinks he definitely doesn't want any of his buddies kissing her next.]

Fast learner. Master Skywalker must really like you. [And as far as students went right now, she was probably his favorite.]
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I don't actually know how to do that, and I can't really seem to tap into the Force subconsciously now that I'm training, so I think you'd be safe.

[Because, honestly, she doesn't know. She looks round]

Wait, if it's tradition, do I need to kiss everyone? Because I don't really have the time for that...
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That's a relief.

[His brow rises at her question, and he shakes his head, quick to interject.]

I don't think that's necessary. Just try to keep far away from mistletoe, and you shouldn't have to kiss anyone else.
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Yeah, accidental Force use is always a bit embarrassing and potentially dangerous, so I'm glad that the training can help it stop.

[She nods, that makes sense]

Okay then. Thanks, Poe, for ... helping me with my first mistletoe experience.
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You'll have to tell me more about your training sometime.

[Poe is fascinated by the force and the Jedi. It's pretty amazing being friends with someone who is as strong in the force as she already is.]

Hey, it was my pleasure.

You, uh, you take care of yourself, Rey.
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I will. When I understand it a bit more, myself.

[It's a bit confusing. But she gives Poe a bright smile]

Always do. Watch out for yourself, flyboy.