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Pillow Fort meme;


It doesn't matter what age you are! From 1 year to 9,679,574,387 years, everybody loves a good pillow fort.
1. Post with your character and, in your starting comment, describe the magnificent [or not so magnificent] pillow fort that you've built.

2. Make sure to state your character's name, preferences, and all that other stuff in your headline.

3. Have funnnn!
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Max Caulfield | Life Is Strange

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i am so sorry

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[Oh, what's that? Your newly-made pillow fort was empty when you turned your back on it just now? Well, of course it was--and nobody could have possibly slipped past you in such a short amount of time.

And yet, the moment Max turns back around, there it is--a small skeleton in a blue jacket and shorts sprawled face-first over one of your pillow cushions in there. It's not moving or doing...much of anything, really. But skeletons are usually like that, right?

And how did it get in here?? It is a mystery...]
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[It might be a little childish but who cares? In fact, Max is pretty proud of her pillow fort: it's spacious yet comfy and intimate, honestly, a state of the art pillow fort. She's peering through the sheets, waiting for her friend to come and share the space and junk food with her, completely relaxed and unaware of the presence near her... when she turns around, she can't help but shriek at the sight of a FRIGGING SKELETON lying in her fort!]


[Yeah, she's kind of unable to do or say anything at the moment.]
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[Quite fortunately for Max, Sans isn't quite thoroughly engrossed in his impromptu nap just yet--and so the shriek of alarm does get through to him! Barely.

Which is to say: it earns a bit of a wince, and the immobile skeleton twitches a bit over the pillow before it rolls over with a muffled groan--off the pillow and onto the floor, which is considerably less comfortable. Ah.]

...Human? What's-- [What's the problem, because really, Frisk isn't a terribly loud person in general, let alone the sort to shriek with abandon like that; with apparent great effort, the skeleton flattens onto his back and cranes his skull to blink over at Max--and then he pauses.

Well, the haircut's sort of similar,, much too tall. And no striped shirt. Hm.]

Oh. Welp. [The little white pinpoints of light in the skeleton's eyesockets tilt up to peer at the ceiling overhead, then back over to Max again--but otherwise it still doesn't move, remaining flat on its back.] Seems I've taken the wrong turn at a fort in the road. Sorry about that.

[What do you mean puns aren't great for diffusing awkward situations??]
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[Max stares at the skeleton for several moments after he finishes talking, mouth slightly open and still unmoving... but slowly, the terror leaves space for curiosity. After all, Max has seen a lot of crazy stuff recently and it doesn't look like Sans is going to murder her horror movie style any time soon. In fact, he looks kind of surprised himself.]

Oh... it's okay.

[She finally says, after several moments.

This is awkward, what do you say to a skeleton who is chilling in your pillow fort.]

So... do you like my place?
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[Ah, humans. Always so resilient and ready to accept change. --Well, most of them, anyway. But regardless, Sans is certainly glad that this human happens to be one of the resilient kinds. It makes things so much easier; panicking humans always take so much energy to assure.

You'd think they'd never seen a skeleton before, or something.

But at the question, Sans blinks again. Then, with another burst of seemingly painstaking effort, he slowly sits up off the floor, muffling a yawn into one bony hand before he promptly tucks both of them into his jacket pockets. And just sort of sits there, leaning his back against the pillow he'd recently rolled off of and looking entirely happy to keep right on chilling where he is.]

Well, I'd say you're asking the right guy! I just so happen to be an expert on pillows. A pillow connoisseur, even. Which, of course, includes pillows in fort form. [He tilts his head at the fort in question around them again, lazy grin in place--or maybe his face is just always like that. Skeleton faces...] Looks like you got some pretty quality pillows in here. Very nice digs. Now that I think about it, it's no wonder I mistook your fort for my friend's. Put a lot of work into this?
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[She's not sure she would agree about that, but Max has seen a lot of change lately, in fact, she's been kind of responsible of some of those changes. Not to mention all the other crazy stuff she's seen in memes.

So she patiently waits for his answer, electricity in her fingers... she's so going to take a picture.

And is reply is quite satisfactory, she wasn't expecting such an elaborate answer. So she smiles, taking pride in her creation.]

Collecting all these pillows wasn't a easy job, but I have a lot of years of experience with forts. Thank you.

So... [She can't resist anymore.] Do you mind if I take a picture?
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[IT'S TRUE, the meme life tends to be a strange one... Sans nods slowly and sagely at Max's recounting of pillow collection, as well as her apparent years of fort experience.]

Yeah, pillow collecting's always the hardest part. I've been working on a fort for a few years myself. Gotten together two pillows so far...but I lost one of them. Haven't gotten around to finding it yet. [And let's not even start on the state of his blanket back home...

Anyway--oh, what's this, now? If Sans had eyebrows they would probably be rising. (Max may get the impression that there are invisible eyebrows being raised in her direction anyway, somehow.)]

Wait, a picture of me? I'm flattered! Guess I am a pretty photogenic guy... [But he leans back a bit further into the pillow, shrugging.] I've gotta warn you, though, I only allow pictures of myself under very specific conditions.
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Only two? It must not be very... comfortable where you're from. [Where does a talking skeleton may come from anyway? Hell?

Somehow she does get the impression that he is raising his eyebrows. Or maybe, she just picked up enough body language in regular humans to pick up surprise in other not so regular humans. Hey, his body looks like a human skeleton after all.]

Ok, let's hear it.
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[Oh my god Max you can't just assume every skeleton you meet comes from hell!!!

(Until very recently his home was underground, though.....)]

Nah, my house is plenty comfy! But we've only got so many pillows in there, and I gotta save at least one for my brother too. He hates sleeping in bed without a pillow, y'know?

[As if...going out and borrowing more pillows isn't an option....but maybe that isn't the point!! Or maybe this entire fort story has just been one extended joke the whole time. Admittedly, Sans and sincerity are only rarely seen together. Speaking of which...]

Yeah, see, I prefer my essence captured on film in a certain format. Think of it like an art statement. [He waves small bony hand in a vague, sweeping gesture.] You can take a picture if it's a...what do you kids call those? Selfies, right? Yeah, one of those. [He points to Max.] And you've gotta be in the picture with me. So everybody can appreciate the camera person too!
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[Very true, she shouldn't. Actually, Max doesn't even really believe in "hell", but the media portrayal of skeletons on Earth leaves much to be desired...

In fact, his answer is waaay more normal than what she was expecting. And she doesn't even suspect that he might be joking. After all she's talking to a literal skeleton, that alone is an out of this world fact.]

Oh, I see. [She feels slighty embarassed at her assumption.] Well, actually not all thes pillows are mine, I borrowed them from my friends. [Luckily, most of the girls in the dorm brought a pillow from home. Nobody wants to rest their heads in some musty, flat people used by dozens of students before them.

And she takes him extremely seriously on his conditions, after all she's a (wannabe) photographer.

She smiles at the mention of the selfie.]

I think that can be arranged. Give me a minute.

[She leaves the fort just for the time necessary to bring back her camera and an extra light to make sure she can capture the both of them clearly.]

Ok, let's do this, uhm... what do I call you?

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Well, that explains the quality pillows! Friend pillows are some of the best kinds.

[But well, Max does seem to be taking all of this in very good stride. The ready agreement is a bit surprising, honestly, but Sans can't say he minds it. Max pops out of the fort to fetch her camera, and when she comes back in Sans is standing on his feet now, still grinning away. Said grin widens marginally at the question. Right, introductions...might as well get that out of the way before pictures.]

Me? The name's Sans. Sans the skeleton. And to whom do I owe this picture? [He frees a hand from his jacket pockets again, extending it to Max. Handshake?]
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[Honestly, Max is not entirely sure that this is not a dream, but she decided to roll along with it. After all, she can jump into pictures, what's so weird about talking with a skeleton.

But when he offers her his hand, she hesitates for a moment. She is going to touch a skeleton, a live skeleton, human (?) bones.]

I'm Max, nice to meet you. [Eventually she reaches out to take his hand. Her grasp might be a little uncertain, but she won't let go before it's appropriate.]
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[If Sans notices the hesitation, he doesn't make any particular show of it. Instead he waits, patiently enough, until Max gets up the muster to offer her own hand in turn. (After all, it always does seem to take humans awhile to get that handshake in, the first time.)

And it's a nice, firm, perfectly normal handshake. His hand is all bones just like the rest of him, so it's a predictably bony grasp on his part...well, mostly bony. Wait. What's this round, rubbery thing on the center of his palm?]
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[It's squeezed alongside their hands in the handshake, and a long, drawn out farting noise fills the air.

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[The feel of Sans's hand is not that weird, she has touched bones before, animal bones of course. It's the fact itself that is weird, Max can't help but stare at their fingers, held in a firm grasp. She is holding the hand of a skeleton, a real, talking and moving skeleton. Has she inhaled inadvertendly some weed around campus?

Her thoughts arte distracted by the feel of that rubbery things between their hands. She frowns, confused, even more sore at the sound that soon follows.]


[And then she laughs.]

Damn, that was old school...