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the music prompt meme.

the music prompt meme
i. comment with your character
ii. others will respond to you with prompts
iii. reply with a scenario befitting the prompt left to you

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Thomas Jefferson | Hamilton

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of course I pick the sadder one

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[He'd assumed the house was empty.

He's usually really good with visits. He likes being approachable, meeting people in his own porch without involving any of his servants. His clothes when he greets them are still French, yes, and expensive as heck, definitely. But they are also specifically made to look comfortable. He likes giving people the tour, meeting them in their own ground. And if he's completely honest he's too proud of Monticello to not try to show off at least a little bit whenever he gets the occasion.

But he hadn't realized he wasn't alone in his house, for once. Maybe he'd been too busy concentrating on his violin. The song is harsh, slow and sad. Not the upbeat and happy tones he usually plays to entertain people, not the popular tunes people request. Because he'd assumed he was alone, and when he's alone he lets his violin be a reflection of who he really is, not who he plays for the masses.

So Monticello is being filled with sad, long and lingering tones this morning.]
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But of course. Now the question is, modern or olden?

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[ Madison is left behind as most of the guests left because he's been pushing himself, as usual. He had a coughing fit, followed by a dizzy fit, and he's retreated to the quieter library to just rest a little... which turned into a brief spell of sleep.

Now he's awake, and the lonely, rasping wail of the violin is just about breaking his heart. He makes sure that he's rubbed his face awake, pulled his clothes back in order, before making his way towards the sound.

In the end, he leans against the door-frame, watching Jefferson as he plays, eyes closed in memories and pain, and his fingers and arms moving as though on their own. He tries to swallow any residual coughing spells, and just listens. He can't remove this pain, but he can listen. He can try to not leave his friend entirely alone and lost in it. ]

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Modern, probably so TJeffs is 10% less gross

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[It's in the pause between songs that Jefferson realizes there's another breath in the room, and he tenses for a moment. He isn't exactly ashamed of his quietest moments, especially when he was simply playing music and not actually revealing much of himself. But that doesn't mean he likes it, and for a second he doesn't know who he's dealing with so he doesn't know how to react.

Then he turns and meets Madison's eyes- which is a good and a bad thing. Good because he doesn't have to hide from the man. And bad because if someone understands the meaning of him allowing himself a moment of peace, it's him and there's no hiding now. So he gets the bow down, violin still resting on his chin.]

Yo. Everyone left a while ago.
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Good with me!

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[ Madison nods, his eyes steady, as calm as he can make them even if, yes, the music moved him to tears that glisten unshed. Tears for the one gone, and tears for the one remaining. Thomas doesn't need to concern himself with Madison's sadness on top of his own. ]

I apologize. I had a dizzy spell earlier and and must have slept through the fuss of everyone leaving.

I can go. Or I can sit with you. Whichever you prefer.

[ It would be very rude to try to slip out of the house without letting Jefferson know he'd been there, mostly because the outside door would have alerted him of being opened and closed, and that, without explanation, would have destroyed whatever peace of mind Thomas has for certain. ]

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[He'd usually ignore the tears, mostly because he wouldn't know how to react to them. Madison is way more prone than showing his emotions than Thomas and while that's one of the reasons he likes having the man by his side so much he'd literally buy him the house next to his if he'd let him, it also makes him feel awkward when it's turned against him.

But the mention of a dizzy spell makes him put the violin aside as fast as he can while still being careful, assuming the tears are caused by his illness.]

Are you alright? Do you need to stay over? I keep telling you to leave some of your medicine in here just in case.
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Don't... don't worry. [ Madison raises a hand a little, reassuringly, pushing away from the door-frame and moving closer, to put a hand on Jefferson's arm reassuringly. ] I slept it off, nothing to it. Just meant that I didn't hide in here on purpose.

[ Because that would be awkward.

More awkward.

Though considering the season, I might finally do just that, with the medicine, just in case. Thank you.

[ Which is nothing like any sort of commitment to living more closely. Just an acknowledgement that he's spending a lot of time here and... reassurance that he's not planning on stopping. ]
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[Jefferson grins, because that's a step forward isn't it? Like leaving the toothbrush behind, like having a change of clothes. He's not alone, he's always made sure he had a safety need of people to go to if he ever needs it. But Madison's different.

In what way? He can't pinpoint. But he's a solid presence, like a rock and he's not flamboyant on his affections like everyone else which makes the fact that he stays by his side even more meaningful.]

Good. And I won't touch any of it if that's what worries you.

I assumed you found the party lacking.

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[ Madison blinks, because he actually doesn't have any idea what could cause that grin, but it also makes him relax a little, the weeping of the violin still echoing in his mind. ]

The reassurance helps, yes.

And when have I found anything about you lacking? It's always my own weakness that is the problem.
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You're not weak. [He reaches to pat his back gently. The man looks like body builder and he thinks himself weak, it'll never stop being both amusing and frustrating to Thomas. And yes, Jefferson is aware of his best friend's limitations even if he doesn't like to think of them very often but a man who fights against them as he does is everything but weak.

He lets go of him to head towards the kitchen. He's suddenly hungry, and he knows Madison will follow.]

And you don't have to come to these parties if they bore you so.
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[ It must be because he's still barely awake - he usually acts with more decorum - but the combination of words and touch has him smiling just so, and leaning into the touch, his eyes grateful on Thomas's.

And he does follow, his lips still stretched just a little, odd for him, but he doesn't care, not right now.

They do not bore me, Thomas, I promise. I really only fell asleep because the room was spinning and I needed to make it stop without ruining the party for everyone.

What interesting happened at the tail end of it?

[ Because something interesting always happens.

Also, Madison will move to pour himself water as soon as they are in the kitchen. Dehydration bad.
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Couple of nearly-fights, people tripping over each other and a lot of puke for he servants to clean up. Adams punched someone. And I think Franklin left with like 3 women which I will still never get. Dunno, wasn't really paying attention. [There might have been brownies involved. Which TJeffs isn't exactly ashamed of but he knows better than to boast unless he specifically asks. He wasn't trying to escape reality, he really wasn't. If anything all he accomplished were more memories.

But he knows Madison will probably not appreciate the difference. So he quietly reaches for the cookie jar because he's craving something sweet like burning.]

I don't really remember how I ended up playing the violin.
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[ Maybe for the better that Madison slept through the brownies? Unknown. (Or did Jefferson bring those up when he saw that Madison wasn't around?)

The ease leaves his face with the last sentence, though, and he reaches again to squeeze Thomas's arm above the elbow.

You do not need to explain yourself to me, Thomas. Especially when it's difficult to find words.

[ Especially when there's absolutely nothing wrong with what you've done. ]
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It's different when there's an audience. [He winks, back in full TJeffs mode. There's been enough sadness already. He's always prided himself on being the best host he can be and it seems like today he isn't doing spectacularly.]

Give me a song you want to hear, and I'll play it.
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[ Madison's eyes are wide and worried on Jefferson, even more so with the wink--

And then they start blinking in surprise at the request for a request.

It's not that he's stumped right now. It's more that he's never asked Thomas for a specific piece to play for him. He knows that Thomas has asked him before, but...

Well, it is different when there is an audience. Madison can deflect, then.

His favorite song is one of Martha's favorites. He can't do this to his friend.

You don't have to. I'm fine, and I've already listened to your most beautiful work tonight. [ It's a weak deflection, and he knows it's weak, but... naturally, when he's thinking of the song he doesn't wan to ask for, he can't think of others that he wants. ]
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[Weak deflection indeed, and Thomas sees right through it because. Well. Because he's not stupid, basically. But he also knows that if James deflects like that it's for Jefferson's own sake. He doesn't always do as James tells him to, but he always trusts his judgement.

Plus something in the way he worded that, 'your most beautiful work', bugs him. He doesn't reach for the violin again. There's a slight note of panic when he speaks again because he's finally processing just how much James saw. Or heard, technically. And there's a nagging in the back of his head because the tears he glimpsed for a second are still fresh in his memory.]

No, you didn't. Those were... slow songs. Sad songs. For practice.
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[ Madison shakes his head, straightening up a little. ]

Thomas, you don't have to make it sound less than it is. Not to me. [ His eyes look down, for a moment, but then he looks at his friend again, voice steady. Offering comfort, not seeking it. ] I miss her, too.

[ Maybe it's wrong, to pull things out in the open so straightforwardly. But...
Jefferson has been alone in his grief for so long.
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[The case of the violin slams closed. Not a threat, maybe, but definitely a warning.]

If I say they were for practice then they fucking were for practice, Madison.
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[ Madison actually starts, eyes growing wide. He's not in any way used to being the recipient of Jefferson's tantrums.

But his voice is still calm and even.


[ His gait is a little stiff as he finally moves to the fridge. ]

Did you want anything in particular?
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[He doesn't say I'm sorry, because he never does. He regrets things, regrets them every waking moment but there's an entire bridge between that and acually saying the words out loud.

But damn, the surprise in Madison's eyes actually hurts.]

...It's too late for another glass of wine, isn't it?
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I don't know [ Quietly. ] Mind if I join you, if you decide it's not?
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Considering will have to take your medication soon I do mind. Very much.

[He frowns, finally taking a step towards Madison.] Why do you need the drink anyway?
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[ Because I made you mad? No, that doesn't sound like something that'll be good to say. Madison shrugs, not flinching away. ]

A glass of one of the weaker wines. I load up in a cab and go home to sleep it off. I don't know why. Maybe just I don't care too much right now - don't care to be too careful just now, I mean.
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[Is he supposed to be the one caring now? Is that what's happening here? Because he's not ready for it.]

Okay, I'm just going to ask one last time because I kind of really need a drink so I'm not in the mood to deny you one. But are you sure you aren't going to regret drinking in the morning?

[He hesitates for a moment. And then:] I also have brownies. I think that's safer with medication, isn't it?

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