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the mistletoe meme
Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you... T'is the season-- almost. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

»POST with your character and their canon.
»SPECIFY Prefs, if any.
»TAG around and have fun!
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castiel / supernatural

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[John's the sort to make the best of a bad situation, which means when he realizes he's caught in a trap he just rolls his eyes up to the heavens, mutters an uncomplimentary thing or two about whatever wanker cursed the mistletoe, and then gets on with inspecting his unfortunate new friend.

Who apparently has the exact same sense of style. Bit of scruff here, messy hair there, white dress shirt and tie beneath a tan trenchcoat...]

I like the look, luv.

[Of course he would say that.]
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[ hate to break it to you john, but this bad situation is about to get worse. because castiel is an actual idiot. not only does he absolutely not understand the cultural significance of mistletoe, he's also not really picking up what you're putting down, either.

squinting thoughtfully, castiel stares right into john's face and says, entirely unironically: ]

Thank you.

[ that's a nice thing to say, guy. what a kind and thoughtful fellow. ]
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[It's ok Cas, John has a pet angel of his own he knows how these things work.

Still, John's expectantly cheeky expression lasts for a few hanging seconds after the thank you before it just sorta flops of his face like his smirk was Wile E. Coyote and gravity is a surprise, leaving sheer exasperation behind.]

Christ. [He reaches up and prods Cas solidly, rudely, right in the center of the chest. You know, testing. He can smell an angel: after so long with Manny flapping into his life and being all holy and annoying, the speech and the mannerisms and the tingly unease deep down in the pit of his very damned soul are fairly easy clues to pick up on.] You actually here with me mate, or is this some spirit form buggery? Because I'm trapped.
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[ that's very unfortunate; angels don't make very good pets at all. you and dean could commiserate over whiskey.

castiel's scowl is deep, and he stares down at john's prodding finger with all the irritation of an aggravated cat, though he does nothing about it past the scowling itself. ]

Of course I'm here.

[ spirit form? what, is this one of sam and dean's hunting friends? they crawl the earth like roaches, don't they? every rock they turn over, it seems, hunters scurry out from under. he's not surprised by it, though he never really was, truthfully. at any rate, what's this nonsense about being trapped? castiel casts his gaze to either side of the archway. nothing looks out of the ordinary, but when he reaches out his hand it finds a wall, invisible but solid as steel - the same seems to apply to the other side.

castiel's eyes narrow, and he stares accusingly at john, because of course, this must be his fault. ]

What is this?
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[John is back to looking pleased when Cas cottons on to their predicament, especially since it is their predicament and the feathery bugger isn't just zipping away easy as you please back to heaven like Manny undoubtedly would, but oh. Good. Now he's getting a suspicious stare. John pops his lips, so blatantly unapologetic it's practically tangible.]

Someone's idea of a laugh, most like.

[He points up in the general direction of the mistletoe but offers no further elaboration because he doesn't yet know how hopeless Castiel truly is.]

That someone's not me, by the way.

... Though it is a little funny.
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[ funny for john, maybe, but a little alarming for castiel. there are few enough beings alive that can successfully trap a seraph without the power of holy oil, and most of them aren't anything that anyone should really want to mess with.

.. but this particular ensnarement has the scent of a certain someone all over it. castiel keeps that name behind his lips for now, however. ]

It's not funny at all.

[ he says, completely seriously, deadpan as an expired fish, but he's following john's eyes and finger up to the neat little bundle of mistletoe hanging merrily above them, looking more and more suspicious by the moment. castiel casts it a scathing look, then drops his eyes to john again, his head tilted like a quizzical bird. ]

I still don't understand. How are we to escape it? Tell me what you know.

[ because clearly, this completely untrustworthy yet very well dressed man knows something that he does not. ]
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[John can't help it, he has to smile at the tone, the expression, everything. It just reminds him so much of Manny, when the smug bugger actually gets knocked onto his back foot.]

Never been stuck in one of these, exactly, but it's a mistletoe innit? What do you think we have to do?

[Realizing even as he asks the question that all signs point to the fact that Cas has no idea what to think right now, John pushes decisively forward and spreads his hands out theatrically for his answer.]

Bit of snogging, and bob's your uncle. [A considerate pause.] Probably.
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I don't have an uncle.

[ castiel says, flatly. look, he spends the vast majority of his time with two roughneck kansas boys, he doesn't understand that british jargon, so he has to take a moment to parse it, scanning his memory banks for silly words like 'snogging', and turning up an embarrassing answer.

that perpetually austere expression of his virtually melts away into bold, naked surprise, and castiel's narrowed eyes widen a little, unblinking, staring. ]

You mean we are meant to -- [ what. just what. castiel hemhems a little, his throat working as he swallows thickly, attempting to look dignified and failing spectacularly. ] -- why?

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Hey Cas. [Dean had been distractedly passing by, stuffing his face with some christmas cookies (Charlie made them) when he ran smack-dab into a wall. He was just about to bite the head off of a gingerbread demon too. The rest of the cookie has been smashed in the crash and as he takes a step back he'll chew whats left and brush the rest off his shirt. He glares at the air and reaches to touch it and realize it's solid.]

What the?

[Looking around he doesn't find anything significant until he looks up.]

You're kidding right?

[Was Sam being extra festive? Did HE put up the mistletoe in their Men of Letters bunker?? ITS ALL DUDES. WHY--who would do that?]
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[ hey man, don't look at him, castiel doesn't understand all of this strange christmas mumbo jumbo. certainly celebrating the birth of christ is something an angel can get behind, save for all the uncomfortable 'tree topper' jokes flung his way, but that doesn't mean it makes any sense to him. gaudy blinking lights? heaps of cookies? weird bundles of parasitic plants hung over doorways? what does any of that have to do with jesus? not to mention, it's not actually his birthday.

humans are strange, strange creatures. but it's all very festive, and the bunker feels more alive than it has ever felt, with all of their friends here, and dean in such good spirits. he can't really be too picky about it.

at any rate, here castiel is, standing in the doorway and squinting up at the mistletoe as if it's something foreign and threatening, when dean pops by and all but slams into what appears to be an invisible wall. snapped from his thoughts, castiel lowers his eyes to dean's face and stares at him as if he's grown another head. ]

Kidding? Of course not.

[ look at this face, dean. does he look like a kidder to you. ]

What are you talking about?
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[Jeeze the only person he can think to blame is his big, moosey oaf of a brother. He loved this kind of shit even if they didn't really HAVE christmas that much. The whole spirit and what not or some weird-ass mushy junk. Sure, ok, they had their fun on christmas' past and made the most of it together so as a memory to share of them growing up it was a nice one, if kinda sad, but STILL. THIS is a bit much.

But he really, really doubts his brother would have put the stuff up. Let alone if he knew it was booby-trapped like this. So did it just GROW there on it's own as some annoying prank?

Unless it was Becky. Was Becky invited?? She's not here is she...

Anyway he's not going to think on the hows and whys any more, no answer is a good one (or it's just plain terrifying). He just wants to be rid of it. And fast. At least it wasn't him and Sam stuck, that would've been awkward. He could hug the guy on occasion sure but they weren't exactly touchy-feely types to begin with.

Not that being trapped with the robot angel is any less awkward.

Not you. I meant--just nevermind. Can you get us out of this?
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[ castiel is still bewildered, his head tilting and his eyes boring into dean's face as if he can somehow uncover this christmas mystery if he just stares long enough. but short of reading dean's mind - which he does his very best not to do, ninety-nine percent of the time - he has no idea what's going on.

eventually he breaks his stare to glance to the left and right, reaching out to tap the solidified air with his fingertips. it shouldn't be anything a seraph can't handle, right? a simple spell. short of the power of an archangel, the only thing that should be able to hold him is holy oil, so castiel isn't too terribly worried. but when he extends his grace and finds it immediately repelled, finds a wall he cannot breach nor search out a weakness in, he's.. okay, he's a little bit concerned. ]


[ clearing his throat, he looks back toward dean again, a little guiltily. ]

No, I don't think so.
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[Deans just gonna glare at the stupid plant as if that might make it melt or burst into flames or --

Wait, what.

Even Cas couldn't just pop free? Right, okay, now is a good time to start worrying.

Well how the hell are we--

[No. And the look on Dean's face is pretty plain to see that he's figured out just what they need to do to be free of the invisible wall.]

No. Nope.

[Petulant child mode is go.]

Sorry Cas, I like you and all, but I am not kissing you. [At least not where just anyone could see them.]

We need to find another way out.
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[ wait what, what, what does that have to do with anything? cue the mild panic. castiel's eyes widen a bit, then he drops them away and to the side, in a way that might be demure if it weren't so painfully awkward. mostly, he's just confused. ]

What does that have to do with anything? I don't understand.

[ sorry dean, the cultural relevance of mistletoe is entirely lost on castiel, here. ]
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[He blinks a moment, slightly taken a-back that Castiel didn't know what he was talking about. Wasn't mistletoe some sort of symbolic thing and-- no, wait maybe it was added on as a part of other traditions around the solstice. Eh he never paid attention to this stuff anyway.

He points up at the offending plant.


[Okay so it takes him a second to realize he might need to explain it a bit further than that.]

The stupid plant is put up in doorways so that when two people stand under it they're supposed to kiss. That's the tradition. Just this one seems to be a bit more serious about it I guess. Where the heck did it even come from?
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[ sorry dean, castiel is an entirely useless creature sometimes, despite being a powerful seraph and warrior of god. but to his credit, he listens carefully while dean explains, then tries, and fails, to ignore the warm flush that creeps up his throat.

years ago, he never would have blushed. castiel is far too human for his own good, these days. ]

.. I see.

[ he says, and clears his throat, glancing away only briefly before lifting his eyes to dean's face again. ]

So it's cursed, then. Meant to trap two hapless souls beneath it and force them to kiss. Why? I don't see why anyone would need a plant to prompt them to kiss someone that they want to kiss.

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[ Most of the time, there's no reason for the Winchesters to celebrate the holidays. Either an apocalypse is looming over their heads, or someone's trapped in Hell, they just burned the body of a friend a few days before, or they're not talking to each other for one of thousand reasons, if they're even in the same state together. Family holidays are a rare, not a yearly thing for them.

But it feels like a good year for it to Dean. Yeah, the Darkness is looming, Amara's taking people's souls while Crowley's mothering her like something out of Toddlers and Tiaras. Sam's having freaky visions he's insisting are from God, and Cas would rather spend entire days watching Netflix than leaving the damn bunker. But for them? This is a good year, for them. Maybe it's having the mark off his arm, or maybe it's that Amara doesn't scare Dean like she should, but Dean feels better about everything than he has in... Well, he can't even remember the last time.

So that means it's a holiday year. And they've even got a home to decorate. Dean doesn't have much practice or practical experience, but he remembers the way Christmas used to look when his mom was still alive. And Christmas with Lisa and Ben, even if it felt uncomfortably Stepford sometimes... it was the way Christmas is supposed to be. So Dean does the bunker up right, with garland and lights all indoors, since outdoors isn't an option. He gets a real tree, had to "borrow" a pick-up truck to get it (and returned the truck after, perfectly intact, if scented in pine), decorates it just with white lights and beads and only glass ornaments, the way his mom's tree used to look. No presents yet, since it's still almost a full month until the real day.

Dean even hangs mistletoe between the kitchen and the map room, and when Sam sees him doing it, he asks, "You're not planning to bring anyone back to the bunker, are you?" Dean answers, "Of course not." and Sam asks, "Then who are you planning to kiss?" And Dean tries and fails not to look embarrassed as he barks back, "You can come over here and kiss my ass, that's who." Sam rolls his eyes and walks away, and Dean leaves the mistletoe hanging.

He couldn't not hang it up. Most of this stuff he had to buy at the local Dillons, but the mistletoe was already in the bunker, just laying around in one of the dusty back rooms, waiting for the season. Dean was all but compelled to hang it up. So what if there was only the three of them? Wasn't the point. They could all be a little more affectionate to each other these days, anyway, if you asked him.

So when Dean's headed for the kitchen sometime later and sees Cas standing under it, looking confused, he can't help but grin. He doesn't know what Cas left the tube for, but he's glad he's out of bed, whatever the reason for it. ]

Hey, pal. Finally hit a commercial break?

[ He walks over, throws an arm around Cas's neck and kisses his cheek hard. ] Merry Christmas. [ With one last clap on Cas's shoulder, he lets him go. He lingers right after, and if there's something weird going on, he hasn't noticed it. Everything seems good, festive, to him. ]
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[ peeling himself away from the season finale of izombie had been a bit of a relief. it's a little more difficult to binge watch when dean and sam are around - dean especially - because they're always attempting to pry him away from it, to lure him into the kitchen or the reading room. and that's fine. he appreciates spending time with them. but they'd been quiet today, dean hadn't so much has ducked his head into his room, and so he'd been able to finish the season in peace, though he couldn't shake the feeling that dean must have been up to something to be too distracted to bother him.

it's clear enough what that something is, once castiel's back out of his room again and into the bunker proper.

he doesn't have strong feelings about christmas. sure, it's a christian holiday, which automatically means he approves of it more than some others, but it's a human tradition, really, and he doesn't have the same connection with it that dean or sam might. still, the scent of pine is refreshing, and the way the lights glow is merry and warm, the colors and the garlands are pleasing to look at, so it's nice, he supposes, and dean enjoys it, which is really the best part. it feels like there is little enough for castiel to be happy about, recently; he's been reserved and weary, so tired, but dean's good spirits are infectious.

really though, what's up with this plant? he's squinting suspiciously up at it, trying to understand what decorative purpose it could possibly serve when he feels dean's strong arm hooking around his neck, dean's rough stubble itchy against his face. castiel is no less bewildered when he glances into dean's face, a crease in his brow. ]

But it isn't Christmas, yet.
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[ After Cas started on network television, Dean stopped asking what he was watching. There's nothing good that isn't on Netflix or HBO, save for the soaps. Those WB shows (or what is it, CW now?) are especially bad. Teenage garbage. They haven't had anything good on that channel since Buffy. Once Cas brings up Doctor Sexy MD, they'll start talking about what he's binging on again. Until then, Dean doesn't want to know. ]

Sure, it is.

[ Dean answers automatically, grin still plastered on his face. ] Thanksgiving to New Years: a whole month of Christmas. Although I'll give you that starting before that is getting a little out of hand.

[ Christmas is great and all, king of holidays, no doubt. But you can't run over Thanksgiving. Family and pie? It's like the holiday was freaking invented with Dean Winchester in mind. ]
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[ seeing dean in such good spirits is uplifting, even if castiel is hard-pressed to feel it himself. it feels good though, after these past few miserable years, to see dean smile, and castiel has to remind himself that the hell they went through to get that mark off of dean, the things they sacrificed - it was all worth it. he wonders, sometimes, what that says about him, that this one man's safety and happiness means more to him than the lives of other human beings, or angels, more than his own life and happiness.

he can't dwell on that though, not while dean is smiling at him like that. castiel can't help but return it, however muted it might be in comparison. ]

I see.

[ glancing upward, he squints at the little bundle of mistletoe, then gestures to both sides of them, the bunker as a whole. ]

You seem to have gone all out.
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[ Dean's eyes follow Cas's, and he looks around at all the lights he strung, the green hanging everywhere, the tree around the corner by the staircase. His smile goes a lifter softer. ]

Not bad, right?

[ He asks, face still turned towards the decorations, eyes bright with the reflection of all those little white lights. He gets nostalgic looking at the place, for a time he only half remembers, the other half made-up from photo albums and home movies that burned up before he was old enough to understand what they were worth. ]

When I was a kid, before Sammy was even born, Dad used to do the place up. He didn't care about this holiday crap. But Mom did. He did it for her, day after Thanksgiving, every year, all by himself. Then the three of use would deck the tree he got, as a family. The rest of the lights dimmed, fireplace going, Christmas music tuned in through the radio... I never saw my mom smile so wide.

[ Dean swallows and drops his head, suddenly self-conscious with the idea of talking about it. To Cas, who probably doesn't care, or cares too much. He turns back towards him looking apologetic. ]

Guess I should've dragged you and Sam into helping out, but you've got enough on your minds these days. [ And like that, Dean's back in the present. He inhales deep, smile tacked on, but genuine enough, and he turns back the way he came, head turned to keep looking at Cas as he starts off. ] Come on. Saved the best for last. [ His grin widens, and he winks. ] You can put the angel on top.

[ He goes walking, but barely gets two steps before he stopped by something he can't see, like hitting a wall of plastic that ripples and fades right after. It's some kind of magic, obviously, but what and why and what to do about it... He turns back to Cas and looks at him in confusion, hoping he's the only one without answers here. ]

What, was it the angel joke?
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[ of course he cares. 'too much' is in the eye of the beholder, really. castiel loves when dean talks about his past, when he opens up enough to give him a glimpse of something important, something tender and near to his heart. it means dean trusts him enough to risk vulnerability, and that is no small thing.

so while dean talks, castiel listens without interrupting, his blue eyes hooded and even and warm with fondness while dean goes on about his mother, about his family, like it's the most important thing in the world, because it is. about christmas. and it makes sense now, why dean would bother to do all of this, why he would think it was some great important thing to decorate, to celebrate, to bring close to himself all of the things that hold meaning for him. he's always known that dean enjoyed this sort of thing, but little insights like this.. castiel loves them.

so when dean starts shaking his head and looking apologetic, castiel frowns in that disapproving sort of way, his brow knitting, but as always, dean brushes it off before he can argue, and castiel lets the matter drop, falling silent - until dean's smacking into an invisible wall, and castiel feels the prickly ripple of magic like a finger down his spine. ]

It wasn't me.

[ he says, even if dean might have deserved it for that stupid angel jab. ]
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[ Dean didn't actually think it was Cas that did it, but getting confirmation sends his stomach dropping and his adrenaline rushing. ]

Yeah? [ He asks, eyes darting around for the possibilities, but nothing's changed now from an hour ago that he can see. ] Then who was it?

[ He skims one hand out against the invisible wall that shivers cold and electric, almost numbing his hand. His hand drags over it, stretching out to see how far it extends... and it isn't far. It starts curving pretty quick, and he follows it along, walking a small circle around Cas. It's like being in a ring of holy fire, but he's not an angel. Or being in a devil's trap, but they're not demons. He looks down just in case, but there's nothing drawn under their feet. Just the bare stone floor, the way it's always been. He looks up, and there's no symbols there either, just the innocuous mistletoe that he found in the same room that used to house a wicked witch in a jar.

Maybe he should've thought twice about that before nailing it up in the kitchen. ]

You don't think, uh...

[ He drawls, still looking up at it. ]
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[ considering that castiel not only doesn't understand the significance of mistletoe when it comes to holiday festivities, and he also doesn't know that this thing was dug out of a questionable box in a back room of the men of letters bunker - yeah, he doesn't have as much cause to be worried about it as dean does. or at least, he doesn't have a reason to suspect the mistletoe itself is the culprit.

.. that is, until dean's looking up again, and castiel his following his gaze up toward it. it dawns on him that it does look rather old, dried and preserved, and little bits of dust cling to its closest branches. it certainly doesn't look anything like the garlands and plastic things that dean picked up from the store.

what have you done, dean? - is what castiel's eyes say when he drops them to dean's face again, squinting suspiciously. ]

I don't understand. Where did you find that? You didn't buy it with all the rest?

captchaaaaaaaa hissssss

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welp you took TOO LONG!!

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no you really can't be

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and yet here we are

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