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the mistletoe meme
Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you... T'is the season-- almost. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

»POST with your character and their canon.
»SPECIFY Prefs, if any.
»TAG around and have fun!
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Killian Jones (Captain Hook) / OUAT

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[M/F for shippy, ota for gen and awkward!]
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[She blames Macintosh for this. He always has to have the place covered in bloody mistletoe. She'd even seen the daft gowk goin' round with a wreath of it on his head. An' now she was stuck under it. With that bloody pirate. What even is her life now?]

I'm blamin' you fer this.
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[Her life is certainly more interesting now. Largely in thanks to a devilishly handsome pirate if he was to be believed on the matter. Hook thought the mistletoe a quaint if silly thing. One has mostly ignored till he found a fiery Queen caught under it with him.

His eyebrows shoot up, his smile is pure cocky pirate from his core.]

I don't need mistletoe to kiss a lady.

[Not his doing but if his body language and expression are to be read, he is planning to take full advantage of it.]
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[Her life was always interesting. The introduction of a pirate to all of that was... Okay, it helped to add a bit of fun, she would be lying if she said otherwise. He could be a laugh, an' he did seem to accept that she could rule easily wi'out havin' to prove herself like she did to her Council. That Wee, Guff an' Mac got on wi' him helped, an' even her wee brothers had taken a liking to him]

[Actually, she should probably be concerned with that bit. She raised an eyebrow at him, and there was faint amusement in her tone]

Aye, but ye use it to encourage Mac in his bloody ideas about how the season should be celebrated. Ye know he's wanderin' around wearin' a wreath of the bloody stuff?
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[Hook hung around because she was such a strong woman. He was not drawn to those with weaknesses or who were needy. He was certainly intrigued by a strong woman and the Queen of Dun Broch more than filled that role. Her adventurous side certainly did not hurt a thing either.

But they could be such charmers if they follow Hook. He moves in closer till his body is barely brushing hers.]

Aye, that I do. Wouldn't want the poor lad to go his entire life without a kiss. He needs the help, I suggested the wreath.

[He is clearly teasing, amused at Mac's wearing a wreath of mistletoe. It had been a joke but that the other did it made it better for Hook.]
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[Her wee brothers were already gettin' plenty of 'charm' lessons off Mac, thank you very much. Bloody Mac. She didn't mind him teachin' them the sword skills they were going to need to fight alongside their clansmen, but teaching them how to woo ladies? An' now Hook wanted to add to that? Aye, come meet her on the fields wi' yer sword and see how ye got on first]

Ach, ye dinnae know Mac clearly. He's kissed near every lass here.

[It was also a Dun Broch tradition, which is likely why Macintosh did it. He'd always try to keep tradition going. She, Guff and Wee had spent many hours mockin' him over it. ]
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[Aye, after all it was one thing to have lessons on charming a woman. Another entirely to have those lessons from a pirate such as Hook. There were many a woman, in many a port who would have a reaction to the pirate varying from a slap in the face to a kiss to melt your face.

As it stands he is only thinking of one woman, for the moment. He is closer now a hairsbreadth away. Face dipping an inch lower, closer to her own. As for the battlefield, he was no coward, he'd spar with her but not a real fight, he has no intention of harming her or having her harm him, too severely.]

Aye, but has he kissed them proper? I think not, far too many of these lasses can resist him now. I'm doing my part, helping him imbibe with the spirit of the season and kiss a few pretty women, what's the harm?
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[Fair warning, Hook. If her wee brother end up bein' scoundrels who ruin women's lives, she's comin' after you wi' her bow. An' her arrow won't miss. For now? She's content to tease, because she can and because the opportunity is there]

Oh aye, he's kissed 'em proper. See, the lassies can resist him, but they dinnae want to. There's the big catch, pirate. He's whit woman round here are lookin' fer.

[And then, because she cannot even compliment a friend without takin' a shot]

'Course, he's also an eejit, so there's that tae be considered an' all.